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Art Poser ;p ←

For those of you who don't know me personally, I am an artist of sorts. I'm limited in my skills (even if they are, as my friend has said, "MAD SKILLZ"), and I'm ashamed of alot of my old work. ;p

Fortunately, I have alot of ego, so I'll post my stuff anyway, old and new, good and bad, "eh" and "WHOOT!". Um, the order is backwards-chronological, so newest art first. They are of small size, I promise (all under 100k in full size).

Lemme know if you want to use these or want me to draw ya something. I'm always looking for a challenge! ^_~v Otherwise, these are mine and mine alone (even though characters may not be, like Mura), and I'd be much appreciative if you didn't just STEAL them. Thanks in advance!

Jul27-28,`02 Merin-chan from Dreams Come True of the LINA SAGA (Qat-chan ^^)

Jul26,`02 A fanart of Quatre-chan's upcoming WALTZ chara, Celestia

Jul25,`02 My DDR-freak alter-ego ^_~v

Jul01,`02 One of my favorite ISLAND cast members, Olivia!

June12,`02 Mura in her blue armor outfit. Drew this in Government class

May31,`02 Self-portrait with my latest "style" (cut-off black jeans)

May28,`02 Me holding a piano dolly (wood thing w/ wheels used to move heavy things)

May28,`02 My pride&joy oekaki work *^^* Also me (frequent subject lately).

May25,`02 Fanart of Quatre-chan's Mura on envelope for her letter. ;)

May20,`02 Russell's the one that says I have MAD SKILLS in art. Oh, and he colored it.

Feb20,`02 The original sketch I drew during the bomb threat of Russell-kun.

August26,`01 Fanart of Celes Kaze (also from the mind of Quatre-chan)

May10,`01 My character in the Lina Saga, her original design. Ignore the white scribbles.

May06,`01 Dumb lil manga of Vincent Valentine playing with catcherdolls of Qat and Wu.