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If I Could Change the World

What happens when Ash Ketchum is captured by Team Rocket? What happens in a fantasy-ish AAMRN when Misty gets a boyfriend--who ISN'T Ash? What happens when an author gets herself into more than she can handle, and then figures out how to handle it? This, my friends, this. ^^

Satoshi's Soap Opera now has 12 books planned... ^^; It's a nickname. Don't worry. No one gets cloned--or becomes Amish. However, there will be more kareoke... Freaky evil people... Team Rocket... And even Rocketto-dan. To learn the difference, pay more attention! ^~ Also, look for odd people in Pokemarts, seemingly random bits of Japanese, and interesting happenings in the Pokemon League!!

In this story, I seem to be placing many small hints for things that won't become apparent for a LONG time. Darien was mentioned, though not by name, in the first chapter; an odd plot twist is all predicted by a few lines of dialouge in chapters, oh, three and four... And chapter 10 has an allusion to Book 12. ^^;

For more random IICCTW info, go to my About page. ^^; For an excerpt from the Kanto History Textbook v.12, go here.

NEW POLL!! Tell what you want to happen next!!

And now, after too much ado, If I Could Change the World !

(NOTE: Sorry. ^^;; ^_~)

Sunlight in Your Universe HAS BEGUN!! Be happy!! ^^;;; Only if you want to...


Ch. 1
Ch. 2
Ch. 3
Ch. 4
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Ch. 7
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Ch. 9
Ch. 10
Sunlight in Your Universe