This is a one or two player game against the computer or each other featuring Getra and Getry.
The goal is to have the most squares claimed by the end of the game.

This is the full enhanced version:

Getties Reversi Squares - Enhanced

This game is the beta version:

Getties Reversi Squares - Beta

In order to play the game, click 'SAVE TO DISK' once you click on the game.
It is safe.
Click on My Documents (Where you saved it) and look for the Getties Reversi Squares icon.
The game will set up automatically for you.
To play against another player... uncheck the box that says to play against computer.

E-Mail with any questions:

All characters and underlying materials (including artwork) Kammalleena.
"Getra" and "Getry" and all of the GETTIES characters are trademarks of Kammalleena.

Getties Reversi Squares 2004 Keith Lavoie