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Be amazed! Be dumbfounded! ... I dunno...

Friend's site's

Kurai's Galaxy
Thisis a friend of mine's site... pretty 
nifty... some nice anime pics... and a 
DBEX spolier if you know where to 
Nykie's Page
A page about my friend Nykie's family 
and such...
Dragonball Sites
The best DBZ site on the web. Not 
updatedas often as it use to be, and 
not as image rich as before, but still 
Looking for a pic of that hard to find 
DBZ toy? Look no farther...
Fanfiction sites
Trigun:The Virtual 3rd Season
The name says it all. The orginal 
home of Trigun: Sand and Light....
The Ultimate Codex of 
Twoflowerian Fiction
Long title, but great works within!
 I highly recommend his Slayers 

Mirai Shock
One of the FEW DBZ fanfics that 
inspired me. Takes place in the 
future Mirai No Trunks came 

Beyond the Knight
A fanfiction archieve dedicated to
the Dark Knight of tommorow.. some 
good stories, some bad...

Random Stuff/Affiliates

Batman on Film
Okay... so this has nothing to do with 
anime or fanfics... but I've always 
been a huge Batman fan... so here 
you go... Features the lastest news 
on the film francise...

Halo Noir
One of the many places to go if you, 
say... need a costume for cosplay...

Saiyan Heaven Designs
Formerly know as Gokou Heven...
 Affilite site...

Well, that's all I have for you at the Moment... Late.

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