Mistaken Assumption 
by: Immeblue 

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, nor any of the characters in this fic, we all know that.

the next day Ami sat in a café and connected to its network, she had two hours till her next class and intended to go over the material before arriving. In the middle of going over the online diagram of the respiratory system an IM obstructed her view. She was astonished when she saw it was from Nature Girl. 

Ami hesitated to answer thinking this was just another way to allow Nat to hurt her. Her fingers, her heart, were itching to reply but her mind got the best of her. Only the curiosity to finally know the reason for Nat's absence sent her fingers flying over the keyboard. 

Azure: where have you been?

Nature Girl: no ‘hi'?

Azure: do you think you deserve one?

Nature Girl: I guess not

Azure: you guessed right.

Nature Girl: I'm sorry I haven't talked to you in over a month.

Ami waited for more, not believing that was all Nat had to say. But was forced to speak when it became clear Nat wasn't giving anything away.

Azure: well, where have you been?

Nature Girl: right here.

Ami was getting decidedly annoyed at Nat's reticent responses, but gritted her teeth and dealt with it.

Azure: you've been so busy you couldn't find time to talk to me, or send me an email?

Nature Girl: I never saw you online and only got one email. I wanted to talk to you about it, that's why I didn't reply.

‘One email?' that didn't make sense to Ami, but she said nothing about it.

Azure: why did you take so long?

Nature Girl: to do what?

Azure: I haven't sent you an email in over a week, why has it taken so long for you to get back to me?

Nature Girl: I only opened this email this morning.

Ami chalked the reason for her opening the mail so late up to Nat being busy and went on. Though she ended up erasing her messages as she found herself unable to answer Nat's last questions.

Nature Girl: when would you like to meet? This weekend maybe?

Ami didn't know how she felt about that. There was no doubt in her heart she loved this woman and she wanted to see her, but her mind was pushing a different story. Should she really go and see this woman? She disappears for a month and a half without a word. Now she's back and doesn't give a clear excuse for it. Ami couldn't let Nat just take her feelings for granted. It doesn't even look like Nat cared about how she felt this passed month. Nat didn't even show signs of missing her one bit. 

Ami didn't know what to do, she still loved her, but she wouldn't be played for a fool. But adhering to Makoto's advice (when she had woken up they spent a few hours talking about the situation over tears and cherry pie) Ami decided to give Nat the benefit of the doubt. ‘You can't hide being a jerk in person' Ami hoped. But before she conceded to a meeting she had to know.

Azure: did you miss me?

Nature Girl: I don't think I can put into words how much. I thought of u everyday u know, not a second went by that I didn't.

Nature Girl: lol

Azure: what's so funny?

Nature Girl: before I met u, I never thought that statement was true. But I prove it everyday. You're always on my mind.

Nature Girl: I can only imagine how u felt. If its half of what I felt missing u, I'm sooo sorry. I NEVER wanted to hurt u Azure. I love you.

‘She missed me,' Ami knew she was lost ‘she loves me.' There was no doubt she wouldn't meet Nat now. But common sense didn't leave her. They had to meet in a crowed place, preferably one she was familiar with. 

Azure: this weekend is fine.

Nature Girl: do u mind coming to Tokyo. There's this place here where I've always wanted to meet you. lol. You can say it is a fantasy even.

‘Well that throws my home court advantage. I can't say no to her fantasy, I hope its crowded at least.' 

Next Saturday evening around 10pm in the nightclub next to Makoto's old job. Makoto sat at her table, the nightclub was pretty dark to begin with but she was sitting at the one shrouded within shadows. No one at the bar nor entrance could see her, though she could see them. 

she was on her third glass of wine. The last thing she wanted was to be drunk when Ami got here, but she was nervous, what if Ami resented her. What if she gets upset at Makoto for not telling her the truth from the start and then playing this cat and mouse game. 

Makoto knew holding back the truth when she figured it out was lying. It had took all her concentration not to lie any further while she talked to Ami earlier in the week. She thanked her lucky stars that Ami didn't ask her to explain herself. Makoto knew that in trying not to incriminate herself she appeared cold hearted, but it had to be done. She had enough to explain to Ami already, she didn't want to add more lies in the mix.

Because of her contemplation Makoto missed Ami's entrance. She looked up just in time to catch Ami openly surveying all before her. No doubt looking for the woman who wore an emerald cocktail dress with a pin of a pink flower on her left shoulder. Makoto watched as Ami ordered her drink and then settle down to watch the door. Obviously because she didn't find the person she wanted in the nightclub.

After watching Ami send the the second guy who came to her away, Makoto made her move. Picking up the bouquet of pink lilies, she made sure Ami was facing the door then made her way over there. 

She saw Ami stiffen when she finally noticed someone was behind her. Makoto held her steady before she could turn around and held the lilies in front of Ami to take. She smiled as Ami visibly relaxed, took the lilies and gently placed them to her nose.

"I thought these would make a better impression than the pin," she said as leaned just behind Ami's ear, still out of peripheral sight. Makoto would have whispered but wanted to make sure Ami heard her over the loud music. 

Although it was brief it didn't escape Makoto's attention that Ami went ridged again. In fact it made her smile, she knew that Ami already guessed her identity. 

Removing her hands from Ami's shoulder she asked "Do you like them?"
Ami slowly turned around without answering, Makoto couldn't tell if she was happy or angry. The look on her face was completely neutral. 

Ami didn't know what to say. She couldn't even bring herself to be shocked. ‘Makoto is Nat. Could this be true.' So many thoughts flashed thru her mind. ‘Maybe Mako's trying to be Nat for my sake,' she was about to call Makoto on this when she caught the look in Makoto's eyes. They were filled fear, hope and love. The sadness she had seen there weeks before had gone ‘was she sad because of me?' Also the love was different. She knew Mako loved her, but what she saw in her old friends eyes wasn't the usual love that came with friendship. It was more. 

Then the logic of the situation flooded her mind, ‘I never told Makoto the woman's name, I only called her Nat.' Similar to how it happened to Makoto, other facts straightened themselves out for Ami. But one thing still confused her: why did Makoto disappear in the first place. 
As Ami's body moved of its own accord into Makoto's arms the question went to the back of her head to be dealt with later.

Ami moaned with gladness and contentment as her mind fused her love with a body. She felt a delicate kiss on top of her head and slowly looked up at Makoto. She couldn't help but smile as she looked at eyes filled with love and joy that must mirror her own. Her eyes lowered to rest upon Makoto's lips. Ami didn't know who was moving forward as Makoto's mouth came closer. The sense of euphoria she felt at the next moment washed all thought away, except one: I could do this forever.

The End.


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