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Hello! Welcome to Limited Creativity. This is basically my site for all my non-Rurouni Kenshin stuff. All of that can be found here.
I've got a lot of yaoi/shounen-ai stuff on this page, so if that bothers you, then try finding a different site. It's all clearly marked.

11/15/01:I added two new Weiss Kreuz fics. And I may soon be moving to a new host! Yay!

11/11/01: I put up my blog. I haven't tested it on a PC yet, so someone tell me how it looks. Also, if you see errors elsewhere on this page, let me know.

10/13/01: I added my wallpapers. There are ones for Weiss Kreuz, Card Captor Sakura, X, and a few others. They are in the 'other' section.

10/5/01: I added a short little Gundam Wing fic I wrote. It's really short, and I've never written for GW before, and know quite little about it, so it's bound to suck. It's in the 'other' section.
Remind me to post my art. I've got quite a number of wallpapers, too.

And if you have a free server, and want to host this site, email me. I hate popups.