Can't Fight The Moonlight
Part: 1
By: Heater McCoy

Rei couldn't take it could Usagi do this to her!? Finding that letter in her locker(did I mention they're in high school and go to the same school???)...Rei was so mad...Slaming her locker door closed, she turned to see the bubbly blonde coming down the hall with Naru. Walking up to Usagi and Naru, Rei waved the letter in front of Usagi's nose.

"What the hell is this, Usagi!?"

Usagi gulped loudly. "A-a-a-a l-letter...?"

Rei's face was about to erupt into flames. She hated when Usagi tried to play innocent...It never worked, she was such a bad actress. "About...?"

Again, Usagi gulped loudly. She didn't want to tell Rei to her face, knowing she'd have this reaction. So, she told Rei what had happened to her in a letter. Bad choice. "Your mangas...?"


"Guys..." The firey hot head and timid princess turned to look at their friend with wavy red hair. "People are starting to stare..."


Rei walked home, angrier than ever at her best friend. Her head hurt...They have known each other for two life times now. And, as far as they knew, at least one more...And no matter what, Rei could never figure Usagi out. It just seemed since Mamoru left for college last year, Usagi's ditziness had become more...what was the word Rei was looking for? Advanced would be a good word. Rei sighed. She couldn't stay mad at Usagi for very long. Since Mamoru left, the two had seemed to grow closer. Rei sighed again and turned the cornor to climb the temple stairs when a blonde ran her over.

"Oh gods, Rei! I'm SO sorry!" It was Usagi. Rei's anger was quickly returning.

"Usagi," Rei growled in a warning sort of tone.

"No, stop. Let me talk first." Usagi helped Rei stand. "Rei, I know I lost your mangas, and I'm sorry. Here," Usagi pulled several bills out of her pocket. "This should cover the cost of them." And she handed the money to Rei.

Rei only looked at Usagi like she had lost her mind. Counting the money, Rei nearly fell over. "Usagi! There's over fifty bucks here!" Usagi only looked at Rei. Shaking her head, she put the money back into Usagi's hand. Or, tried to any way. When Usagi refused to take the money back, Rei said," Usagi, I can't take this. It wouldn't be right."

Usagi only shook her head. "I lost your comics, so I'm paying for them. NO arguments. Bye!!" Usagi gave Rei her biggest smile and quickly walked away before Rei could react to this.

Rei just stood there, staring after her friend. Slowly smiling, Rei shook her head and climbed the stairs to her home.


Rei sat in her bedroom, staring at the wall in front of her. Something in her life was missing. Every now and then her heart would burn, then ache. She knew this sign. It meant she was in love. Minako, being the senshi of love, even pointed this out. But, who was it? It wasn't Chad... He still worked at the temple, but they never got serious with each other. Their feelings turned out to be nothing more than a big crush. He's been long ago married, and Rei was happy for him.

Rei laid back down in her bed and closed her eyes. That familiar feeling of heart ache and butterflies in her stomache was returning again...On nights like these she couldn't sleep. She needed someone to talk to...

"Rei?" Came a whispered voice.

Rei's eyes shot open as she sat back up. "Who's there?" She whispered back.

"Open the window, Rei! I'm cold!" An irratated look crossed Rei's face. She knew that whining from anywhere. Kicking the covers off the bed, she sat up on her knees to open her window. She was right. Usagi stood on a trash can trying to get into Rei's room. Helping Usagi through the window, Rei asked, "What are you doing here?"

After climbing through the window, Usagi sat on the bed cross legged. She wouldn't look at Rei and her head was bowed. Rei narrowed her eyes so she could look at Usagi better in the dim light. Rei noticed a tear slide down Usagi's face.

"Bunny? Whats wrong?" Rei was concerned. Usagi never cried except for a reason. When she didn't answer, Rei reached over and enveloped Usagi in a hug. Usagi seemed to cry harder at this point and Rei's grip tightened. Rei knew what kind of emotional state Usagi could be at times, but this was by far the worst she had seen her friend in a long time. Even when Usagi broke up with her a few years back...

"He's not coming back, Rei..." Rei looked at Usagi.

"What do you mean, Bunny?" Rei brushed Usagi's hair out of her face.

"I got a- ::hiccup:: a l-letter from M-Mamoru to-::hiccup:: today...He says he's not coming back to Tokyo.Ever..." A dam of new tears flooded Usagi's already tear stained face.

"Oh, Baby...Did he say why?"

Usagi shook her head. "He said we're not supposed to be together in this life. I'm suppossed to be with another..."

Rei was shocked. Then an image of Crystal Tokyo flashed in her mind. "What about Rini and the future kingdom?"

"He said that we'd be together then and Rini will be born. He said he even knew the person I'm suppossed to marry in this time...But he wouldn't tell me." Usagi's tears began to slow as Rei rocked her back and forth.

"Do you wanna stay the night, Usagi?" Rei asked. "You can have my bed and I can sleep in a nap sack on the floor-"

"I want you to stay with me, Rei," Usagi said, cutting her off.

Rei smiled. "Ok. I'll stay right here, alright?" Usagi nodded her head. "Here let me turn the light off." Usagi let go of Rei so she could get up. After Rei switched the lights off, she placed a tape in her radio. Pressing 'play' she walked back over to Usagi and laid down. Usagi curled up next to Rei with her head on her chest (AN: I said 'chest' not 'breast' for all you hentai minds out there) and one had rested on Rei's stomache. The tape Rei had playing had a slow, piano tune coming from it. It seemed almost sad.

