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This is officially the updates page, where all additions, take-downs, and general changes to Dragnier will be recorded, along with the date of the update. Scroll down to see past updates.

(A little known secret: This page is also my personal soapbox for rants until I get an official rants webpage up for that ;) hehe)

That's all you mortals need to know... *glare*

May 16, 2005

This site looks HORRIBLE. I can't believe I didn't realize the tables would not show up correctly on other people's compies! I'm also sick of looking at this Wufei background thing. (Though I do still like my Ady/Melon pic very much!)

Added many an mp3 to the music page. It's so nice to have internet access again.

Don't expect any more real updates for now. More music, maybe. But eh.

June 13, 2003

Added a new song to the mp3 page by Evanescence, freshly ripped from my new CD. =^_^= Bwah.

Edit: Trying out a new layout. How does the top image look? Took awhile and I'm not totally satisfied. It looks great in Photoshop tho. Eh. Off to work...

June 08, 2003

First update in four months! I got rid of a lot of baggage Dragnier had and posted Gravi mp3s for Hee-chan finally. More to be added soon. -----Seki