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Deus Ex Machina

The Machines of the Gods

A Rock Man X Fanfiction by Erin "Riptear" Neville, A.K.A. SoloFox

"You must never run from anything immortal; it attracts their attention."
-The Last Unicorn

Well, after several bazillion drafts, I think I finally created something I'm genuinely proud of. The story takes place after the destruction of Zero by X, as prophesized at the end of Rock Man X4. So, when new games come out, hopefully the storyline won't be affected much. The world is in a state of uneasy peace, but things could change drastically. Especially after the arrival of a strange new Reploid species and the emergence of a vicious and deadly Reploid virus. Zero fans, don't you fret, keep reading on and you'll be in for a surprise, to say the least.

This fanfic is generally what would be called a darkfic. Its rather dark and depressing, and mature audiences only should be reading this. But it does have its comedic moments, which pop up at odd times during the novel. Well, enjoy, and please stop in often for updates!

Chapter 1: Storm Queen

Chapter 2: Bitter Memories

Chapter 3: The New Colony

Chapter 4: Reunion

Chapter 5: Those of the Underground

Fanfic Art-Under construction. If anyone's inspired enough by my insane ramblings to illustrate a character or scene, by all means do it, and save everyone from just having to look at my art, which is far from pretty.

Fanfic MP3s-Under construction.

Character Bios-Under construction.

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