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Submit something? HERE?!!?!! Are you INSANE?! !_! Ok, then...

Fanart Submission Rules

I am willing to take fanart! No hentai. NONE. And please try to send it as a gif or a JPEG. ^^; Why? Smaller. I don't really have any rules for this.

Fanfiction Submission Guidelines

Okay, here's where the rules start. ^^;


2.) PG-13 or below. No exceptions. Edited swearing (like **** instead of damn) IS acceptable. I figure that if you can figure out what the word is, you're old enough to read it anyway. ^^;

3.) No Yaoi/Yuri, please. Haruka/Micheru is okay, as long as it's not the center of the fic. Of course, after the profile I gave them, all the people who've ever written a H&M-centered fic are probably plotting to kill me anyway. ^^

4.) Saying which things you can submit a fic from would be long, so basically, submit anything. If I don't understand it, I'll tell you. And I'll probably post it anyway. ^^;

5.) If you don't have a spell checker, I can edit it for you if you let me.

6.) Okay, file formats... .html is nice; .htm is the same bloody thing; .txt and .doc I can handle; .wps... Only if ABSOLUTELY BLOODY NECESSARY. If it's anything else, forget it.

7.) If you actually want to send me a fic (I can't imagine WHY), send it in an e-mail to either the address at the bottom of the page or to . If you have several chapters, do NOT zip them. Thank you. You may also put the fic in the text of the e-mail.

8.) And finally, tell me your penname, your fic's title, and (unless you want *me* to come up with one, which is a *very* bad idea) a summary. If you want, I'll attempt to post your e-mail address. You have to tell me if you do. Also, if you want to save me time, tell me what it's based on. ^^;

I really don't expect many people to send me fics. This site is not well-known (or known at all), and it's *my* site, really. But if you want to, feel free! ^^;