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Shippers Anonymous
Shippers Anonymous
For the Shippers and the People Who Have Nothing Better to Do Than Bitch About Other People's Opinions

Welcome welcome welcome to Shippers Anonymous, the site for Animé Shippers from all across the cartoon world! Got an Animé love interest you strongly believe in? Wanna hear our opinions, thoughts, and views on the issues of love, romance, and what may be keeping them apart? Well, even if you don't, you're here, and what's the point in leaving when you spent all that time comin'?

So anyway, sit back and enjoy the beauty of animated romance, where the plot is thick, and the characters often very sweet (and darn cute too)! Lots better than real life, doncha think?

And remember, if you disagree with our opinion or have a big-time disagreement, well:

We Just Don't Give a Ship
Enjoy yaselves!

More to Come...