The Odd Adventures of Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna

By Lady Grizabella


Shiny Pants?! Haruka Is Hentai


Hey all! I wanted to give this chapter about a PG-15 or 16 rating, do to some of the stuff Haruka encounters. But then again, the title kind of gave you a hint, huh? Enjoy!


The weather had grown cold and I had developed Cabin Fever. Michiru had been cranky, so I was keeping my distance. I headed into the living room, which happened to be blazing warm do to a little space heater that was blasting out heat. "You people are going to burn the house down!" I remarked. I then noticed that Setsuna was face down on the couch, fast asleep. "Oh." Still, not wanting to run up the electric bill to ungodly amounts, I flipped off the heater and prepared to drape a blanket over Setsuna. That's when her pants caught my eye.

She was wearing a pair of plastic pants, not unlike the sleazy red dress I had made her wear for her birthday, but these were bright purple. I was dazzled. "Wow." I dropped the blanket and put one hand on her leg. I had never really taken the time to feel clothing made out of plastic. The aforementioned red dress had been a gift from a distant family member. Completely not my style of clothing. But Setsuna had apparently liked it, as these wonderful pants had shown up.

I let my hand travel down her leg and back up again. I really liked these pants! I couldn't take my hand away. Without thinking, I slid my hand up until it was resting on Setsuna's butt. Mmm...curvey plastic-covered bum...


I winced and closed my eyes. Princess Michiru had awoken.

She stood over me, hands on her hips. I swear, she was ten feet tall and had horns. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

I shrugged. "Nothing!" I suddenly remembered my hand. "Oh...crap."

"Pervert!" she hollered, wrapping her arms around Setsuna's legs and giving a great yank.

Setsuna went flying off the couch like a shot and landed with a thunk. "What the hell?"she howled, jolted awake.

Michiru gathered Setsuna, who was all thrashing arms and legs, into her lap and she rocked her back and forth. "Don't worry, sweetheart! I won't let Hentai Haruka bother you anymore!"

"What planets are you people from?!" Setsuna yelled.

I jumped around helplessly. "I'm not a pervert! It was the pants, I swear! The PANTS!"

Michiru regarded me as if I were five years old, but kept a firm arm around poor 'molested' Setsuna. "Tell you what. I want you to leave. When you can prove that you're not a pervert, you can come back and live with us."

"But Michi-"

She widened her eyes. "Go."

I obeyed.

"Don't leave me alone with her!" Setsuna cried just as I shut the door.


I walked down the streets of downtown Tokyo, feeling bleak and cold. It was the middle of winter - not a good time to get kicked out of the house. I would have to sleep in my car. I sighed and balled my fists. "Well, when the going gets tough, the tough gets...hypothermia?" Minako moment. "At any rate, I'm going to prove to Michiru that I'm not a pervert and get my rightful place in the house back!" I closed my eyes and threw my fist in the air in a victory celebration. "YES!!" I opened my eyes again to realize fifty people were staring at me. I slunk off into the sunset.


After picking up a small video camera at the store, I went to the park to start my video journey. "I'll tape everything that happens for a whole evening, so Michiru will see that I can exist in society without being a pervert. She'll be sure to let me back in the house, then." Okay, so the idea was dumb, but Michiru in her rage hadn't given me any clues as to how to prove my pervert status. This was all I could think of.

I inserted the tape and hit record. "Behold, the park. Nothing going on here. Haruka - innocent. Haruka and Setsuna - innocent misunderstanding." I panned around the darkening landscape.


I jerked my head up to find a girl in front of me. She was wearing a mini skirt and a winter coat, but the coat was unbuttoned to reveal a very skintight shirt and lots of cleavage. The camera and I gawked at her. "Yes?" I managed to stutter.

"Haruka Tenoh?" The girl batted her eyelashes.

"That's me." I grinned, forgetting momentarily about the piece of video equipment in my hand.

"Wow, I can't believe it's you! You're so cute!" She leaned forward and whispered seductively, "Can you have your autograph?"