"Usagi?" Usagi was nearly asleep when Rei woke her back up. "This song, Grandpa used to sing to me when I had trouble sleeping. Want me to sing it to you?" Usagi slowly smiled. She loved being sung to sleep. Nodding her head, Rei began to hum the first few notes before singing to the music:

And she takes another step
Slowly she opens the door
Check that he is sleeping
Pick up all the broken glass and furniture on the floor
Been up half the night screaming now it's time to get away
Pack up the kids in the car
Another bruise to try and hide
Another alibi to write

Another ditch in the road
You keep moving
Another stop sign
You keep moving on
And the years go by so fast
Wonder how I ever made it through

And there are children to think of
Baby's asleep in the backseat
Wonder how they'll ever make it through this living nightmare
But the mind is an amazing thing
Full of candy dreams and new toys and another cheap hotel
Two beds and a coffee machine
But there are groceries to buy
And she knows she'll have to go home
Another ditch in the road
You keep moving
Another stop sign
You keep moving on
And the years go by so fast
Wonder how I ever made it through

By this time, Rei had some how changed postions. Although Usagi wasn't laying on her except for her arm, she was still curled up next to her. Rei, waiting for the chance to sing again, began playing with Usagi's hair...

Another bruise to hide
Another alibi to write
Another lonely highway in the black of night
But there's hope in the darkness
You know you're going to make it

Another ditch in the road
Keep moving
Another stop sign
You keep moving on
And the years go by so fast
Silent fortress built to last
Wonder how I ever made it...

Rei, by the end of the song, was tracing Usagi's jaw line with her fingers. As the last note faded, Rei leaned forward and kissed Usagi's forhead. She smiled when Usagi seemed to snuggle closer to her. Rei pulled the covers up higher and fell asleep with Usagi in her arms.


When Rei woke up the next morning, she felt something pressed against her, a warm breeze in her her ear, and unfamiliar weight over her chest. Sleepily looking down, she noticed the weight to be an arm. Turning her head slightly, she could see part of Usagi's face, her nose next to Rei's ear. Shaking her head at her friend, Rei moved Usagi's hand down to her waist. Usagi tightened her grip, pulling Rei closer. Rei sighed...

Looking up at the clock, it was five in the morning. Rei smiled. "I'm so glad it's Saturday," she said aloud to herself. Streching, she added, "I can sleep in today and get some extra rest. I'm so ::yawn:: tired..." Turning over and facing Usagi, Rei smiled. Usagi was a sight to see in the morning. Snuggling deeper into her bed, Rei closed her eyes again. Just as she was about to fall back to sleep, Usagi began to cry. Opening one eye, Rei noticed Usagi shaking from the tears. Rei pulled her arm from out of Usagi's grip and gently carressed the other girl's face. Whispering to her, Usagi finally calmed down. Peacefully resting again, Usagi moved closer to Rei, placing her head under Rei's chin. Rei didn't have the heart to wake her up...


(Later that day)

"Rei!" Rei, smiling, poked her head out of her bedroom door. "Mail call!" It was Chad.

"Alright." Looking back into the room, she smiled. "I'll be right back, guys." And Rei left to go get her mail.

"So," Minako said. "What are everybody's plans for spring break?"

"I'm going to America to visit my aunt and uncle," Makoto said. The others looked at her. "Ya know...? The ones who support me? They've been wanting me to come and visit them for a while so I thought this would be the perfect time."

"Thats cool," Minako said. "I'm going to England to visit a few other friends there. Katrina, mainly." Minako looked at Ami. "What about you, Ames?"

"Mother has a conferance to go to in Canada. It's really for two days, but Mother thought it would be a good time to catch up. Sort of a mother-daughter week."

"Great. Hey, Bunny? What about you," Makoto asked. "Plan on going to visit Mamoru?" The others laughed.

Usagi looked down at the floor. She had yet to tell them about the letter Mamoru sent her. Luckily, before she could answer, Rei came back through the door.

"Well, I've got plans now. Remember that Shinto Fair, I told you about? Well, Grandpa got me two tickets to go up there for the week." Rei closed the door and sat back down next to Usagi.

"Way to go, Rei!" Makoto exclaimed. "I remember how much you said you wanted to go to that thing. Bit of a learning experiance?"

"I dunno..." Rei's smile grew. "But I can't wait!"

The girls stayed a while more before going home to get ready for their own trips. Usagi was the last to leave. As she began to go home, Rei stopped her.

"Hey, Usagi? Can I ask you something?"

Usagi looked at Rei. "Sure. Whats up?"

"I didn't remember you saying anything about plans for this week. Grandpa can't go with me to the fair...Do you wanna go with me? It's free. Gramps, when he bought the tickets, paid for everything for two. I really don't want to go by myself."

Usagi thought about it for a few minutes. Smiling and nodding, she answered. "Sure."

************** (The lodge at the Shinto Fair)

"Wow..." Usagi gasped as she entered the room in which she and Rei would be staying for a week. "It's so BIG!!"

Rei laughed at her friend as she began to explore the large room. The lodge room itself was the size of a small apartment with a living area, kitchen, a bedroom, a large bath room, and a small balcony. Rei sighed, knowing she'd be the one to carry the luggage to the bed room. When she walked into the room, Usagi was coming out of the bathroom.

"Rei, you need to check out the bath room. IT'S HUGE!"

"I will, Bunny. But, first, we need to unpack. Do you want the closet or dresser?" Rei asked, setting down their bags.

Usagi shrugged. "Doesn't matter." Walking over to the closet and opening it, she added, "I doubt it would matter. The closet is huge, too!"

Rei rolled her eyes. "Everything is huge to you, Usagi. Is there anything else I should know of thats huge...?"

Usagi looked at her friend before the realization of her words hit her. "Yeah, Rei. Your mouth!"

Rei laughed. "That's not what I was talking about."

Usagi just rolled her eyes and shook her head in defiance, "I know that! Duh!" The two girls laughed harder.

"Come on, Bunny. We need to get ready for dinner." Rei picked up her two bags and placed them on the bed. "We need to wear the traditional kimono robes...Usagi are you listening to me? I knew you wouldn't have one, so I bought you one. Here, I hope you like it." Rei handed Usagi a kimono robe. It was pink with light red rose imprints. The sash around the waist was also red.

