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Dreamer: An Ash Mini-Shrine

They'd been held together by a common goal and dream, but the dreamer was now gone.

Leto, Value

This...Is a mini-shrine to Ash. There are surprisingly few of these. The lack of Ash shrines is so profound, I decided I'd make one myself. ^_^

At least I have something here now. Yes, the Ash Fics page IS my Pokemon Fanfiction page... Dragoness said that she commended my effort to make an Ash shrine and that she would herself, but 500+ pages of fic in his name was enough... I'm closing in on her. ^^; All of my fics at least have Ash in them; most feature him a LOT. ^^; And by the time IICCTW is finished (when I'm in a nursing home without internet access so I have an excuse), I will have MANY, many pages of fic devoted mainly to Ash. ^^; Not to MENTION "Take Me As I Am", which I accidentally made into a mini-series... ^^; If I ever write it...--;

Well, I'm trying. This is still majorly under construction, but at least I HAVE something here. ^_^ Thank you, and enjoy!

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