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Welcome! This site is dedicated to fanfics written by Cassie Knight. With the awesome layouts and wonderful works of AVC, this site is filled with fanfics on characters such as Nightcrawler, Kaioshin, Perfect Cell, Legolas, Haldir, KITT, HawksEye, Draco Malfoy and many more. Feel free to look around the stories and also check out the Fanart page!

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May 19, 2004--AH HA! 2 updates in one month!! Alrighty then, I did a lot of stuff, but mostly part of the reformatting and new layouts--which include making a "Misc. DBZ page" for all the character fics I now there aren't random links at the bottom of the page. I did add new text to the header of each page, but that doesn't matter really...although it took me half an hour to get it up! lol. The pages are done, for the most part, with their layouts. AND....I DID add new stuff! New X-Men fic, short and sweet, and my first songfic! check it out! I like it :) PLUS I FINALLLLLLYY put up the last 6 chapters of my Draco Malfoy fic: Secrets and Lies. SOrry for those that might have been reading it and couldn't finish. But its the note at the bottom ^_^() hehe, bad me. Anyway, that's about all I think. AVC will be working on my wonderful blurry images, becuase I messed them up somehow. And my gosh, this is long. I'm done now!!!!

May 11, is just about over and I'm gaining more time! haha!! Its coming along slowly but surely...And ya know what I was wondering? Does anyone even come here anymore?? *sighs* But here's what I did tonight: for some reason I had this urge to post the number of fanfics for each that's below this. I posted "Memories for Vegeta" under its own page in the DBZ section (Vegeta...duh), and finally, after TWO years, put up my Tapion fic, which is under Tapion's section (DBZ page). And I re-did my own bio and made a link for AVC...although her's isn't done. You can find the new bios under "About Us" with the rest of the links.That's it for now...I'm tired...bed time. :)

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