Usagi gasped as she held it up to her. "Wow, Rei... You didn't have to...I could have bought it myself--"

"I know, Bunny. But...I don't know. I saw it yesterday when I went shopping for mine and thought of you." Taking hold of one of the sleeves to look at it better against her friend's body, Rei cocked her head in thought. "I just hope it fits. It was the only one they had and I think it was the smallest size. But, you have a tiny waist...Should fit." Rei dropped the sleeve.

"Thanks, Rei. Where's yours?" Usagi asked, lying her's back on the bed neatly so it wouldn't wrinkle.

"Right here," Rei said proudly, revealing her own kimono. It was a deep, rich purple with light lavender out lines of lilies. The sash was a dark blue. "Pretty huh?"

"Yeah! When do we eat?" Usagi asked, a sparkle in her eyes. Rei only laughed...


(four hours later(AN: I just skip everything, don't I?))

"Man..." Usagi said, stepping into the hotel room. "That was one hell of a party. Great food too." Streching, she turned to face Rei. " Are we gonna be going to dinners like that ALL week?"

Rei thought for moment. "I think so. But, the others aren't mandatory. This one was. And. if you do go the others, you can wear normal clothes, not the kimonos."

Usagi seemed to frown. Popping her back, she asked, "Can we wear the kimonos?"

"I don't see why not. After all, this is a Shinto Fair. I don't see the big deal with it."

"Cool. I'm gonna soak in that hot tub. Wanna join me?"

Rei thought for a minute. "I might. But I need to un-pack first." As she began to head towards the bedroom she stopped. "Usagi...what about bathing suits?"

"What about em?"

"Aren't you getting in the hot tub?"


"Aren't you gonna wear a bathing suit?"

Usagi look dumbfounded. "Oh, I forgot..." Thinking for minute she said, "I'll just put a lot of bubbles in it and we can get in naked."


"What?" Usagi turned to look at Rei, who's face was as red as her senshi fuku. "Whats wrong Rei? Nervous?"

Rei gave Usagi a death look. "No," she said a little too quickly. "It's just that...well..."

"Whats wrong, Rei?" Usagi laid a hand on Rei's shoulder but Rei brushed it off.

"Don't..." Rei wouldn't look at Usagi and her face had grown pale. Rubbing her face with her hands, she whispered, "Not again. Oh, Gods, not again..."


The girls went to bed that night, with out saying a word to each other. Rei, feeling she had hurt Usagi's feelings, refused to share the bed with her. Instead, she slept on the leather couch in the living room. Rei had yet to tell the girls why she had transfered to their school at the beginning of their senior year. She felt there was no reason to tell them. A week after senior year at school started, Rei was raped by a group of boys that went to the neighboring boys school. Rei refused to go to the police. She had gotten pregant, too. That's when she transffered. After she did, she had a miss carriage and lost the baby. Despite how the baby was concieved, she didn't want that to happen. But, every since that day, being naked with some one else with her, even her closet friends, scared her.

She turned over to face the back of the couch when she heard Usagi get up. Rei could hear her paded feet walk across the floor and stop behind her.

"Rei?" She whispered. Rei said nothing. Sighing loudly, Usagi sat down on the coffee table. "Rei, answer me. I know you're awake. I could hear you crying all the way into the bedroom."

Rei felt her cheeks. They were wet. She had been crying and didn't even know it. Rei shook her head. "Go away, Usagi."

"Rei, what is wrong? You've been like this since we got back from the party. Rei, I'm worried about you-"

Rei sat up quickly and yelled, "I said, GO AWAY!" Even in the dark, Usagi could tell her friend was shaking from the tears.

"Rei..." Usagi didn't know what to say. "I'm just worried about you... Fine." Usagi stood and walked to the bedroom door. Stopping and turning back around, she said, "I'll probably be awake for awhile. If you want to change your mind to ease mine, come talk to me, ok?" Before she could get answer, Usagi walked into the room and closed the door.


Usagi didn't expect Rei to follow her into the bedroom. So, when she entered the room and closed the door, she turned out the lights and laid back down. But she couldn't go back to sleep. The way she had seen Rei scared her so much...Usagi has seen Rei cry twice since they had met in this time. Once when Nephlite died in Naru's arms and when they disovered Usagi to be the Moon Princess. Now, this would be the third.

Usagi rolled over onto her side. This was eating her up... Rei was her closet friend, even among the senshi. She hated it when her friends were hurting and she didn't know how to help. Sighing she looked towards the door...Amazingly enough, it opened. And Rei walked in.

Sitting up, Usagi looked at her in the darkness. They didn't say anything to each other, only stared. Rei shook her head and began to walk back out before Usagi could question her.


Too late.

Rei stoped and turned back to face her friend. Only now she was out of the bed and standing next to it. Unsure of what was going on. Rei felt the same way.

"Rei, you ok?" Usagi could hear Rei choke as she tried to stop the tears from falling down on her face. Rei stood there as Usagi slowly began to walk towards her. Finally breaking down, Usagi picked up the pace and was able to catch Rei before she feel to her knees. Holding Rei in her arms, Usagi rubbed Rei's back with one hand and massaged her scalp with the other. Usagi gently lowered Rei to the floor, no longer able to hold the taller girl up on her feet. "Rei...please tell me whats wrong."

Rei cried harder as she relived the painful memory to Usagi. By the time she was finished, it was an hour later and both girls were crying. Hugging her friend tighter, Usagi reassured her. "Rei, it's ok. They can't do it again, I promise. I'll help you get over your fear, ok? I wish you had told me that earlier...I would have dropped it. You know that, right?" Rei only nodded. "Come on, Rei," Usagi said, helping her friend stand. "Lets go to bed." Rei said or did nothing as Usagi guided her to the bed and made her lay down. Playfully nudging her, Usagi said, "Move it or lose it, Pyro. You're such a bed hog." Rei only smiled.

