Mistaken Assumption 
by: Immeblue 

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, nor any of the characters in this fic, we all know that.

Makoto trudged through her apartment door at 2am, though she wasn't sleepy her body was tired. Her chef job in an upscale Tokyo restaurant has kept her on her feet since 6pm. The politics of the hot kitchen, filled with cooks trying to prepare meals for their patrons, would tire anyone out. Now that she's home all her thoughts concentrated on one thing: a relaxing bath. She made her way to the bathroom leaving a trail of clothes, starting with her coat and ending with her panties. 

Makoto hung her legs over the rim of the tub. At 22 her 6'2'' sinewy frame was a sight to be seen from her lean legs that went on forever, to the beautiful mass of chestnut locks on her head. As she laid among the warm vanilla scented bubbles she willed her mind to think of nothing and enjoy the quiet serenity of the moment. Knowing that when she returned to work she'll long for moment like these. Though her willing was all for naught, as her mind wondered to her lifestyle. 

All through school she buckled down and concentrated on her cooking. She had had no other choice. She attended the best cooking academy's in Japan with a tuition to reflect its prestige. She went to school, studied, and slept during the day and worked nights in an all night diner. Contrary to what people may think it had a lot of business because of the hungry dance club goers next door. 

Makoto did envy the club goers, enjoying themselves on their dates or just a night out with their friends. Dates and outings were a luxury she couldn't afford, all her free time was spoken for. She'd put her love and social life on hold to concentrate on her studies. Her academy wasn't the regular "get a cooking degree in only months" scheme, but a four year school that provided its students with thorough knowledge and techniques for a plethora of cuisines, and occasional internships at an array of reputable restaurants. That's how Makoto got her currant job; she made such a wonderful impression while she interned that they kept her when she graduated. She thought her graduation would bring change to her social life, after all she'd have more free time. She'd quit her job at the diner and there was no more studying to do. She's made a few friends but all seem to be on a superficial level, not like the close friendships she had during her early teens. 

Though, one friend she acquired within the last couple of months seemed to be different, very different. Azure. Makoto gave a bittersweet smile as she remembered how Azure came into her life five months ago; the day she graduated from the cooking academy. Since she didn't have anyone but mere acquaintances there was no big celebration with friends and family for her to attend, so she went back to her apartment. However, the need to share her accomplishment drove her to the chatroom for recent graduates ages 20-25. The room wasn't particularly crowed, only about ten people, all engaged in a boastful conversation about their honors and their future plans. 

As she watched the discourse patiently waiting for a her cue to jump in, she noticed that one member hadn't said anything since she joined. Figuring that this person was also waiting for the right time to be a part of the gab session Makoto clicked on the nick, Azure, to start a private chat.

Makoto's smile blossomed as she reflected on how much Azure has come to mean to her over the passed few months. Only recently had they confessed that their feelings for each other had long passed that of just friendship. It seemed unreal to Makoto that it happened in the first place. From the start they unwittingly took precautions so it wouldn't happen. To this day Makoto doesn't have any idea of what Azure's real name is or even what she looks like, all Makoto knew was that she attends medical school in Kyoto. They never spoke on the phone, and yet they somehow fell in love. Makoto smiled at the notion of how easy it was to fall in love with Azure. How could anyone not love her personality. She was compassionate, sincere, completely amiable, and after Makoto broke through her shell she was funny and adorable. Makoto even loved the way Azure would go off on tangents explaining certain miscellanies facts, often they went over her head and Azure apologized once she realized what she was doing, but Makoto had come to love it as a part of Azure she couldn't do without. Makoto couldn't help but suspect that Azure was fount on knowledge, maybe even a genius like Ami. 

All this thought of Azure made Makoto realize the familiar ache of wanting to be close to her, missing her. It was about 2:45Am, Makoto had no hope of catching her online, but she had to try. 
She dried water off her drenched body with a large towel while her computer booted and automatically signed into instant messenger. Her heart literally did leaps when she saw Azure's name there. 

Nature Girl: hey darling, how's the night treating u? 

Makoto suffered heartache a thousand times over as she waited a few minutes without answer. As she started typing her goodbye for Azure to see later, an IM finally came.

Azure: Nat!!

Azure: I'm so sorry. I was in the kitchen...I've been studying since I got home...I can't remember the last time ate. lol.

Nature Girl: oh! Well I'm glad u'r here now. what r u having?

Azure: A few sandwiches. They're quick to make and you can still do other things while eating, most efficient. 

Makoto cringed at this.

Nature Girl: Sandwiches? u should come over here, I'll prepare a proper meal for u....it'll be quiet tasty too, honest.

Azure: lol...I don't doubt your meal will put ambrosia to shame.

Nature Girl: =-O pretty darn close (*.*)

Azure stayed quiet for awhile and Makoto assumed she was eating her sandwich, so she wrote something.

Nature Girl: I missed u

Azure: I know

Nature Girl: u do?

Azure: Of course!! Because I missed to you too.

The butterflies in Makoto's stomach went wild as she read that, but they only made the ache to be with Azure grow. Makoto couldn't help it, she wanted more from this relationship. More than just a phantom love who was out there, some place where she isn't. Her introspection was broken by the blinking on the screen.

Azure: Nat? 

Azure: you there?

Nature Girl: yeah

Azure: :-S you got quiet for awhile, are you tired?

Nature Girl: just a bit. But that's not y I was quiet.

Azure: what's wrong?

Nature Girl: I need to c u.

Azure took a moment to answer, but she did.

Azure: do you want me to send you a pic?

Nature Girl: I don't want the pic. I want u.

Azure: oh

‘Oh' Makoto sat stunned, staring at the screen ‘is that all she's gonna say?' She was a bit too hurt to write a reply, but she didn't have to as almost a minute later Azure made her own comment.

Azure: I wanna see you too. But I have to admit I'm afraid.

Again Makoto was stunned. ‘Afraid!!!' her mind screamed ‘how could you be afraid of me?' Her mind skipped back to the days of junior high when she was bounced around from school to school. Her reputation proceeded her everywhere she went. No matter what school it was all the kids were too afraid to become her friend, their rejection hurt more than Makoto would've admitted. The pain finally started to eased when she found a group of girls who accepted her for her. Only now it was returning with Azure's words, how could someone she love be afraid of her? Makoto came to her senses and before Azure could write another hurtful thing disconnected the instant messenger. 
She knew it was a cowardly move, but she couldn't bear to see the words she knew Azure would write next. 

The only thoughts that ran through Makoto's mind the rest of the night were ‘how could I have been so wrong? And how am I gonna get over her? There's no way I can stop loving her.' Sleep was a deprived luxury that night.

Ami sat confused staring at her computer screen. 


Azure: I'm afraid you won't like the "real" me when we meet.


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