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First, if you want to link to me, feel free, or use this cr@**y little thing I made... ^^; Sorry for the plugging. Now, to the links...


Anipike: Pokemon Links More links thank you can shake a stick at!
Reunions and Resolutions One of the best Pokemon fics I've ever found, and trust me, I've found a LOT. Good for info on the game.
Pokemon Illusion Ficcies!!
PFFA 'Hey, hey, it's the PFFA'... *cough* The Pokemon Fan Fiction Archive.
The Psychic Pokemon Connection A DECENT adoption agency, WOW!!
Pokemon MASTER Pretty darn famous Dark Pokemon fic. ^^

Dragoness's Lair One of the best fanfiction authors on earth has a website... GO HERE NOW. ^^;

Sailor Moon

Anipike: Sailor Moon LinksMore Anipike Link goodness. ^^

Save Our Sailors SOS HQ. The campaign to show Sailor Moon in North America.

Lyrics Moon Sailor Moon song lyrics.

Tomoe Hotaru's Ultimate Shrine Hotaru-hime!!!! ^^;

_____ An INCREDIBLE collection of Sailor Moon MIDI files!! You HAVE to see this!


Japanese <-> English Dictionary Server The most useful Japanese-English (and vice versa) dictionary I've found.

Lyrics New lyrics.

Create a Webring I can't vouch for this, I haven't used it yet. But...