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Hyper-Shoujo, issue 2

Hyper-Shoujo, issue 1

Red: Halloween

The Babe Who Fell To Earth.

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Hyper-Shoujo, issue 2 -- Leena has a tail!?

Here's the first few pages of the second 'issue' of Hyper-Shoujo. I probably won't be updating again for a while, though. I've got an idea for a new Manga, something more adult, with political overtones. The world could use some political satire about now. Maybe I'll host it on Keenspace, if they're still in business.

However, I haven't given up on HS. I really like those characters, and I mean to tell their story, no matter how long it takes.

Hyper-Shoujo, scene 6

The first 'issue' of Hyper-Shoujo is now complete. There's a lot more to the story, and I'll probably get around to it sooner or later; but not just yet. I think I'll do another short story, try a different style... something with hot chicks in armour maybe...

Meantime, check out MIDI Jukebox 2.0, with new tunes and, hopefully, a better design.

Hyper-Shoujo, scene 5

One more scene to the end of part 1.

Hyper-Shoujo, scene 4

Actually, it more like the second half of scene 3; but it's been so long, I decided to call it a new scene. Sorry I kind of stopped the story right in the middle there. It's been an 'interesting' winter.

BTW, the midi version of the theme song sounded crappy on a lot of computers -- if it played at all. Here it is in mp3 format, if you're interested.

Hyper-Shoujo, scene 3

Been a while since I updated Hyper-Shoujo. I've been busy, getting over that cold, Teaching Myself C++ (21 days my arse), and playing Half-Life. Anyway, here's a nice 5-page update, with lots of panels, and introducing a new kawaii character (another one!).

Finished the story! Uploaded on Halloween! 13 pages!

I should set myself deadlines more often.

Because it was rushed, the art is a bit uneven. Some of it sucks; however, a few of the pages look really cool, nearly the way I imagined them. Anyway, I'll leave the story up. Halloween is over, but it's still the Witching season, the Season of the Moon. And the themes of fear, death, and sex are pretty universal.

Four more pages added on October 25. I might get it done by Halloween after all...

Red: Halloween

Update October 18 -- Halloween short story

I'm taking a break from Hyper-Shoujo to try a Halloween short story featuring some characters I've been messing around with. This short story ought actually to be short -- around 15 pages, I estimate. Still, I can't garuntee it'll all be up by October 31; but I will try.

Hyper-Shoujo, scene 2

Hyper-Shoujo, scene 1

Here's the first few pages of my first serious attempt at a web Manga. As you'll see, I'm trying some new things with the art; and, I've still got a lot to learn. Expect updates to be small and infrequent, because this takes forever. If you'd like to offer some encouragement, sign my new guestbook: