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Rated: (PG-13)
Note: This story depicts two girls in love (Makoto and Minako).
If you have a problem with that, please evolve.
Disclaimer: The Sailor Moon characters are not mine. I'm just using them for my own romantic pleasure. I promise I'll put them back as soon as I'm done with them.

Living With Minako

by Jess Tigger

Chapter 1

It's been about a year now since Minako moved in with me. What a surprise that was. But things settled down quite a bit after the initial shock of it all. Well, I should say settled as much as they could with someone like my Koko running loose. But that's one of her most lovable qualities, that childlike playfulness. To get right to the point though, I'm going to tell you about the past year so that you understand what it is like living with Minako.

Day 1

So Mina-chan shows up on my doorstep with a few of her more treasured belongings and her cat. Now of course there was no way I wouldn't let her stay but this circumstance posed a few ... problems.

For one I was not allowed to have pets in my apartment. Artemis is no ordinary pet... I know this, but who the hell else does beside us senshi? Though Arty boy could have stayed with Usagi, was there really a choice? I mean really, could Mina and Artemis live apart long term? See my point?

Number two, my name is the only one on the lease. My landlord knows this. She also believes that all teenagers are demons incarnate when they are in groups larger than one person. Go figure. So Minako wasn't allowed to reside there. I was already pressing my luck by being under age.

Three is that on top of everything else the landlady is a severe homophobic.

What exactly does that leave us with? Minako and Artemis can't exist in my apartment. They must be invisible. Should be a piece of cake right? Couldn't be too hard to keep a talking cat quiet and an energetic teenage girl hidden should it?

I know you're already laughing at me.

So shall we roll the first scene?


"Hi hunny... I'm home?" Minako put her hand behind her head and attempted a smile.

It took all of five minutes for Makoto to finally pick her jaw up off the floor and let Minako in. This was after Artemis made another remark about finding a cardboard box in the park for shelter. She helped carry some of the heavier bags in as Minako took a seat on the couch. Her mind was racing at what obviously had taken place at the Aino residence after she had left. But the full explanation would be nice to hear so she gave Mina that look.

"I know Mako-chan I know. I'll explain everything. Why don't you put on some tea while I put these away first, ok? I have a feeling I'm not going to want to do anything after this."

Makoto still hadn't found her voice to speak. Too many questions were shooting rapidly through her brain. To choose just one of those to voice was impossible. So she went to her calming kitchen and put on some tea. She also got a saucer of milk for Artemis after his insistent rubbing against her leg and an all too pitiful look of malnutrition. "You know you could have just asked for some."

"I could have. But doing it that way is so much more entertaining. Plus I have to practice being a 'normal' cat more than ever now don't I?"

"So you seem to have thought this through a little more than our Mina face huh?"

"No, she thought it through. This had the least amount of risk involved."

Makoto sighed. "That bad huh?"

"Yup, but I'm sure Minako will tell you all about it with a grand display of hand gestures."

Makoto sighed again and both she and the feline watched as the tea steeped. All was quiet and peaceful until...


"Oh no... Parker..." Makoto dashed to her bedroom where Minako's helpless cry had come from.

"Parker? Who's Parker?" Artemis asked as he trotted behind.

He soon found out as they entered the bedroom. Minako was tangled in the leafy vines of a lush spider plant, which grew around the room. Mina had taken down a few of its 'arms' to tack up some Sailor V posters and pictures. She had been doing fine till she tried to move the planter but she couldn't maneuver around all of its misplaced fingers. They first went for her hair; it was the easiest of targets. As she was trying to free her blonde locks it clung to her sweater and made its way around her waist by linking its spindles together as a chain.

"Hold still, you're just making it worse." Makoto gently unraveled the plant and tried to put it back in order. "Why did you try and move him?" She murmured soft things to the plant as she waited for Minako's answer.

Artemis was trying to decide what exactly had drove Makoto over the edge. Talking to animals was one thing. Talking to plants was just plain crazy. "I just wanted to put some of my posters up. This room doesn't have enough bright colors in it. And if I'm going to be living here too I should have a say in how it's decorated. Your spider plant just happened to be in my way was all."

"All right, but next time come get me so we can decorate together. You know how I am about people rearranging my things. Just because you're my girlfriend doesn't mean I have an immunity to that peeve." She was doing her very best to stay calm and compassionate. Makoto understood that her angel must have been through hell in the past few hours to show up the way she did. "Why don't we leave this until tomorrow. We can sit and have some tea and you can tell me exactly what happened with your parents."


Now my nerves were a bit frazzled at this point but I knew my little Koko needed me to be strong and compassionate for her. Parker was fine, only slightly traumatized by that whole fiasco. He kind of withers away from Minako's side of the room but I think its just because of all the heady perfume she has. And despite what Artemis thinks, I'm absolutely not crazy. Plants are people too.

So things got off to a rocky start at first. The retelling of Minako's confrontation with her parental units had her in tears but she did have a fine performance despite the water works. Her impression of her mother was too real for comfort. But the hunched shoulder and cock-eyed hand proved to be a great artistic representation. The first inset of shock hadn't worn off yet so I didn't fully understand Minako and Artemis were going to be staying with me for more than a few nights. Needless to say the support I gave seemed truly genuine because I knew no different that what my brain was letting me think. I wonder if Minako or Arty ever picked up on that glazed look that should have been clouding my eyes as they retold the Aino horror scene.


"She told me I wasn't allowed to be gay. Like she thought it was the same as telling me I wasn't allowed to have chocolate before dinner or something. I mean she thought it was that simple. I tried to tell her that I just couldn't stop being something that I had no control over. But she took that completely the wrong way. She said you must be the devil or worse and possessed me and made me do all these things. I tried to stay calm Mookie, really I did, but... how can you be civil and adult like when what you say is twisted in such a way or ignored completely. Threats flew back and forth about if you ever came within a hundred meters of me there would be a police order. I was forbidden to go out. She even wanted to pull me out of school thinking they had some influence on me. So I said if she tried to do any of those things I would leave."

"So ... what happened?" Artemis jumped into Minako's lap as Makoto asked the question. Minako took a deep breath before continuing in a quiet voice.

"I told her that if she couldn't love me the way I was... then there was no point in me staying. And she said if... if this was the way I turned out... then she... she didn't want me as a daughter. My dad just kinda stood there the whole time. I don't think he ever got over the initial shock of it all. So I don't know what he really thinks. But he didn't try to stop me as I got my stuff. I mean... I knew my mother would be against it... I was prepared for that. But... still... she is my mom. How can she just... I... I just don't understand."

Makoto had moved beside her, wrapping her arms around her fragile angel as she spoke. She now wiped the few tears that began to roll down her love's cheeks. She remembered how devastated she was when she lost her parents. That had been an accident though. The way Minako just lost hers had been a choice. She didn't know which was worse. She hugged her close and comforted the blonde as best she could, places gentle kisses in her hair, whispering softly in her ear that everything would be fine. "No worries Mina, all we need is each other. And we still have our friends. Things will be ok, you'll see."

Minako curled into those strong arms as the full weight of the situation impacted her. "I just don't know what I'm going to do Makoto." Her tears began to flow as she held Artemis close. Makoto stroked her hair gently.

"I'll take care of everything love. I promise. Things will look better in the morning, count on it."


So the first night at my place was uneventful. Mina changed into a pair of boxers and t-shirt and I opted for my hospital scrubs. We called it a night after she had some tea calmed a bit. It was nice holding her in my arms as we slept. It was even nice feeling the white cat's presence at my feet. All in all I fell asleep thinking things weren't going to be so bad.

Well believe it or not I was right. Things weren't so bad. But that was comparing it to ...oh.... the Titanic sinking. Things could always be worse. Of course they could always be better too. Oh how I wish they could have been.

Luckily we were in high school now so Minako didn't have to go through all the paper work of switching schools and what not. Getting her address changed wasn't that hard either. She wasn't the one paying bills so no names had to be transferred and she had her own checking and savings account so her money was fine. You could say all the major necessities of being a member of society were taken care of.

As personal necessities... do I have to mention Titanic again?

If you know anything about me you probably know I love to keep a nice and tidy, clean and neat, house. Everything has a place and should put there once one is finished using it. Dirty clothes go in the hamper, clean ones get hung up, dishes get rinsed and put in the sink after use, and trash is put in the waste basket. You know, normal cleanliness.

These ideas, however, seem to be totally foreign to Miss Piggy Minako.

Now this didn't become a problem overnight. She was very good about cleaning up after herself the first couple of weeks. I think she felt more like a guest than a permanent resident. And you know you're usually on your best behavior when you're a guest. Minako should have won an Oscar for keeping up her orderly act for so long. But like all roles played, this one came to a close also.


Week 4, Day 3

Makoto was going from room to room with a small laundry basket propped on her hip. Every three steps or so she would bend down and pick up an article of clothing. Dirty or not it went into the basket. After about ten minutes of this she was able to see her floor again. She had almost forgotten what it looked like exactly. She noted most of the clothes in the basket were hers. She also noted she hadn't worn them in a while due to the fact she didn't know what Minako had done with them.

She finished her rounds in the kitchen and set the basket on the table, scooting over the dirty dishes on it very carefully. She picked up the plates with the encrusted food congealing to the porcelain and placed them on the counter. There was no room left in the two sinks. The mountain of dishes was spilling over onto the stove already. She shuddered to think what might be growing and mutating in the sludge at the bottom. She had told Minako three days ago that it was her turn to do the dishes. She reminded her everyday after that too. Always Minako would say she'd do later. Makoto couldn't take the waiting anymore though. It was stinking up the whole house. She understood that Minako had a very delicate nose and things this repugnant made her very nauseous, but was that really an excuse? The brunette didn't like doing this crap anymore than the blonde.

She turned on the hot water and started sorting the dishes. Silverware in one pile, bowls in another, plates and cups separated also. She took the SOS steel wool to many of them as she rinsed, else the putrescent waste would never separate from the pots and pans. After that she filled the sink with plenty of hot water and anti bacterial soap. While that was running she went from room to room again gathering the mislaid china and cutlery. Bedroom, bathroom, living room, study... there were dishes in all. She had begun muttering to herself about the state of things. Something she often did when alone.

She was still muttering as she made a tour of her apartment once again after the dishes were finished. This time she had a garbage bag in hand. Used tissues, wrappers, junk mail, paper, used matches, tea bags, and popsicle sticks all found a new home in the black plastic. A thunder storm was brewing above Makoto's head as she finished. Usually cleaning was a relaxing time for her. Now it was disgusting work. She had decided the whole house was now getting a makeover. She never wanted to see such filth again. The rest of the day she vacuumed and dusted. She scrubbed the floors and did the laundry. By the time Minako returned home she was just finishing the bathroom.

The blonde bounced in as usual and greeted her tall lover with a hug and a kiss. "Wow, I see you've been busy today. The place looks great! You should sit down and rest." She grabbed the dirty cloth from Makoto's hand and threw it in the sink before leading her to the couch. They both sat down and Minako flipped on the TV.

"Koko baby. I think we need to have a little talk ok angel?" Makoto had a tight smile on her face. The sweetness of her voice carried an undertone of animosity.

"Sure thing," Minako smiled again hoping her cuteness would remove the underlying hostility from Makoto's tone. She knew the brunette was acting overly nice on purpose. She liked to play with people's mind like that, barely detectable sarcasm that made you wonder if you imagined it, or you were going to get the worst bitch-out ever.

"I decided something today love of my life. I decided that I'm going to go on strike. This house is now spotless. I want it kept that way. And I want it kept that way by you. I refuse to do anymore house work. You might enjoy living like a pig but I will not tolerate it any longer, nor will I pick up after you any longer. I am not your maid, I am your girlfriend, and I would like to be treated as such. So I'm going on strike until you clean up your act, so to speak."

Minako smiled at her stormy warrior. "Ok."

Makoto continued as if she hadn't heard. "I'm serious about this. I'm not doing a single chore. It's your responsibility."

Minako nodded, "I understand."

"I'm not going to do the dishes, I'm not going to pick up your clothes."

Minako kept nodding her head letting Mako rant. She knew when the taller girl was in this state she wouldn't stop until she felt the point was beaten through a six foot thick concrete wall. It became redundant at times but it was best to let her run her course. All Mina needed to do was nod and smile and soon they could move on to other more pleasant things. She had really good intentions about keeping up her end of the work. And she really did feel bad about making Makoto feel like a maid. She would try her best.

Once Makoto was convinced Mina would pull her own weight she cooked dinner. Minako rinsed the dishes after they were finished. When they went to bed she put her clothes in the laundry basket. When they woke up for school the next morning she even made the bed.

This lasted for a little more than two weeks before the love goddess began falling back into her old routine. "Why do I have to pick up my clothes if I'm just going to wear them again tomorrow. When I put them on in the morning they'll be off the floor."

"Because they don't belong on the floor. For one they'll get wrinkled and you'll just have to iron them, for two Artemis will shed on them , and for three I wake up earlier than you and I always trip over them in the morning."

"Well it gives me a good excuse to put the iron to work. Artemis has white fur so it doesn't show up on my fuku shirt and I make sure its on top of my skirt. And you should try walking with your eyes open in the morning."

Makoto wasn't going to argue with her and her twisted logic. She had a love hate relationship with it. Most of the time it was adorable how the blonde processed information and came to conclusions. Other times it was infuriating, like now. "I came off of strike too early. You were doing so good before. Now you're idea of cleaning is stuffing the dirty stuff where you can't see it. Have you looked under our bed lately? Have you tired to find shoes in the closet? It's impossible with the amount of dirty clothes and junk you've thrown in there to save time."

"I'll clean it later."

"You say that every time Mina. How much later is later?"

"When I'm in the mood."


Moods... that's what Minako used as her gauge through life. What kind of mood she was in. I got used to it in time. She was usually in a happy, lazy type mood. She gets grumpy when she's tired or hungry, it's really bad if she's tired and hungry. She never gets angry though, I think that's how she can put up with my passionate rants. She has the patience of a saint. But the girl will not clean up after herself!

Well that was the least troublesome experience that I've learned to endure since she moved in. But as we move up the ladder and through time, we get closer to that Titanic level of trouble.

I mentioned before about my land lady. Minako and Artemis had been really good about keeping quiet. And things had gone quite smoothly on that level. No one really noticed her or her feline leaving. I feel really bad for poor Arty though. He's been reduced to using a litter box because there is no tree outside my windows for him to climb down and do his business outside. He hates asking permission to go outside. I mean how degrading is that... having to ask someone if they can open the door so you can take a whiz. Poor guy. So I bought him a litter box. Well that didn't go over too well either. He was even more embarrassed cause either Mina or I would have to clean it. He wouldn't show his face for the first two weeks. Finally Ami approached us with an idea that was so simple, we wondered why we hadn't thought of it before.


Month 3, Week 1, Day 1

"Why don't you just potty train him?" Ami asked curiously.

"He knows how to go to the bathroom Ami, we don't keep him in a diaper. He's a grown cat for Kami's sake." Minako became a bit defensive. The whole situation was a strain on her also.

"No, what I meant was, teach him how to use the toilet. I'm sure he can press the handle down and flush. All you have to do is leave the lid up for him. He's a smart cat. I mean, ginkies, he can talk."

Minako almost tackled Ami with a hug. "You're the best ya know?"

Ami blushed and ducked her head. "Not everyone thinks so."

"They're just jealous 'cause you're so smart is all. Come on, Mako-chan will buy you ice cream for your great idea won'cha Mookie?" Minako had linked arms with the two girls and was pulling them to the ice cream parlor before either could say no.

After much searching and with the help of the other senshi and Luna they finally tracked down Artemis. His shame was the greatest ever felt and it was difficult to lure him out of hiding. Mostly it was Luna's doing. She had the sexiest purr when she wanted. No one quite knew what the black cat had promised but Artemis came out with a bright blush and a huge grin. Minako scooped him up and gave him a hug and a quick kiss.

Makoto waited in the kitchen as Minako and Artemis discussed the finer points of the water tank mechanisms that made the water go down the hole. Five minutes later both emerged blushing slightly but in extremely better moods. Minako said she would take care of the old litter box.

Then next day it was raining. The girls had a day off for teacher in-service at the high school. The junior high was still in session though. Makoto was up early and stumbled into the bathroom. Her eyes opened in shock as cold water lapped against her feet. There was an inch of water on the bathroom floor.


Now I believe this is the closest we'll come to a real Titanic scene. This particular disaster did involve cold water, false accusation, and a pretty blonde becoming completely drenched.

Now what had happened was my hot water tank had sprung a leak in the middle of the night. No big deal except for the fact I needed to call my land lady to fix it. She was going to send her husband over. All fine and dandy if I was allowed to legally have a pet cat and a roommate. Also Minako hadn't taken care of the litter box like she said she would. The apartment was not in the cleanest state cause I had went on strike again. Thank goodness I had done the dishes earlier though. So there was a mad clean up before our resident fix-it man showed up.

No when I got this idea I was planning on him being here for about fifteen minutes to half and hour. So I told Mina to take Artemis outside to the park and when he was finished I would come get them. Artemis was not to happy about going out into the rain but my Mina-chan was being a good sport. I think she actually though of it as some kind of stealth Sailor V mission. She grabbed the old litter box and stuffed Artemis into her coat and made her way to the park in the pouring rain. I don't know exactly what happened out there for the three hours the fix-it man was in my apartment. But from what Koko has told me it was one of the most embarrassing moments in her life.


Minako sat under the tree gazing out at the golden leaves. Autumn had just turned and everything was a beautiful orange. True it would have been much prettier if the sun was shining but little Minako enjoyed the rain. Well for the most part. Her butt was wet from sitting on the grass. Artemis didn't help make the experience any more joyous though.

"Why don't we just go over to Usagi's house? At least then we could be dry."

"Because Mako-chan said she come get us when the plumber was finished. She's probably on her way now. If we leave, she'll get worried when she doesn't find us here."

"We can call her from Usagi's place."

"But if she's on her way she won't get the message."

"We've been her for an hour and a half Minako."

Which is even more reason for us to stay. She has to be on her way. She said it wouldn't take more than forty-five minutes. So any moment we'll see her. Why don't you just enjoy the scenery."

"How can I when I'm sweltering in you damp jacket." Artemis grumbled and tried to get more comfortable on the blondes lap.

Minako was completely soaked through. The only warmth left in her body was where Artemis was curled up. She didn't complain though. She was on a mission of secrecy.

Another half hour ticked by. Minako had her head buried in her coat, the zipper pulled up to her forehead. She was bent over her lap trying to keep the rain from seeping through and getting the now sleeping Artemis wet. It was raining harder now and she didn't hear the footsteps coming up behind her. She jumped three feet as a police officer tapped her on the shoulder. There was also a woman with him who had a notebook. She could read Jubban Jr. High on the back cover.

"What is your name young lady?" The police man asked.

"Minako, Aino Minako sir." She looked up at the man with a shaky smile.

"Where are you supposed to be right now Miss Aino?"

"Right here."

"Are you sure you shouldn't be in class." The police man gave her a scrutinizing look.

"No sir, I'm out of Jr. High. It's teacher in-service today."

The woman was looking over her notebook, apparently searching for a name. "So why are you sitting out here in the rain then young lady?"

..... "Oh, I lost a bet." Minako felt her cheeks grow extremely hot. She couldn't tell them the truth. For one they couldn't go to her parents. If they found out they might put her in a mental institution. For two they couldn't know she was living with Makoto because Makoto would get kicked out and the whole point of her being out here was to avoid that.

"Do your parent know you're here?" The police man asked. He was more than skeptical about this story.

"Oh yeah. I told them and they said I had to fulfill my obligation, I lost the bet fare and square and this was the payment. Sit in the park for three hours in the rain was the cost. Now I can't go dishonoring my family can I?" Minako was pretty sure that was a plausible answer.

"And who did you make the bet with?" the supervisor asked.

"Kawasaki Lu," Minako had be prepared with that answer also. The teacher was sure to know Makoto's name. She scanned her list again shook her head.

"Three hours huh, I see you brought your cat for company. I hope you don't catch pneumonia young lady. And I hope you learned your lesson about gambling."

"Yes sir." Minako nodded her head vigorously and the two adults went on their way looking for more truant students. When they were out of hearing range she scowled down at Artemis. "You just had to poke you head out didn't you. You made look more the fool you know."

"I just wanted to make sure things were as miserable for you as they are for me. We've been here two hours Minako. Can we please get out of here."

"No, we are staying until Makoto comes. I might have considered it if you hadn't poked you mangy head up. Just be happy the rain is letting up." Minako settled back against the tree and tried to take a nap. Makoto was sure to show up soon. And when she did, it would be a long time before the brunette would ever hear the end of this tribulation.


Oh I didn't hear the end of that for over five months. And it will still come up every so often when we reminisce. Needless to say, the second time the water heater sprung a leak, Mina and Arty hid in the closet for an hour.

Now your probably wondering what the others thought of this whole "live-in" situation. Ami was fine with it. She didn't really care one way or the other. Luna dealt with it well also. I think it went over a lot better having Artemis live with us too. As for Rei and Usagi... I couldn't really tell for the first while. Usagi was afraid to speak to me for a few weeks. Rei was just all moody about it. Ok so I'm going out of chronological order. Are you going to try and correct me *cracks knuckles* ... didn't think so.


