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Adoptions, Webrings, Clubs, Etc.

These are things I've joined, or things I've adopted, or anything else you can sign up for on a website. ^_^

The Psychic Pokemon Connection

Click to Adopt a Pokemon Meet ~Tomoko~! Level: 49 Skills: Aurora Beam, Fly, Transform, Thunder Wave Adopt yours at The Psychic Pokemon Connection

Whohooooo!!! I adopted a Dragonair!!! It's one of my many favorite Pokemon... If you want to adopt a Pokemon (It's cool, it lets you choose abilities and everything!!), I am familiar enough with HTML to know that there's a link up there. ^_^

I hope this one works...
Anime Adoption Agency


This should be a Pidgeotto named Chibi-Hotaru; if it isn't, let me know...

Stuff TO Join!!

Adopt a Hand-drawn Pokemon!
Adopt a Fic Idea! (AKA Challenges)