Mistaken Assumption 
by: Immeblue 

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, nor any of the characters in this fic, we all know that.

She knew that Nat had a cable modem; there was no way for her to get disconnected unless she did it herself. 
"But Nat wouldn't do that!" she said aloud as her mind formulated another reason. 
‘Maybe the instant messenger server dissed her,' Ami smiled as this solution made more sense to her. ‘I'll just wait till she comes back' she thought as she set her messenger to alert her of when Nat came back and returned to her work.

Though, at 3:30Am Nat still hadn't returned and Ami was ready for bed. She didn't know what happened to Nat and was too tired to ponder why she didn't come back. ‘Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday, I don't think I have the energy to deal with classes,' she thought as she wrote a quick email explaining what she didn't get a chance to tell Nat earlier that night. Dreams of a mysterious phantom lover called Nat inundated her mind even before Sleep consumed her.

Ami was untimely ripped from sleep by about four hours. Looking at her alarm she wondered who would call her at 5 am in morning.
"Hello. Mizuno Ami speaking."
"Oh! Hello Ami, it's Mamoru. Sorry to call so early, I apologize if I woke you."
Ami didn't have to ask, she knew why Mamoru called. 
"Is it time?" she asked anyway.
"No, even better she's here" Mamoru relayed with pride.
Mamoru chuckled before answering, it wasn't often that you'd catch Ami confused. 
"We thought it was a false alarm, so we didn't call anyone. Then by the time we realized it was the real thing, it was too late." 
At Ami's silence Mamoru went on. "I know you have a life and obligations Ami, but I'm wondering if you can come and see Usagi, it'll mean a lot to her." 

Ami was still surprised from hearing that Chibi Usa had been born. 'Usagi and Mamoru must be so proud and ecstatic' she thought. Ami did plan on going to see them next week. It would be the first time she wouldd lay eyes on them in almost eight years, since she moved away to go to high school. She missed her old friends dearly and didn't want to pass up the chance to see them.
"I'll get the next train over there!" Ami stated as she threw back the covers. "Which hospital?"

Four and a half hours later Ami walked into the cheerfully decorated private hospital room. All eyes in the room turned to acknowledge the newcomer. Even though all were brimming with happiness at seeing her and none more happier than the blue pair that belonged to the woman on the bed, she couldn't help but feel a little self-conscious. "Hello everyone" she said looking at faces she hadn't seen in so long. She hugged everyone in turn; first Makoto, although she wore a smile the look in Makoto's eyes told Ami a different story. She wondered why Makoto was so sad on such a wonderful day. Her worrying increased twofold when she saw a similar look of pain in Rei's eyes, but she too was trying to hide it behind a smile. 
‘I wonder what's wrong with them. Hope nothing is wrong with Chibi Usa,' but that line of thought was eradicated with one look at Usagi's smiling face.

Usagi flung her arms wide open and greeted her friend, "Ami!!!." 

As Ami embraced her childhood friend she momentarily forgot about the sadness of the other women.
The rest of the afternoon was spent picking up where they left off, just being friends and enjoying each others company. Though it did seem strange to be together again without Minako, who couldn't be there until Monday, they did have fun.

After seeing Usagi at the Hospital the three women returned to she and Mamoru's house. Space was tight, there were only two guest rooms now that the third was turned into Chibi Usa's, but the women didn't mind doubling up, Minako would stay with Rei if she came while all were there. They were old friends and they knew how to stay respectable. 

"That's the third time since we got here that you've checked you're email Ami," Rei stated as Ami came back into the livingroom "Why don't you just call him?" she teased. 

"Call who?" Ami asked as she sat on the couch next to Rei.

"The guy you're waiting for an email from" she said giving Ami the ‘I know I'm right so don't even try denying it' look.

Ami felt how her face got hot as the blood rushed to it. She knew she must have resembled a tomato and felt a great amount of chagrin as she saw Rei's look turn to triumph.

"So tell me about him Ami," Rei was so excited she turned totally towards Ami and tucked her legs under her, "who is the guy that finally swept you off your feet." 

