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Okay. This is my "About" page. About WHAT? Read and see...

About This Site

Okay, I'll put this in the form of FAQs, even though no one's ever really asked me a question. ^^

Q. What the heck is with the TITLE?!

A. I like flying. I got the title from a Star Trek: Voyager episode. I couldn't think of anything better.

Q. So this is basically your fanfiction and a bunch of other junk we shouldn't care about?

A. Basically. ^_~

Q. You're thirteen years old, and you like POKEMON?!

A. Yes, and if you don't like it, you can kiss my *BEEP*.

About the Webmistress

I'm thirteen, and my name is Meredith. I have at least seven cousins, one of my uncles is a bum, and one of my cousins is 15 and working. My ex-aunt drank and smoked, which probably explains my cousin. ^^; I like Pokemon, Harry Potter, Voyager, X-Files, and a HECK of a lot of other stuff. I am an insane eigth-grader who's starting homeschool. No, not quite. I'm not insane. I just sometimes want to be.

If I Could Change the World

Finally, I have something sane to say!! ^^


Depends, did you know SiYU 4 is up? ^~

2.) What is with this Serena thing?

How the heck would _I_ know? I didn't even know she existed before chapter four!

3.) How many of these things are you planning to WRITE?!

Chapters? Who knows. Books?... I think it's at 'who knows' as well. ^^;;;

4.) When are you going to finish it?

Given my accidental idea-finding? Probably never. -.-; ^^;

5.) Hey, wait a sec, if you didn't know about Serena... Hey, how much of this is planned, anyway?!

Well, I had to think of SOMETHING for Ash to do while his friends were searching for him! It took much longer than I thought!! So... Basically about everything that happens to Ash is NOT planned. Everything in Ash's half is spontaneous--after the first 2 or 3 chapters, that is.

6.) How the heck do you come UP with this stuff?!

Well, I came up with two Ash and Team Rocket fics-- One with a Dratini, another with a Pokemon you should be able to guess if you've been paying attention. (Before you say it-- NOT Diglett!) They were so much alike, I couldn't do them both. So--I combined them! Somehow! ^^; The first ending I had planned was ripped off from another anime series (no, not Digimon--or Monster Rancher...). Then I realized that it was pretty far out there, even for ME, the one who just turned Ash into a Pokemon. I had to change it--and the 4-book epic was born! Then the 10-book epic! Then the 11-book epic! Then the 12-book epic! Now heaven knows! ^^; Otherwise... I don't know.

7.) Ooooookaaaayyyy... Any miscellaneous stuff you'd like to say?

Oh, you're too kind! ^_~ All of the titles of my series are song lyrics. Even if they're obscure. ^^; SiYU is now up. The next chapter, I don't know the title of yet. ^^;

Also, there are... *thinks* With the Serena and Darien things out... Well, there *is* at least one seemingly small detail that is going to come majorly into play later. (As in now.) There may still be more. Like Darien-- He wasn't even mentioned by name in the prolouge, and now he's dating Misty. Serena was talked about a little in chapter 4, and now... Oi. ^^;

8.) Can you give us _any_ hint on what's coming next? _Please_?

Well... It will end happily. You probably _are_ going to get what you want... Unless you like Richie. ^^ Satoshi's Soap Opera is alive and well... So I suppose I'll do a JK Rowling and tell you what the last word is at the moment. I think it'll be... 'left'. Last word of SiYU? Who knows? ^^;

So, thanks for coming to the About page! ^^; ~M. T. T.