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Monday, July 21, 2003 
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Oh man, it's been forever, has it not? I'm going to apologize so much for not updating. You see, I was having a conversation via MSN messenger and for some reason my friend and I were talking about Sailor Moon. Anyways, I remembered about this site and decided that it's be pretty nifty if I were to update again. So, here I am! Huzzah!

I guess that I haven't done anything to the site to make it better. Yeah, I'm full of broken promises and all that jazz. Well, I now have a known homepage called Pink Poof. Please visit it and make me feel warm and fuzzy inside! I don't know how popular this site is, or how many hits it gets, but I hope linking will help.

I hope that you like my site, Aino Minako, very much. I will be trying to update on a regular basis now. Please be patient; thank you!

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