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What is Di Gi Charat?

Di Gi Charat (Pronounced: "dee-jee sha-ray") was originally a mascot for a chain of stores called Gamers. Eventually, Di Gi became very popular, and was given her own television series in 1999. The series consists of 16 episodes of 4 to 7 minutes in length each episode. In 2000, Di Gi Charat had a summer series, which consisted of four episodes, ranging from 15-17 minutes in length each.

Di Gi Charat is about a girl named Dejiko (also known as Di Gi) Charat who comes to Earth from the Di Gi Charat star, accompanied by Puchiko Charat, and Gema (a yellow round blob). When they get to Earth, they realize that they have no where to stay, so Dejiko suggests they stay in their spaceship, but Gema objects, stating that they have to hide their spaceship. Soon-after, they meet a man who says they can stay in the room above his Gamers in Akihabra shop for free, if they come to work for him. They accept.

Later, they are introduced to their to-be arch rival, Usada Hikaru (who prefers they call her by her stage name, Rabi~En~Rose, but Dejiko continues to call her Usada, because, hey, they are arch rivals) when they find out that she too works in the Gamers in Akihabra store.

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