"Don't get ahead of yourself Rei, its not what you think." ‘Though you don't know how close you are' Ami thought as she said "I'm not waiting for a guy to email me." She had never told any of her old friends of her orientation, actually Ami never told anyone but her mother. She was apprehensive of what some people may think if they knew, but the didn't bother her much. She mostly thought it was no ones business. 

Silence engulfed the room as the two women stared at each other. Ami didn't know what was going through Rei's mind. A moment later Rei's eyes flashed a look of understanding, she looked like she wanted to say something but thought better of it and looked over at Makoto. Ami followed suit, she fought for breath as the sight of Makoto captivated her. 

Makoto was slouched on the arm chair to the left of them with her legs crossed and propped up on the coffee table. Her head leaned slightly on her right shoulder. The steady movement of her chest and closed eyes were signs of her nocturnal state. They were all in sleep wear and Makoto looked ever so comfortable in her short ladies boxers and loose T-shirt. Ami's eyes devoured every inch of Makoto, starting from her unpolished toenails, to her sexy legs, perfect hips, and slender waist, when she reached Makoto's unhindered breast her gaze lingered. 

As she stared, she remembered her childhood crush on Makoto, judging from her interest obviously it never went away. She recalled their study session where she would sit for hours and just stare at Makoto. Everyone was studying, in between Usagi's various complaints, and thought she was too. But Ami had acquired excellent peripheral vison from reading and paying attention to what went on around her. She also had a good sense of priority, which usually kept her head in the books while high antic episodes involving mostly Usagi and Rei occured. As she pondered her crush she felt a pang of jealousy at whoever held Makoto's heart now, Ami suspected that a woman that sexy was surly taken. She battled with a twinge of betrayal as Nat came to mind. However, Ami couldn't help it, she hoped that Nat was half as attractive as Makoto. She also hoped that she lived up to Nat's expectations when they finally meet.

Her roaming eyes finally made there way to Makoto's sleeping face. Her attention turned from admiration to concern when she saw the frown Makoto wore. She then remembered the sadness in her eyes earlier, and again wondered about the cause. 

Makoto spotted her sitting on a far bench on the platform, her legs propped up by her large overnight bag.

‘Perfect' she thought as she walked around to sneak up behind the unsuspecting girl. 

"Don't turn around" she whispered in a disguised voice. One side of her lips curled as she saw the women go ridged. "Just pass whatever cash you have back here and everything will be fine." Though her smirk went away once the woman broke out in uncontrollable laughter then stood up and faced Makoto. "Mako, what in the world are you doing?" she sobered just a little to say "that was NOT funny."

Makotot looked a bit sheepish as she realize it really wasn't, but it seemed a good idea at the time. But still, "why are you laughing if its not funny?"

By then the woman had sobered completely. "I wasn't laughing at you're prank" she said sternly, "I was laughing at the fact that you probably thought _you_ could scare me. It'll never happen" the woman said as she poked Makoto in chest. Makoto captured her hand at the forth poke. "Oh, I'm sorry Makoto" she said as she realized her impropriety. Makoto just held her hand and smiled, "there's no reason to be sorry Ami, you just made my day."

"Well, I'm glad" Ami smiled "what are you doing here anyway?"
"I was two blocks down the road after I dropped you off when I realized you probably want some company," Makoto smiled coyly. "I know how boring it is to wait alone for..." ‘Just about everything' "the train."

Both women turned to the train as sounds of its approach elevated. 
"Is that you're ride?" Makoto asked.
"Yeah! I'm sorry you wasted your time coming back here" her face reflected her sorrow.
"Ami, I told you." Makoto beamed a 300 watt smile at her "coming back here made my day." 
She quickly hugged her friend and gave her a gentle push backwards, "you better get on that train."

Driving home she reveled in Ami's words, ‘I was laughing at the fact that you probably thought _you_ could scare me. It'll never happen.' Though her cheerful mood was threatened by one question swirling around in her mind ‘Why couldn't Azure think that way?' 

A/n--if u didn't get why Rei's upset, it's bc she has a thing for Usagi and Chibi Usa's birth is just another reminder of the future they won't have together.

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