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“This just won’t do,” Ami shook her head and found some scissors in Makoto’s drawers. She cut off all the bandages, deciding that they were too soiled and it would be of no use to reuse them. She berated herself for not thinking of it before. Hastily, she pulled Makoto to the bathroom and began to gently rinse the wound. “Do you have any bandages?”

            “Yeah, in that cabinet there.” Makoto pointed to a small cabinet to the right of the mirror. Ami mentally slapped her forehead. Of course it would be there! I’m not thinking clearly at the moment. It was just that the kiss had Ami’s brain so frazzled that she had a hard time keeping her thoughts together. When she finally got her brain to function correctly enough to bandage Makoto’s arm properly, she found the taller woman looking at her. It wasn’t an intense stare but a gentle glancing over.   

Ami colored just slightly.

“Get some more sleep after you’re done, Ami.”

“More sleep?” Ami questioned rather crossly. “I’ve been unconscious for near half a day!”

“A quarter of a day more like it.”

“Well, it feels like longer.” She finished up with Makoto’s arm and admired her handiwork for a moment before her voice came out as a low murmur, almost thoughtful, “I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep anyway…after…” She looked up, a rueful grin on her face. Ami caught a mischievous glint in Makoto’s eyes at that instant. Ami frowned playfully, knowing what Makoto wanted to do.

She turned her head as Makoto bent down to kiss her. Makoto pulled back, mischief still alight in her eyes. Pressing closer, Makoto slowly backed Ami against the wall. Smiling, she moved closer and whispered, “can’t go anywhere now.”

“Who says I want to?”

Makoto slowly moved closer as Ami’s heart began to race. This feeling was quite exhilarating as she felt a warm tingle develop in her stomach. “Ah…you do,” Makoto whispered silkily and pulled away, an evil grin on her face. She studied her bandaged wound a little more and nodded her approval. Makoto disappeared for a moment in her room and came out with a tray full of dirty dishes. “Lots of stuff to do around the apartment.” Ami followed her into the kitchen where Makoto was already filling the sink with dishes and turning on the hot water. “Back to bed, you.” Makoto commanded her softly, already knowing she was there with her in the kitchen. Without turning her attention to Ami, she began to wash her dirty objects of food holding.

Ami slipped up quietly behind Makoto and wrapped her arms around the taller woman’s waist. Soon after she rested her head against Makoto’s back. She was comfortable. Makoto went on with her dishes without another word. And it was just peaceful silence from there, with the exception of running water and the occasional clanging of dishes.






Interlude. 6 September 2002



I’m trying to post an update once a month. I know… it’s not really my style to make something so short. But I’ve currently hit a huge writer’s block and things are just not flowing anymore. Sorry.


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