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Chapter 3

"Stand back," a stange man called out to Makoto. The tall girl complied, not wanting to risk Minako getting hurt. The stranger had broken into Makoto's apartment and was holding a knife to Minako's throat.

"Please, whatever you want. Just don't hurt her. If your going to hurt someone, hurt me. Please," Makoto begged the man as tears ran down her cheeks.

"Why would you rather have me hurt you than her? Is she really that important to you?" The man tightend his grip on Minako and pushed the knife harder against her skin, just barely cutting it.

When Makoto saw the blood dripping from Minako's neck she dropped to her knees while her tears flowed freely down her red cheeks. "Please, don't. Kill me but don't touch her."

"Makoto, no." Minako whispered. She had never been so scared in all her life. Fighting as Sailor Venus was one thing but in this situation she was completly powerless. She had no choice but to stand there, and hope that nothing bad would happen to her, or her best friend. "Look, if your going to kill me do it, but if you touch her I will kill you." Minako barked at the man knowing it was foolish since he was the one in control, and the knife was pressed tight to her throat.

"Minako, you don't know what your saying. If anything happened to you I'd never be able to live. Just leave her alone," Makoto said looking at the man.

"And I couldn't live this life if anything were to happen to you Mako-chan. I'm too in love with you." Minako said as the knife cut her even more.

"Aren't you two forgetting something? I'm in charge here," the man shouted. "Now cut the mushy crap out before I kill both of you."


Just then the sound of the doorbell woke Makoto from her nightmare. She noticed she was out of breath and her face was wet from the tears she cried in her sleep. She looked around her dark room trying to remember what she was doing sleeping, and why her doorbell was ringing. When she recalled her day with Minako she smiled and figured she must have fallen asleep while Minako was giving her a massage.

After she finished cursing herself for falling asleep while she was getting such great treatment from Minako she thought more about her nightmare and how Minako told her she loved her in it. "Baka, it was just a dream. She's not really in love with you." Makoto told herself as she got out of her bed and went to find her friend.

As she stepped out of her room she noticed that her apartment was completly dark, not counting several candles that were lit throughout it, and the kitchen light that was on. She figured Minako must be in there so headed there immediatly still wanting to be reassured that her friend was okay and her dream was indeed a dream.

She saw Minako standing next to the counter putting away dishes while humming to herself. "She looks just like an angel," Makoto thought to herself as she silently watched her friend. It took all her strength to keep herself from running to Minako and just taking her in her arms and confessing her love. Minako finally turned around noticing her and jumped slightly from being suprised.

"How long have you been standing there?" Minako asked smiling at her friend while she moved closer to her. Makoto didn't say anything for a minute and Minako noticed that her eyes were all puffy and could see the streaks from the tears left on her face. "Mako-chan? Are you okay?"

"Un. I just had a bad dream is all and it kinda freaked me out." Makoto tried to reassure her friend.

"What was it about?" Minako took hold of Makoto's hand and looked at her sadly not liking the thought of Makoto ever being upset about anything.

"I'd rather not say." Makoto looked away from the blonde.

"Please tell me Mako-chan. If it upset you so much then maybe we should talk about it."

"Well I'll tell you about it, but only if you tell me what's up with all these candles and such first." Makoto smiled down at Minako noticing for the first time that Minako was holding her hand.

"Well I wanted you to wake up and have a nice dinner. I tried to cook but well uhh.." Minako giggled a little to herself recalling what a disaster that turned out to be and how thankful she was that she managed to get the kitchen clean before Makoto woke up.

"But what?" Makoto's eyes narrowed in question.

"Well lets just say that didn't turn out to well. But I ordered pizza to make up for it." Minako said cheerfully. "Hey we should eat before it gets cold too," she added.

"That still doesn't explain the candles Minako-chan." Makoto said as she helped herself to some pizza.

After a moment of hesitation Minako decided to answer the question truthfully. "Well it has to do with the dinner thing. I wanted it to be...romantic." Makoto felt herself choke on the pizza when Minako said that. Minako could only laugh as Makoto's face turned red. Before Makoto could question her more about it Minako changed the subject not wanting to give to much away just yet.


