Someday Out Of The Blue
by: Immeblue

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, nor any of the characters in this fic besides the one you've never seen before.


It couldn't be her." Makoto couldn't believe her eyes, checking into the Hotel, only three line over was a woman she hadn't see in almost eighteen years. Even though her position in the waiting area didn't allow a full view of the woman's face, Makoto had an urgent feeling that its her. She watched as the woman left with the bellhop, all the while never allowing Makoto a full glimpse of her face.

Makoto was so absorbed with the woman that she didn't notice as a bellhop started to gather her luggage. "Mako" she did, however, notice her husband calling her name "we're checked in hon, the bellhop will take us to our room." 

Makoto took in the opulence of the room and smiled. She was a humble person but every once in awhile liked to splurge and show off her wealth. It all went back to childhood, where the savings her parents left her only supplied her with a meager living, no room for extravagance. Although it taught her to be frugal and appreciative of what she had, Makoto never forgot what it felt like to want what she couldn't afford. Now there was almost nothing she couldn't have, and that thought made her smile grow brighter. However, it dimmed a bit when she laid eyes on her husband resting on the bed.

She had met him just out of cooking school at age 20. She was the assistant baker at a quaint little bakery in one of Tokyo's malls, when one day he strolled in for a chocolate chip muffin. Makoto was struck from the start, he was tall and handsome. Though he came in for a quick muffin, he ended up having three while he chatted up the excited young assistant. 

Makoto was surprised to see him back again the next day. She never expected in a million years that a successful businessman ten years her senior would be interested in her. It seemed to be more of a Minako thing than hers, but she wasn't about to complain, she liked his company, a lot. The manager/owner didn't mind him taking up her time as long as he kept buying baked goods the way he did. Some days he would leave with boxes of several dozen treats, praising Makoto on her baking skills and saying he had to share her cooking with the rest of his colleagues.

It took several more visits to the bakery for him to ask her out, and after about six months of dating bliss he finally popped the question. Makoto couldn't believe her ears when those glorious words escaped his lips. He was everything a girl could want, everything she wanted. Handsome, charismatic, and successful, the CEO of his father's advertisement agency. Above all she loved him, there was no way she would say no.

It wasn't long after they were married that Makoto began to feel bored. What was there for a wife of a wealthy businessman to do, but sit and look pretty. Makoto was deliriously happy when she recieved his cure for boredom. Her very own bakery. Well actually the money to start her very own bakery. Makoto did all the work herself; she found the location, assisted in the design, decorated the place, and hired help. As a grand opening present her husband, Koan, gave her shop free publicity for a few months. This resulted in Makoto's store becoming a big hit. She made some much money she offered to pay him back every cent her he loaned her to get started. She just loved him more when he said it wasn't a loan but a gift and told her to put the money to use for her.

Within a few years Makoto had seven bakeries spread across Japan making her treats. She could've expanded wider, but she didn't want to get in over her head. The managers she employed at each bakery were competent, but Makoto did quiet a bit of traveling. Her belief was that an owner had to be apart of the everyday workings of the business, show there face to increase moral and loyalty. 

Now that Makoto had a business to run, her and Koan's schedules were in conflict. They rarely ever saw each other. Though, things happened so gradually and became so common, neither realized the damage being done. Makoto was accustomed to lonely nights away from home, and Koan to an occasional woman as substitute for his absent wife. 

After nearly fifteen years of marriage the effects of the inadvertent separation came crashing down on Makoto when she came home to find Koan ‘entertaining' the maid in their bedroom. She couldn't believe her eyes, lets just say the infamous "Mako temper" reared its head. The maid was lucky enough to have her bonnet when her bare bottom hit the pavement. Koan avoided it all, both bodily harm and verbal abuse, by shouting ten words: "this would not have happened if you were home more." 

It stopped Makoto in her tracks and filled her with an immense sense of failure. There was a time when all she wanted was a family and home to take care of, with someone who loved her. She entered this marriage with every hope and intension of fulfilling that dream. Now it was obvious she was a failure.

That's why they are at the hotel now, to try and rekindle the romance. The incident was three months ago, both had relaxed their work load to spend more time together in hopes of saving their marriage. Makoto wanted this because she owed it to Koan and herself to realize that forgotten dream. And Koan wanted it because he didn't want a divorce.

Looking at her husband laying on the bed Makoto had a sinking feeling that this week was just prolonging the inevitable. Though with stubborn resolve she promised herself she'd do everything in her power to make it work.

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