Day 3

"Well Minako has spoken with you hasn't she?" Rei asked Usagi gently.

"Yeah, she said she and Mako-chan didn't blame me for Mamoru's actions... but still. Makoto hasn't really said anything to me since. I'm just worried that I screwed everything up so bad, I won't be able to fix it." She sighed and leaned back against the dresser, randomly flipping through the manga Rei allowed her to look at.

"You didn't screw anything up Usagi-chan. Remember though, Mako-chan is going through a lot right now too. She has to deal with Minako and Artemis moving into her clean and orderly house. That night probably hasn't even crossed her mind." 'Though I'll make sure it does soon princess.' Rei thought to herself as she watched Usagi's graceful fingers leaf through an unmarked manga. Her thoughts drifted as she imagined what they would feel like running through her hair. Another sigh from Usagi snapped her out of that daydream and her frustration mounted. "I said things will be all right didn't I?" she snapped. Those little sighs were driving her crazy. It was hard enough to keep herself in check without the added innocent seductiveness of those soft exhaling breaths.

"Yeah..." Usagi sighed again completely oblivious to Rei's predicament. She idly flipped through the pages of the manga, still despondent about the dinner.

Rei couldn't stand it any longer. She was tired of seeing Usagi beat herself up over this. She was tired of being a comforting friend when she wanted to be more. It was so much easier when the "comfort" part was taken out of it. Then she didn't have to be alone with her, didn't have to reassure her with a gentle touch, didn't have to be so close that all she could think abut was kissing every last doubt she had away. I was definitely much better when there weren't any problems. As Rei's frustration grew, so did her temper. "Well why don't you talk to her if you're so upset about it?"

Usagi ignored Rei's waspish tone as her eyes grew big. "Oh I don't think so

Rei-chan... I mean... what if Minako is just saying Makoto is okay with everything when really she isn't and... and... and what if I go talk to her and... and she gets angry at me..." her face began to pale, "...she knocked Mamoru out in one punch. Think of how much worse it would be for me!!" Usagi was now clinging to Rei-s shirt front with a distinct mental image of the event.

"Baka! You know Mako-chan would never hurt you!" she pried Usagi's hands away from her shirt. The more her control slipped the angrier she became. "I'm only human for Kami's sake! " she thought to herself. "You're such a baby!" She stood up hastily, putting more distance between herself and the blue-eyed blonde. "We're going over there right now and getting this taken care of." Before Usagi could protest Rei was dragging her out the door.

They met up with Makoto and Minako in the park.


Now I still hadn't caught on to what exactly was going on between Rei and Usagi. But i have a good excuse for missing something so obvious. Minako. I mean really... how was i supposed to pick up on their tension when i had my own to deal with. I may not be the smartest among my friends, but thank goodness I'm not as blind as Usagi-chan.

So I hustled Minako out of the house when we got the call from Rei on our communicator. Rei looked like she was about ready to tear someone's limbs off
by the time we arrived. Ami was also there though to this day I still have no idea why. It's that creepy thing she does. Gives me the willies how she pops up like that.


"Usagi-chan. I'm really not upset with you. Honestly. No more worries about it ok?" Makoto reassured the smaller girl.

"Hai, Rei said you were ok with it, and i do feel better now that we've talked. I'm still really sorry about Mamoru. I have no idea why he acted the way he did."

"Maybe he felt threatened," Rei muttered under her breath. Makoto an Ami gave her an odd look but Usagi didn't hear the comment.

"I'm sure he'll come around Usagi-chan. It's just going to take him awhile to adjust to the idea." Minako said hopeful.

"If he comes around before then though, I'll make sure he gets and attitude adjustment." The tall senshi replied in an icy voice.

"I think he'll change his mind about you too soon." Ami said eyeing Rei. "He has nothing to worry about. Leave it to a man to be insecure over something like this."

"But aside from that, you guys have everything worked out between you right?" Rei redirected the conversation back to safer ground. "You don't have to go beating yourself up about this anymore Usagi-chan."

"Thanks to Rei. I don't know how I would have handled this without you. My hero." Usagi promptly gave Rei a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. Slightly embarrassed at her impulse she pulled away. "Heh heh, you know what i mean..."

Ami felt so sorry for Rei, she looked over at Minako who had the same expression. Then she noticed the look on Makoto's face. The dawn of realization showed through her green eyes. 'It's about time.' She went over and discretely confirmed Makoto's suspicions.