Rolling over, Rei pulled the cover up to her chest and closed her eyes. Usagimoved in next to her and put on arm around Rei's waist. Opening her eyes and turning slightly to look at Usagi, Usagi only smiled.

Moving her face so it was right by Rei's ear, Usagi whispered, "You're never alone Rei. You're my best friend, and I will always love you."


Rei laid in bed still asleep. After what happened last night with Usagi...Rei needed the rest. Usagi, on the other hand, was trying to find a way to help Rei get over her fear. She had gotten up early (for Usagi, anyway) and headed straight for the shower. After about an hour under the steamy water, Usagi emerged from the bath room wearing only a towel around her body. Her hair was also wrapped up into a towel. Walking over to the bed, Usagi sat down and looked at Rei. She seemed to look better than what she did last night. Brushing some of the hair from Rei's face, Usagi lowered her head to whisper into Rei's ear.

"Rei?" Usagi quietly called. "Time to get up..." She smiled when Rei's face showed frustration. It was obvious she didn't want to get up. "Come on, Rei. You can't stay in bed forever."

Rei opened one eye to look at her friend. "Why not? You seem to live in your bed. Why can't I?"

Usagi's smile only grew. "Mornin', Sleepy head."

Rei's attitude shifted from anger to annoyance. "Oh, shut up...." Rei closed her eyes and turned over away from Usagi.

"Come on, Rei! It's a beautiful day!"

"How would you know? I bet you haven't even been outside yet!"

"Rei!" Usagi was getting a little annoyed. "You don't get out of this bed, I'm gonna flip you out of it,"Usagi threatened.

Rei pulled the covers over her head. "I'd like to see you try, Meatball head," Came Rei's muffled reply.

Usagi shrugged and walked over to her side of the bed. "Last chance, Rei..." Usagi got no reply. "Ok, Rei. You asked for it." Despite her small size, Usagi was able to lift the matress and flip it over. Needless to say, Rei went flying into the floor. She was also very angry...

"DAMMIT USAGI! Couldn't you let me sleep a little longer!?"

Usagi still stood on the other side of the bed, a triuphant smile on her face. She had her hands on her hips and her head was tilted to the side. Still smiling, Usagi said, "I told you to get up..."


After Rei cussed Usagi out a while longer, she too headed for the shower. But she only took about thirty minutes or so. After coming out of the bath room and fully dressed (she was still nervous even though she had told Usagi why) the two friends headed out of the hotel towards a small town. The town was the place most of the activities were being held for the festival. The streets were crowded and there was hardly any room to walk with out bumping into someone.

"Man, Rei," Usagi said trying not to bump into people. "It's so packed! I didn't see this many people last night."

Rei shrugged. "It could be tourists, Usagi. Did you think that this festival wasn't open to the public?"

"No..." Usagi said shyly. "I didn't think about it at all."

Rei rolled her eyes. "So, Bunny? Whatcha' wanna do?"

Usagi shrugged. "I dunno. I'm not sure whats here. Do you?"

"Not really. How about we just walk around? Then, if we see something, we'll either buy it or do it. How's that?" Usagi smiled and agreed.

They walked for a while, played a few games, ate lunch, walked around some more...Nothing really happened that day. But, the nights were something else. After grabbing a bite to eat for dinner, the pair headed for a small clearing with a small platform in the middle. The platform was at least ten feet tall with a set of drums at the top. Rei smiled.

"This is where the drum ceramony will be held tonight. I hear the drummer is very good."

Usagi smiled. "Really? I've never been to one of these drum things before. Have you?"

Rei nodded. "Once, right after Dad dumped me off on Grandpa." Stopping, Rei looked at Usagi in the setting sun's light. "Have I told you about that?"

Usagi had an odd look on her face. "No. I always figured your parents died, Like Makoto's did. What happened?"

Rei shrugged and looked back up towards the lifted platform. Closing her eyes, she tried to recall what happened. "When I was about six years old, my mother died of cancer. When I was ten, Dad dumped me off on Gramps because he knew he couldn't raise a child on his own. Not with his job and him moving to America." Rei opened her eyes and Usagi could see unshed tears in them. "Gramps and I hardly knew one another. I kinda kept to myself since I was scared of the man. About a week or two after I was left with him, he took me to a festival like this one. But that one was only for a day. Thats when I first saw the drum ceramony. I fell in love with it the moment I watched it." Rei smiled.

So did Usagi. She had never seen Rei so open before. Usagi looked up at the platform as well. Not knowing why, but knowing Rei needed her comfort, Usagi's hand seeked out Rei's. When she found it, she inter laced her fingers with Rei's. Rei either didn't notice or didn't care.

After the ceramony was over, a spectacular fireworks show exploded to life. All the different colors and shapes of the explosians made a smile appear on Usagi's face.

"It's so pretty, Rei," Usagi whispered.

Rei smiled. Usagi could act like such a child at times. But her innocence was such a pleasure to know. "Yes, it is." Rei bit her lip. Looking at Usagi, who still had her eyes glued to the show above them, Rei whispered, "Thanks for coming with me, Usagi. I'm having a great time with you here."

Usagi looked at Rei and smiled. Rei could see her blush in the light of the fireworks. "I'm glad you invited me, Rei..." Usagi's smile faded when she saw a couple that was standing next to Rei.

"Whats the matter, Usagi?" Looking to where Usagi's gaze had fallen, she saw a couple who had an uncanny resemblance to Usagi and Mamoru. Rei knew instantly what was wrong. Rei's hand tightened, giving a reassuring pressure on Usagi's hand. Usagi tore her watery gaze from the happy couple back to Rei.

Lightly tugging on her hand, Rei whispered, "Come on Meatball Head. Lets go back to the room."


