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Getra Gets What She Wants E-Book

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Once upon a time on a far off planet there lived little Getties. Their names are Getra and Getry...

The series includes such books as:
          Getra Accepts Growing Up
          Getry Raids The Fridge
          Getra Learns About Snow
          Getra Learns About Snow Part II
          Getry Has Fun In The Bath
          Getra Chases Birds
          Getry's Fun Day At The Beach
          Getry Goes To Bed Happily
          Getra Learns To Brush Her Teeth Everyday
          Getra Gets What She Wants
          Getra's Scary Boo-Boo
          Getry Raids The Cupboards
          Getry Raids The Freezer
          Getra The Heroine
          Getry Learns About What Is Hot
          Getry Prepares For Christmas
          Getra and Getry's Caroling Adventure
          Getra's Christmas Surprise
          Getry The Hero
          Getra Wears Clean Clothes
          Getra Likes To Play
          Getry And Getra Learn About Their Instincts

The Getties series will be available on hardcopy once a publishing company signs them on.
Until then, enjoy what is available.
Looking forward to next year.

      Getra Gets What She Wants E-Book
      Getry Goes To Bed Happily E-Book

      Getra's Scary Boo-Boo 3-D Online E-Book
      Getry's Fun Day At The Beach 3-D Online E-Book

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Proceeds go towards publishing on hardcopy.

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