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July 6, 2001: Updates page started. Now that my page is pretty much set out, I figured that NOW I have something to update TO... ^~ SM section finished, "Hit List" added to Pkmn section.

July 20, 2001: New chapter of IICCTW, and a new background for the index page...

July 28, 2001: New logo, new fic, new ADOPTIONS SECTION... ^^; I hope to get the shrines at least slightly into shape later tonight... Just in time for the Anipike submission date.... ^^

August 1, 2001: Well, didn't make the Anipike, 'cos I never got the chance to submit it... ^^; It's not fair that it's only open an hour. -.-x I suppose I decided not to try... Well, "Dreamer" isn't quite as disgraceful now. ^^; I can maybe make a song section and... I don't know what else. Now, if I can only type everything in the Lapras place... ^^;
(Irrelevant fact of the day: HA HA, FF.NET'S SCREWED UP!!! HA HA!!! As long as they don't delete my account again, I'll gloat. ^^)

August 8, 2001: Waaaaahhh, school's in a week!! Which might mean less updates, but might even mean more. I forgot to say that I changed the background at IICCTW and fixed up "Someday" a bit at some point. Also, I added new stuff to the "About" page--IICCTW About. And I fixed a couple of typos. ^^; My last free Monday for a while already passed. I guess I'm not going on the Anipike anytime soon. -_-; Que sierra.
(Irrelavant fact of the day: Hey,, the PFFA, and the PFFMLA are ALL down!!! Sad!!)

August 22, 2001: I got a few ideas set up, but nothing worth linking to. With school, I'm a bit busy here. And the five hundred fics I ought to finish aren't helping either... ^^; I might be able to do something Saturday, but maybe not. Until I have the time and effort to actually do something worth posting, I'm on a mini-hiatus. Not that you'll notice. ^^;
(Irrelevant fact of the day: Voco puella means "I am calling the girl" in Latin.)

August 29, 2001: Links page up, as well as IICCTW 8. ^^ And, THANK YOU DRAGONESS!!! That great author linked my website on hers. ^^ GO THERE NOW!! ^^; Please? School sucks, go fig. But hey...
(Irrelevant fact of the day: Laudamusne reginae filiae means "Am I praising the queen's daughter?" in Latin, unless I have it wrong. ^^;)

September 16, 2001: Fixed a link, IICCTW9, and a new fic. Sorry I took so long...
(Irrelevant fact of the day: Actually, it's Laudone reginae filiam unless I'm wrong again. ^^;)

October 4, 2001: I know it's been a while. Actually, I have a test that counts for a quarter of my grade tommorow, and I probably shouldn't even be here, but... Got a text rotator thingy, and got up a new chapter of IICCTW!

October 11, 2001: Continuing my tradition of updating at stupid times, it's 1:50 AM... ^^; New chapter of IICCTW, SiYU page (With nothing on it), and more quotes for the text rotator thingy!
(Irrelevant fact of the day: Helen of Troy loved Alexander and not the other dude. "Helena Alexanderum amat, Troiae non amat. Itaque est bellum." If that doesn't mean "Helen loves Alexander but not Troy. Therefore there is war", I just made a bad grade on my exam. ^^;)

October 18, 2001: First chapter of SiYU!! And the ten people reading rejoice!! ^~ Added two new pages to Dreamer; linked my Hotaru Mini-shrine, Memento Mori; made a new poll; made the two pages linked on Memento Mori; updated the About page; updated the IICCTW and SiYU indexes; and the Sailor Moon section finally got a background!! I've been busy. ^^; You can tell the completely new pages by CH (my Pidgeot) and my friend's comments. They keep saying I have a crush on ASH... *rolls eyes* You believe that?
(Irrelevant fact of the day: ^CH: *looks around stealthily* She DOES love Ash, I swear! M's friend: She told me! It's true!^ WHY YOU!! ^M's friend and CH: AAUGH!!^)

November 14, 2001: Got a new page up in Dreamer, and finally uploaded SiYU 2! Not much, I know... ^^;
(Irrelevant Fact of the Day: ^CH: She read "All's Well That Ends Well", and identified with Helena. It is a bit alike, except Ash isn't as much of a %$*&$(&%$ as Bertram. But she loves him all the same!^ CH!!! ^CH: Gotta fly!^)

December 3, 2001: Gy... It's been a while... (since I could stand, on my own two feet again) Sorry. I'm the wueen of half-random song lyrics. ^^; Several fics up; new SM fic section; SiYU 3!; and a bit on the Silver Millennium. I like those three fics... ^_^ Two funny and one dark... Tell me if they're good, would ya?
(Irrelavant Fact of the Day: All those people who say Harry Potter is evil are evil. *falsetto* Oooh, Harry Potter is so cool, I think I'll turn to Wicca and sacrifice my mother to Satan... *normal* Puh-leaze. ^CH: What, getting a crush on Harry now?^ Nah, just Ash. ^^; )

January 28, 2002: *sweatdrops at all of the people looking stonily at her* HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ^^; I know, I know, it's inexcusable. But I got a new page up in Dreamer. Hope to have SiYU 4 done relatively soon. ^^;
(Irrelevant Fact of the Day: Anyone else notice now much Dr. Carter on ER seems like Ash? ^^;;;; Oh and by the way, the Card Captor Sakura manga totally kicks butt. Look at Waldenbooks. ^^)

January 30, 2002: It seems obvious... ^^ I finally learned how to make frames! Neato! ^__^ I think it looks good! A bit more professional... I may still make more updates t'night, if I decide to transfer SiYU4 to HTML or change something else around. ^^
(Irrelevant Fact of the Day: The new version of MSN Messenger really pretty much sucks. Wish I'd never given in and downlaoded it. But hey. ^^)

Febuary 4, 2002: Got SiYU 4 up! ^^; And I tinkered with a couple of other things... Well...Give me a _little_ break... ^^;;
(Irrelevant Fact of the Day: Friendship? A risk? .........You bet... *sings quietly* Come on try a little, nothing is forever, there's got to be something better than in the middle....)

Febuary 12, 2002: Timeline up. ^^
(Irrelevant Fact of the Day: Life is crazy.)

March 6, 2002: Finally got SiYU 5 up; also put a little 'Last Updated' at the bottom of the page. Look for it, ^~
(Irrelevant Fact of the Day: There are two songs that remind me of Mrs. Ketchum: the Beatles' "Lady Madonna" and Nickel Creek's "When You Come Back Down"... Read the lyrics, you'll see why.)

June 5, 2002: *ducks tomatos* Yes, yes, I'm a lazy bum! I know it! But SiYU 6 is up! And I'll probably do more tonight!