Rei had to practically lead Usagi back to their hotel room. Usagi's heart had been ripped out again and Rei couldn't help her friend's pain. When they reached their room, they finally released each other's hand. But, only long enough for Rei to unlock their door. Opening the door, she dragged the shell that was her best friend into the room and closed the door.

Rei let go of Usagi's hand and went to the restroom. She had an urge to go all day but refused to use the port-a-toilets that were scattered around the grounds for the tourists. To her, those things were gross. Coming out of the bathroom, Rei felt better. But, that was until she saw Usagi. She had moved out onto the small balconey and was just staring at nothing. Rei kinda figured her to be remembering she and Mamoru had went throguh together in years past.

Rei silently walked out behind her friend. "Usagi? Baby doll, you ok?" Rei always called Usagi a name of endearment when she was hurting and it was just the two of them. She saw Usagi shake her head. Rei stepped closer. "Wanna talk about it?"

Again, Usagi shook her head. "No, Rei. I don't. Because I know it won't bring Mamoru back." Usagi bowed her head and placed her hands on the railing, bracing herself up. Rei felt a tear slide down her face.

Brushing it away, Rei walked up behind Usagi and wrapped her arms around the smaller girl. Resting her head on Usagi's back, Rei whispered, "It's ok, Usagi. You can cry about it. I won't laugh." Rei could feel Usagi holding back. "Usagi, no one will ever hurt you with me around. I promise. Mamoru was...well...Mamoru was something that just happened. You can be soul mates and still not be able to be together. Things like this happen. You just have to move on."

Usagi finally broke down. "Gods, Rei. I miss him so much. Why doesn't he love me, Rei?"

Rei didn't know the answer to that question. "I'm not sure, Bunny. But, ...the girls love you. Luna and Artemis love you. And I love you, too. You'll always have me if nobody else to lean on Usagi. I'll never let you go."

Usagi stood and turned in Rei's arms, facing her. Usagi closed her eyes, crossed her arms to her chest and leaned into Rei's warm embrace. "I love you, too, Rei. You're my best friend."

Rei kissed the top of Usagi's head. "Come on, Usagi. Lets get you inside and into bed. Tomorrow, I'm taking you some place special."

"Really," Usagi asked. "Where?"

Rei shook her head and smiled gently. "Nope. It's a surprise. I'm gonna get ready for bed." Rei led Usagi to their bedroom and and picked her night gown off of the floor. Walking to the bath room, Rei changed and came back out. When she did, she saw Usagi sitting on the bed waiting for her. Without a word, Rei turned off the light and crawled underneath the covers. Usagi curled up next to her.

Resting her head on Rei's shoulder, Usagi whispered, "I'm afraid of facing the future without him, Rei. What do I do?"

Rei's heart broke. Tightening her grip on Usagi, Rei whispered. "For now nothing." Rei kissed Usagi's temple. "Sleep now and do not worry. I will catch you if you fall." Usagi smiled and closed her eyes.


Usagi streched and snuggled closer to Rei. She wasn't fully awake yet, and planned on staying that way for a while. But things changed when she remembered Rei's promise to her from the night before. Sitting up, Usagi nuddged Rei's arm.

"Rei? You asleep?"

Rei grumbled and cracked one eye open. "I was... why?"

"I wanna know where you're taking me today. That's why," Usagi whispered as if it were a huge military secret. "Come on Rei! I'm dying here!"

Closing her eyes, Rei smiled. "You are such a child, Bunny. Go back to sleep for a little while. It's still early."

"No it's not," Usagi said.

"What time is it, then?"

"Nine thirty," Usagi said, checking the clock.

Had Rei been standing, she may have face vaulted. "Nine thirty!? Are you out of your DAMN mind!?" Rei kicked the blankets off and went to the bathroom, mumbling something about being woke up by air headed blondes.

Usagi, who was still in the bed, smiled. "I love you Rei," Usagi called, her smile growing.

"Yeah, right!" Rei answered from the bathroom. Coming out, Rei grabbed her bathrobe and walked back in to the bathroom. "So, Usagi! Where do ya want to go today," Rei called from the bathroom. Usagi could hear the shower being turned on.

"Where you said you'd take me, thats where!" Usagi crawled out from the covers and sat on the edge of the bed. She was getting annoyed that Rei was avoiding taking her where ever she said she would. "REI!"

"Later,Bunny," Rei called from the shower. "I promise!"

"I don't believe you," Usagi yelled. She could have sworn she heard Rei answer her by blowing a raspberry...


When Rei came out of the bathroom, clean and fully dressed, she filled Usagi in on what she had planned for the day.

"Since tomorrow is the last day of the festival--"

"I though it lasted all week," Usagi asked, cutting her off.

"It usually does. But, something happend and they need to end it early tomorrow. Anyway, I thought we could do something non-festival like things before we headed home early. Whatcha think?"

Usagi sat there for a minute, thinking. "Sure. But, you're still taking be to that place, right?"

Rei sighed and rolled her eyes. Picking up a pillow and throwing it at Usagi, she smiled. "Yes I am. Now shut up about it!"


After the two left their room, they went to a resturant and ordered breakfast. After that, they went to a car rental shop, and Rei rented a black Ford pick up truck. Driving around, the two girls went and did everything imaginable that there was to do in a such a small town.

First, the two girls headed for a movie. After that, they got lunch. After they ate, they did some shopping in some of the antique shops. Rei was a little nervous about bringing Usagi into such a place with so many breakable things. But, luckily, Usagi didn't klutz out once. After that, not knowing what else to do, the girls just drove around for a while.

An hour before the sun began to set, Rei went into a small resturant and bought dinner. Much to Usagi's dismay, they couldn't eat it yet. As the sun began to set, and the sky was tinted with many different colors hues, Rei took the truck back to the rental shop. From there, Rei began to lead Usagi back to the hotel room.

