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Tuesday March 12th,2002 Blademaster
Ossu!! People I have changed the layout incase you havent noticed, also we need affiliates so if you want to affiliate email Blademaster, please no porn, hentai or anythingrelated if your trying to affiliate..Um..Chapter six of DBEX will be up soon, if you want me to feature your fanfic email me...Later!



Monday March 11th,2002 Blademaster
Ossu!! People chapter five of DBEX is now up for viewing pleasure also I will be trying to update at least twice a week, and I will be adding and taking away Features soon so if you want me to feature your fanfic send it to Blademaster...Later!



Sunday March 10th,2002 Blademaster
Ossu!!people i am the proud new owner of FanimeOnline My name is well...,I like Blademaster, so okay well I'll also be the proud new owner of DBEX as well I have chapter five done and i will put it up as soon as possible just email me with comments okay..Later!