Now the bemused look on Rei's face gave her away. Looking back I realize that her feeling for Usagi-chan were pretty obvious. So obvious that Mamoru hadn't missed it. He really was threatened by my relationship with Minako because he knew exactly how Rei felt about his blonde girlfriend. And if Usagi was ok with the idea of two of her friends being involved then why wouldn't she be interested in one of her friends too. This was all explained in a private conversation that I had with Mamoru a few weeks later. Heh, he stayed out of my reach area until that talk was finished. I think I still intimidate him just a little, but I believe that's healthy. Keeps him in line.

Anyway, everything is honky-dory now. He handled Haruka and Michiru quite well... though I might be a little concerned at the way I've seen Haruka looking at Usagi-chan if I was Tuxie... but that's a different story that Mamoru and Michiru can worry over.

After all of that Minako and I asked how they were dealing with our live-in situation. Rei pitied me and Usagi thought it was like a never ending sleep over. Needless to say I found a closer friend in Rei.

Well now that you've heard about the cold and wet and the love triangle, let's move on to the hot and crisp. Minako might not be the greatest chef, but she so eager to learn that I decided I would try and teach her how to make her way around the kitchen.

Actually it was for my own safety. I was worried at what might happen if I ever got sick again. Mina-chan means well but I fear she might accidentally poison me one day. So began the cooking lessons.

She did ok when she was paying attention. But the problem is that Minako's attention span is about as long as an eyelash. We went through nine pots and pans where she burnt out the bottom because she forgot she was cooking. Fire is another thing to keep away from Minako. She's borderline pyro... loves to play with flames in candles. Almost burned down the apartment once, though I can't really blame that on her. It was both our faults. Mine because I distracted her, and hers because she put the heart shape tea candle on a paper doily. The flame burned through to the bottom of the candle then caught the paper on fire.

So Minako isn't perfect. But who says I am? I'm sure there are stories that Mina could tell you about me. I'm sure her point of view on how the above events happened are radically different than how I perceived them. But that's her story to tell. Which might be sooner than I hope because once Mina-chan gets wind of me telling perfect strangers about our life... heh heh... well. Actually she might just ham it all up. If she does I can almost guarantee that there will be a version of "Living With Makoto" up here on this page someday.

And just so you know. I'm not finished telling this story. I explained the good times that we laugh about now. But Mina and I are, after all, only human. Well, super human but human none the less. And we do have our share of fights and less perfect moments. But a relationship that doesn't have its down time, fights, and big blow outs is just too perfect. And you can bet anyone with one of those is hiding something, be it from everyone else, their partner, or themselves.

So my point is that Mina and i aren't perfect. And we don't have that perfect relationship that when they say "happily ever after" the story ends. For our story will continue on. And it ain't just gonna be all roses. But I wouldn't change it for anything.

So until next time, this is Kino Makoto saying in the words of my lovely Aino Minako, "All's well that sends hell."

Warning: Below is a very long winded author's note.

Well, I wrote most of this way back at the end of January (2001). Then I got this massive boulder the size of Brooklyn as a writers block and I never quite got past it. so if the end seems kinda thrown together and doesn't quite flow as well... that's what happens when you start writing again after 6 weeks of writing nothing. So my apologies.

I'm leaving it open ended as you can see. There are more things I want to add to this story and i'm thinking of just making it an on going series. But I decided I didn't just want to tell the funny things that can occur in a relationship. But i couldn't fit the more serious stuff I wanted to do in this in this particular piece. Which is the reason for my writers block. You can't force something you don't feel when you really want to write about something else.

So the time and tribulations of Minako and Makoto will continue and you can expect the next installment to be of a more serious nature. What do those two senshi fight about?

Or maybe you don't want to read about that sort of reality.
So drop me a line through the e-mail and cast your vote. Would you like to read about a non-perfect relationship about them. Or would you rather escape real life when reading a fic and have a happy ending?


And thanks for taking the time to read my work. Drop me a line to tell me what you think. I especially like ones that tell me to die and burn in hell. They make me giggle. But seriously I would love to hear from you. Your opinions and thoughts. QUESTIONS! I love those too. PICK MY BRAIN.
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Because as cheesy as it sounds. Bringing you entertainment and enjoyment is enjoying for me. Or something along that line.... yeah.

Till next time
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