"I thought you were taking me some place special today," Usagi whined. Thats when Usagi noticed Rei walked past the hotel. "Where we going?"

"Where did I tell you we were going today, Meatball head," Rei asked. "Why do you think I wouldn't let you eat dinner yet?"

Usagi just looked at her friend. " be mean?"

Rei smacked Usagi's arm. "No, Meatball head! Its because it's part of your surprise! Now shut up and follow me!" Usagi did as she was told as she let Rei lead her to where ever it was she was taking her. Rei walked off the sidewalk down onto a beaten path that was near a creek by the hotel. Walking down the path, Usagi noticed trees but couldn't think of their names. But, they were very beautiful.

"Usagi," Rei whispered. "Come here." Usagi walked to Rei and stood beside her. Rei removed a hankerchief from her pocket and wrapped it around Usagi's eyes.

Usagi smiled. "What are you doing, Pyro?" She could almost see Rei smile.

"Part of the surprise. Come on, Usagi." Rei took Usagi's hand and began to walk her through the woods. Soon, after about five minutes of walking, Usagi could hear running water. After five or so more minutes of walking, they stopped. "Don't move and don't peek, either." Usagi stood there as she was told as Rei let go of her hand. Usagi could hear Rei doing something, but she wasn't sure what. Then, she heard Rei yell, "Mars Crystal POWER!" Usagi could feel the heat from Rei's transformation. After she was finished transforming, she heard Rei yell, "Mars fire IGNITE!" Usagi could then feel a constant warmth. She figured it to be Rei lighting a fire with her senshi powers.

"Ok, Bunny. Take off the blindfold." Usagi did as she was told and gasped lightly at the sight before her. Rei had taken her to a secluded patch of the woods, where the same trees were growning densly around them. Rei had ordered a dinner for two from that small diner and had placed it on a blanket that she must have bought from the same place. There was a small fire burning near the blanket and a creek with a small water fall of no more than five feet tall behind them. The trees, Usagi remembered, were willows and cherry trees. The sight of the two together were beautiful.

"You like it?" Usagi finally remembered Rei was still there. She must have detransformed while she was still taking everything in.

"Very much. How did you find this place," Usagi asked.

Rei smiled. "Chad brought me here once trying to win me over. Never worked, but I loved the place just as much as you do. I can tell," Rei said before Usagi could ask. "I'm psyhic, remember?"

Usagi smiled, walked over to Rei and hugged her. "Thank you, Rei. Thank you for everything." Rei hugged her back. Relasing each other and sitting down, Usagi asked, "Why did you bring me here, Rei?"

"Well, the willow appears frail yet hidden within is the strength that defies the wind in the fury of the storm. It shelters and gives protection to those that live beneath and with them. The cherry tree also appears frail yet its beauty is unparalleled among the trees, it is also strong like the willow, offering the comfort of its warm embrace to those who know the truth. You are like both these trees. You appear frail yet this is not the case. You are strong, beautiful. And you protect those you love and offer them a sense of peace. Even to those who try to hurt you." Rei smiled at Usagi's face. She looked like she was about to cry. "You, more than any other person, are the living embodiment of the truths behind the willow and cherry tree."

" think I'm strong and beautiful like these trees," Usagi asked. She couldn't believe what Rei was telling her. As much as they fought, Usagi couldn't believe Rei had such nice things to say about her.

They finished eating in silence. After that, they packed up what was left of their food and began to walk back to the hotel. By now, it was nine at night. So, it was a little chilly. Rei took the blanket they had been sitting on and placed it around Usagi's shoulders. Rei knew that a gust of wind on a hot summers day could make Usagi cold.

When the girls reached their room, they still said nothing to one another. There was no need to. As the girls began to get ready for bed, Usagi noticed Rei do something she hadn't seen her do the entire time they had been here. She stripped herself of her clothing and changed into her night gown. In front of Usagi. Usagi smiled and changed into her own night gown. The two friends crawled under the covers, Rei turned out the light, and they fell asleep together.


The last day of the trip was a little hectic. The girls woke up late and began to take showers to get ready for the evening's dinner. They packed everything other than what they would need for the night and tomorrow's trip back home, and sat everything near their bedroom door. Yet, somehow, through all this mess, they were able to find time to eat.

After they had everything ready for the trip and dinner, they began to get ready for the last dinner party. Despite the face it was just the two of them there, the other three might as well have been. They kept fighting over the bathroom until Rei said,

"Screw it, Usagi! I don't care if you're in the shower or not! I need to do my hair!" Rei charged into the batroom and stood in front of the foggy mirror. Finding a towel and wiping it clean, she began to fix her hair for that night. She put her hair up in a loose bun with chop sticks holding it in place.

Usagi was now standing next to her, still wet, and in a towel. She was brushing her hair out and blow drying it at the same time. It was a bit of a hassle since she usually did this part naked. Now she was trying to do it and hold up her towel.

After placing the finishing touches on her hair, Rei took the comb and hair dryer from Usagi. "Just hold up your towel, Bunny. Let me worry about your hair." In ten minutes, Usagi's hair was dry, up in it's usual style, and Usagi could now get ready as could Rei. "Thank me later. We need to get our asses moving." With that, Rei left the bathroom to put on her kimono with Usagi not far behind....

(A few hours and drinks later)

Usagi was leaning against the wall laughing at Rei, who was giggling because she couldn't find her key to the room.

"Come on, Pyro," Usagi said, lightly bouncing. "I gotta pee!" Rei only giggled harder.

"I founhd em!" Rei proclaimed, holding the keys above her head.

"Open the damn door, Rei! I gotta PEEEEEEEE!!!!!"

Rei still only giggled as she tried to open the door. Finally opening the door, Usagi charged right by her and headed for the bathroom. Rei, still giggling, closed the door and headed for the bedroom. Stripping down to her bra and panties, she banged on the bathroom door.