Yikes. I suddenly had a mental picture of Michiru's face. And it wasn't pretty. "Er...I would normally love to sign an autograph, but it's really not the best time, you see. I have this..."

The girl kept leaning closer and closer to me. Teenagers today! "I...I'm..." She planted her lips on mine. I froze for a moment and then bolted, clutching the camera.


I tried to catch my breath in a side street. I suddenly remembered that it was all on tape. I let my head fall against the side of a building. "Oh no! Great! Just great! The whole thing's on tape and I'm supposed to show this to Michi tonight. Well, that's not happening." I started to mess with the tape to rewind it and tape over it, when I heard hoof beats. "What the-?"

"There he is! Catch him!" I turned to see a wild pack of girls running down the street towards me, knocking innocent bystanders out of their way. They were all wearing my honorary Tenoh racing jacket, the kind the fan clubs loved to give out. One was holding a sign on a stake that read 'The Tenoh-ites'. My jaw dropped. "Oh my God..."

"Haruka, we love you!" The girls pounded towards me.

I took off, running for my life, literally. "Why is this happening to me?" I panted. "Why do things always happen to me!"


Trying desperately to escape the girls, I dodged into a nearby store. "Sanctuary!" I rasped. I then looked up and gasped, my blood running cold. "Oh no..." I looked to the right. "Ahh!" The left. "AHH!"

I had stumbled into a shop that sold hentai movies.

The guy behind the counter leered at me. "Need a recommendation, Mister?" He shoved a movie towards me across the counter top.

"Gah! Keep it away from me!" I bolted for the door again as fast as my legs could carry me.

The shopkeeper shrugged. "Girls must not be his thing."

"Let me out!" I was in such a hurry to get out of there that I didn't notice the door had slammed behind me, catching both my jacket and shirt in it. I heard a tearing sound and then the miserable sensation of the buttons popping off my shirt as both my coat, and it, were torn off my body. I stood there, shocked, and cursing myself for not thinking to put a bra on that day.

I closed my eyes against the laughter and screams from the people on the street. What in the world was so funny about public nudity?!

"Pervert!" yelled one woman who was clutching the hand of a gawking child.

"Get off the street, Hentai!" hollered another.

The men said nothing disparaging, but did a fair amount of whistling and catcalling.

Practically in tears of embarrassment and frustration, and freezing cold, I pulled my ripped shirt and coat out of the door, put them on, and held them closed in the front the best I could. I pushed my way through the crowd of people, just wanting to crawl into the earth.


After I made my way away from the crowd, I addressed the video camera. "I swear Michi, these are all completely isolated events! They have absolutely nothing to do with me! On a normal day, rabid packs of girls do NOT chase me, I do NOT go to naughty video stores, and my clothes are NOT torn off in front of little children. This is the most crazy day of my life. But I swear to you, sweetheart, darling, apple of my eye, I am not a pervert!"

I felt a presence behind me, and turned around to find a man there. He was wearing a trench coat. I shook my head. "Oh...please don't..."

The man opened up his coat and flashed me. I just shook my head and trudged away.


I stood in front of our front door, head hung low. "It's true. I am a pervert. All of this proves it. I am the most perverted hentai girl in all of Japan - no! The world. I may as well go in and admit it to Michiru. She'll know it anyway when she gets her hands on the tape. Maybe she can figure out how to turn it off."

I opened the door and headed on in. "Michiru? I've come back, and I admit it. I am a perver-"

Setsuna was asleep on the couch again, and there was Michiru, her hand idly rubbing Setsuna's butt. She looked at me and grinned. "You're right, Haruka. These really are great pants....."


How about that for crazy and kooky? So this is one of the sillier ones. Oh well, it was fun to write once I got rid of my horrible writer's block. As for next time...not a clue as of yet. I also missed Haruka's birthday. Poo. Maybe I'll get something done for Valentines Day. We'll have to see. Thanks for reading!

~Lady Grizabella

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