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Animethon 11: July 17-18 2004

*sigh* Another year of Animethon gone by. *sniff* So hard to let go eh? Well hopefully there are enough memories here to help you till #12 rolls by. If not, there is a great assortment of galleries that can be found here at: The Anime Alberta Forums

*NOTE* If your picture is here and you would like it removed or if your picture is NOT here and you would like it posted, tell me. Just send a reasonably sized image(or I will modify accordingly). If cosplaying, tell me your character name and series. And tell me what you would like as a caption or I will be forced to think of one!

On to the images.

Everyone's ready for fun fun fun including

Squall and Friends



Artists' Alley

Here are some pictures of artists hard at work making happy customers with their talent.

Which Eventually Lead to:




There was so much activity this year such that I was lucky enough to catch even a fraction of it!

Volunteer Puppeteers

Staring Down Mark

The Inaugural Gothic Lolita Tea Party!

Which appears to have been a success




AC Cloud!

Members of Sailor Showtime!

Those there for the Fun of it!

Rare Glimpses(for me) Into the Dealers room.

And of course, cosplay!

A sneak peek at FFVII: Advent Children

Filia Ul Copt(in her cheerful human form)

The Yuffie that beat me up

EGL cosplayers

Prepared for a sunny day

I believe she was one of the only .hack cosplayers. Guess that makes her ruler of "The World"

Chibi Miroku and Kagome. You could say I was really "drawn" into this shot.

Hamming it up during the competition

Ichigo: a REAL catgirl.

Must be the work of the Raelians?

A sample of Narutos popularity

Double the Naru= Double the onstage tension O_O

Alchemy has successfully cloned Ed.

This Inu Yasha: Proud sponsor of Evian.

Mark sporting new headgear

This year, I was filthy AND

drunk(not really)

These two costumes were particularly well done

because they DIDN'T have Wardrobe make it for them!


Super Transformed Rayearth Acshon!

To Audience: You take pictures of me, I shall take pictures of you! An eye for an eye!

You talkin' to me??

They must have saw Tamahome...

A guest appearance by..Inflato Gackt!

Link Angry! Link Slash!

The Helsing Organization

Haruko: she doesn't LOOK evil...

This is Angelic Layer I believe?

Mad DANCING Skillz

Unfortunately Yuna was forced to retreat because: "Real bullets couldn't stop him"

So he took over all the posing duties. He poses very well...a little too well....

And before you know it, he dethroned Mark and took over the podium!

Out of a job, Mark ended up serving as translator for Merle.


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