"Come on, Bunny! I gotta go, too!" The door opned and Rei walked in as Usagi walked out, still clothed. Rei closed the door and went to the batroom. After that, she let Usagi back in so they could wash off their makeup.

"Did you have fun, Usagi," Rei asked, washing her cheek off.

"Yup," Usagi said. It was now evident the girls were starting to sober up. Throwing her wash cloth into the tub, Usagi added, "Thanks again for inviting me Rei. I really did enjoy our time together."

Doing the same as her friend by throwing her wash cloth in the tub, Rei smiled. "Me too. It turns out your not such a ditz after all!" Usagi gave Rei a look, but didn't argue. "I'm just kidding, Usagi," Rei said, hugging her friend. Usagi hugged her back, but her heart sped up. Rei let go of her and Usagi began to undress as Rei left to turn the bed down. When Usagi was dressed in only her bra and panties, too, she took her kimono and shoved in her bag. She knew Rei wouldn't care because odds were, she did the exact same thing. Standing back up and facing Rei, she saw her pulling the blankets down so they could go to bed. Usagi smiled. She and Rei hadn't had one fight the entire time they had been here. Walking up to Rei, Usagi shyly thanked her again.

Rei smiled and stood up straight. "I told you once, you didn't have to thank me, Usagi. I enjoyed bringing you with me." Usagi hugged her.

"No. Thank you for being my friend Rei. I would have never gotten over this thing with Mamoru if it weren't for you." Rei hugged her friend back.

"Usagi...." Rei didn't know what to say. Usagi was the dearest person in her life and she couldn't just stand back and not help her. "Are you ready for bed yet," Rei asked, not letting go of her. Usagi nodded, not letting go either. Rei shrugged and turned the lamp off.

When she did, and went back to holding Usagi, that familiar pain of heart ache clutched her heart. She didn't know why, but for some reason, she wasn't very tired any more. Without realizing it, Rei took the pins out of Usagi's hair, letting it down. After that, she ran her fingers through it to get the tangles out. Usagi's grip tightened around Rei's waist.

Usagi brought her head up to lay her chin on Rei's shoulder. She didn't know why, but she felt safer in Rei's arms than what she ever did in Mamoru's. Then a thought flashed in Usagi's mind. *Is Rei suppossed to be the one? Mamoru said I would know when we touched. And everytime Rei and I have touched one another, I've felt a spark. I wonder...* Usagi licked her lips and placed a gentle kiss on Rei's shoulder. When Rei didn't say anything, Usagi continued to kiss her friend until she reached her collar bone. Thats when Rei stopped her.

"Usagi..." Rei seemed a little scared. Then Usagi remembered why. Removing her arms from around her waist and cupping Rei's face, Usagi smiled.

"I love you, Rei," Usagi said before placing her lips on Rei's. She could feel her tighten up a little, but then relax. Usagi deepend the kiss by coaxing Rei's hesitante lips open. One of Usagi's hands left Rei's face and snaked to the back of her head so she couldn't move. Not that Rei had planed to, anyway. Usagi pushed her body against Rei's and they moved back until Rei tripped over the bed and they fell onto it, with Usagi on top of Rei. Usagi realesed Rei's lips and looked into her viloet eyes. She could tell Rei was scared of what would happen that night. Smiling, Usagi closed her eyes again, and she and Rei again claimed the others lips...


Rei couldn't understand it. It had been a week since that night, and She and Usagi hadn't spoken since they got back home. Rei was so confused...and mad. Usagi was the one who started a chain of events that night that she knew wouldn't stop if she followed through with it. And now Usagi was avoiding her. The girls couldn't figure out what was wrong. Luna didn't even know.

Rei had to talk to Usagi about this. But, Usagi wouldn't talk to her. She didn't return her calls, avoided her at the arcade... It was eating Rei up on the inside. Why would she be avoiding me, Rei's mind screamed.

She started it...

Thats real mature....

Oh shut up! It's true...

Rei sighed. Now she was fighting with herself! Maybe she would read a letter if I sent her one, Rei thought. With that thought of hope, Rei took out a peice of paper and began to write...


Usagi laid in her bed and stared at the letter that laid un-open on her desk. Rei had sent that to her yesterday and she refused to open it. Tears sprang to Usagi's eyes. She felt so bad... Rei never really said she wanted to make love to her, but they continued. Usagi felt like she had raped her best friend. A tear slid down her face remembering that night of passion. Then compared it to the train ride home. Not a single word was spoken.

Usagi dared not to tempt fate. Usagi had seen Rei trying to catch up with her, then hear her curse when she didn't turn around. *She's mad at me, I know it* Usagi thought. *What have I done?*


(That weekend, Party at Naru's)

"Still no sign of her," Usagi thought out loud. "I don't know if I should be happy or scared."

"Who are you talking to, Usagi?"

"Oh, crap!" Usagi jumped when Naru tapped her shoulder. Turning to face her friend, Usagi glared. "Don't you ever do that to me again!!"

"Geez I'm sorry," Naru said in her thick New York accent. "Whats wrong? Where's Mamoru?"

Usagi sighed. "We broke up a few weeks back."

"I'm sorry. Is that why you've been so bummed out lately?"

"No." Usagi continued to scan the crowd for a tall black haired preistess.

"Then whats wrong?"

"I...uh..." Usagi didn't know what to say. "Remember that trip I went on with Rei during break?" Naru nodded. "I ...uh..." *THINK BRAIN!!* "Met someone there...."

Naru looked at her friend. "Are you ok? What happened?"

"We ...uh...went to a party, got a little tipsy and" Usagi looked up at her friend's shocked face.

"Oh my gawd...You're not pregnant, are you?"

Usagi nearly laughed. "No. I doubt it."

"Are you sure?"

Usagi held in her giggles. "Yeah, I'm positive!"

