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Well, I had a cool weekend. So cool, it seems, that I had no time all week to write. -_-;;
Friday I went to Kate's house and watched Gravitation. I don't know what makes that show so great, but I love it!! Shuichi, Hiro, K, Yuki, everybody! Hee hee, that was so much fun. I ended up spending the night. About 11:30 Kate decided she was hungry, so she made tuna casserole. Who said my friends were sane?
Then after I got home Saturday, Katy came over. I had fun watching Fushigi Yuugi, and some Kenshin (gotta get back into that more, I haven't updated my site in way too long), and generally had a fun time. Sunday I got out of going to Confirmation class, so I'm all-around happy.

Oh crap. I just remembered the religion report due Wednesday and the history paper due Friday. XP