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Concerning Flight: Sailor Moon

Oh yeah, Sailor Moon forever!!!

Sailor Moon is one of the most recognizable animes _in the world_. And it deserves it! Search for Sailor Moon anywhere, and I have no clue how many pages you'll get. Probably in the ten-thousands!

And yes, Sailor Moon does deserve all this. It has comedy, action, drama, romance--heck, everything a guy would be dissed for watching!! (Sure, Sailor Moon is a girl anime. That's good--I don't think I'd think very highly of a guy who said he watched Sailor Moon. I mean, the skirts! You might be a pervert!!

(Us girls, we don't care. We've seen it. Though it might be watched by Haruka... *coughs* GET YOUR MIND OUTTA DA GUTTER!!!!)

Anyway, Sailor Moon kicks butt, so I present this little tribute. ^_^ Scroll down for more.

Profiles and Other Stuff

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