Naru sighed. "Well, I'm glad. So, what-"

"I don't wanna talk about it," Usagi said cutting her off. Naru nodded in understanding. Looking around since there was nothing else better to do, she saw Melvin had arrived.

A smile appearing on her face, Naru excused herself. "If you don't mind, Bunny. I'm gonna go."

Turning away from the crowd again, Usagi asked why. Then noticing where Naru's gaze had fallen, and smiled. "Have fun."

An hour passed and still no sign of Rei. But when the other three girls showed up...

"So, Usagi," Makoto said, sipping her coke. "Whats been up with you and Rei lately? Did you two have a fight during break or something?" Usagi didn't answer.

"You ok, Bunny," Minako asked her friend. Usagi shot a look at her. "Don't call me that," she said in a warning tone.

Minako put her hands up in defense. "Ok. Calm down!"

"Oh, Look," Ami said. "Rei finally made it."

Snapping her head away from her blonde friend, Usagi looked frantically for the other person in their party. Finally spotting her, fear and dread gripped Usagi's heart. When Rei approached them, Usagi said, "I don't feel so well. I'm gonna go home." And without so much as another word, Usagi took off in the opposite direction of Rei.

When Rei met up with the other girls, she recieved cold glares from them. Ignoring them, she asked, "Where did Usagi go? I need to talk to her."

"What happened between you two, Rei," Ami asked. "You two haven't spoken to each other since you both got back from that trip during break."

Rei sighed. There was no way of getting out of this. "I'll tell you ONLY after I've spoken with Usagi. Now, where is she!?"


Tears flowed down Usagi's face as she walked home. Even with her other friends with her, she still didn't have the courage to face Rei. Usagi stopped walking and stood there on the deserted street. She stood there, faced forward and stood into the nothingness before her.

Then, she cracked...

Eyes narrowing and a small flame begining to flicker inside her brain, Usagi let loose on the closet thing to her: a brick wall.

Punching and kicking the wall, Usagi began to curse every fiber of her being.

"Dammit, Usagi," she said, hitting the wall again. "You are so fucking stupid!"






The tears flowed down her face like a dam had bursted in her body. Usagi fell against the wall and slid down it until she was siting on the sidewalk hudled up to the building she was just moments ago pounding the crap out of. Closing her eyes, she thought she heard footsteps running on the sidewalk but ignored them. She didn't care anymore.

"What the hell do you think you're doing out here, Usagi!" Usagi's eyes shot open. Turning her head slightly, she saw who the voice belonged to. And was scared.

Turning away, Usagi asked, "What are you doing here, Rei?"

"What am *I* doing here," Rei repeated. "What are *you* doing here!? You look like hell!"

"Shut up Rei. I'm not in the mood for this." Usagi slowly stood and began to walk away from Rei.

"I don't give a damn if you're in the mood or not, Usagi," Rei said, easily catching up to the Moon Princess. "I want you to tell me what is wrong!? You've avoided me for days! What have I done!?"

Usagi stopped, turned on her heel and faced her friend. "It's not you!" She screamed. "It's not you! It's me! ME, GAWD DAMMIT!" Usagi felt out of control. Placing her hand on her head and walking again, she sensed Rei right beside her.

"Usagi, please..." Rei begged. "Tell me what is wrong..." Usagi didn't answer. "Bunny? Baby doll?"

"Rei," Usagi said, her voice cracking. Turning back to face Rei, Usagi could see tears in her eyes too. "I'm sorry."

Rei looked at her. "For what?"

Usagi looked up and down the deserted street. She didn't feel safe here. "Come on. Lets go to my place."


Rei followed Usagi into her room, still very confused. "Usagi? What is going on?" Then Rei noticed her letter on Usagi's desk. It still had not been opened.

"Rei," Usagi said sitting on her bed. "I'm sorry for that night."

"What night?" Then Rei stopped. She knew now which night she was talking about. "Why are you sorry for that? Didn't you want to-"

"NO! Thats not it. I wanted to, yeah. But...I dunno. You never said that *you* wanted to, and...and..." Usagi put her face in her hands. She couldn't bring herself to say it.

Rei knew, though. She could sense what Usagi was thinking. Walking to Usagi's desk and picking up the letter, Rei headed for Usagi. Knealing in front of her. Usagi could feel Rei's hands resting on her own, trying to remove them. "Usagi, look at me. Please?" Slowly, Usagi did as she was asked. Holding up the letter, Rei said, "I want you to open this, and read it." Usagi looked at her and took the letter. Opening it, she found a poem Rei had written for her.

Have you ever considered the Cherry tree and the
Willow tree
Both harbor great beauty
Yet each appears terribly frail
Fools are we that are deceived such

Their incredible beauty belies hidden strength
Strength that holds the tree firm as
Winds howl in tenacious fury
Trying to uproot beauty with destructive violence

Despite all the furious rage the winds throw
The Cherry and the Willow still stand
Strength and beauty wrapped in gentle form
Forever deceiving those without eyes to see

The Cherry tree provides us sweet smelling blossoms
Calming us in our anger and allowing
Us to see the beauty in the simplest of things
You are my Cherry tree

The Willow tree shelters from the storm
Giving us comfort when the winds howl with
murderous fury
Showing us its great and unknown strength
Let me be your Willow

Usagi's hand went to her mouth as new tears flowed down her face. Looking up at Rei, Usagi flew forward and hugged Rei. Unfortunatley, both girls went flying backwards. Rei held Usagi in her arms while Usagi, who was on top of Rei, cradled Rei's head and cried.

"I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you," Usagi kept chanting through her tears.

Rei smiled as a tear slid down her face. Kissing Usagi's cheek, Rei whispered back, "I love you, too, Bunny."







There, its finished. The poem belings to my friend John and the two songs are 'Two Beds And A Coffee Machine' and is sung by Savage Garden. The second song is 'Can't Fight The Moonlight' by LeeAnne Rymes.