When dinner was finished and the two girls cleaned up a little bit they sat down in the living room and Minako felt it was time to get Makoto to tell her about this dream she had. "Come on Mako-chan. You've never kept anything from me before so why start now?"

Makoto was scared of telling Minako about her dream. She knew if she were to tell her Minako would finally know for sure of her feelings and Makoto wasn't sure how Minako would take the news. Sure some odd things had happened earlier that day, but she thought it was just Minako being her bubbly flirtatious self as always. She looked at Minako and saw her friend giving her puppy dog eyes and she caved.

"All right, I'll tell you everything. Just, promise me you'll listen to everything I say before you say anything back okay?" Minako nodded in agreement and moved closer to Makoto and took hold of her hand once again. She could feel Makoto's hand temble and when she looked at her friend she noticed that Makoto looked completly scared. In her heart Minako hoped that whatever this was about, it would involve Makoto telling her that she was in love with her.

Makoto began to recal her dream telling Minako about how some man broke into her apartment and threatened to kill her friend. Minako felt her heart break as she saw tears coming to Makoto's eyes again. "It was so real Minako. I was so scared something would happen to you. I begged him over and over not to hurt you because I...I could never live this life without you." Makoto couldn't look at Minako anymore scared of continuing but knowing that she had come to far to turn back on telling Minako how in love with her she was.

"I saw him cut your throat Minako and I wanted to kill him. I told him he couldn't hurt you, because I'm in love with you. But I was helpless. Then you," Makoto smiled a bit as she remembered what Minako said in the dream. "You had to go and be stupid and tell him if he were going to kill someone to kill you, and leave me alone because, well you told him you were in love with me. I just was so scared I'd loose you and I've already lost two people I love. I can't lose you..."

"Baka," Minako said smiling at Makoto. She reached up to wipe the tears from Makoto's face and got Makoto to look into her eyes. "Mako-chan. I'm sorry that dream hurt you so much. But it was a dream, and I promise you now, that I will never in this life or the next leave you. I will spend everyday on this earth protecting you and loving you. I've wanted to tell you for so long, but I was to scared. But now you know, I'm completly in love with you."

Makoto's tears began to fall again but this time they weren't sad tears. "Hontou?" She asked half scared this was another dream and she'd wake up crushed.

"I swear to you Mako-chan. I love you." Minako moved so she was now sitting on Makoto's lap, and staddling her waist. The two girls looked at each other and Makoto wrapped her arms around Minako. Minako, who was now at eye level with the taller girl brushed her hand across Makoto's cheek and leaned forward to kiss her love. For what seemed like hours the two stayed just like that, holding each other tightly. They didn't care if the world around them were to fall apart. As long as they were together they knew that they could get through anything.

"If only this night never had to end," Makoto whispered. She looked at Minako and smiled thankfully.

"It doesn't matter anymore Makoto. Because from here on out, the nights will only get better than each previous one. Now we can be together, just like we were meant to be." Minako got up and motioned for Makoto to get up as well.

Makoto looked at her slightly confused but she stood up next to Minako. Minako quickly went to Makoto's radio and turned on the cd that was in it. Finding the track that she was looking for she turned the volume up and walked back over to Makoto. "I heard this song and it made me think of you. Minako began speaking the words of the song to Makoto.

"I do swear, that I'll always be there.
I'd give anything and everything,
And I will always care
Through weakness and strength
Happiness and sorrow
For better or worse
I will love you, with every beat of my heart."

The song began and the two girls found themselves dancing to the music. They were completly lost in each others eyes as they slowly moved across the floor singing the song to one another. The song finally ended and they almost forgot to stop dancing. Minako reluctantly got out of Makoto's embrace and went to blow out the various candles around the apartment. When she was done it was completly dark except for the moonlight shining in through the windows.

"You know everything in that song Mako-chan. I've always wanted to tell you that. From this moment on, I'll love you for the rest of eternity." Minako looked at Makoto and smiled at her. "Kami-sama. You look so beautiful in the moonlight."

"As do you my love," Makoto said as she happily wrapped her arms around Minako again.

"Come on, let's go to bed. I think we're both exhaused now and I'm looking forward to the morning."

"Why's that?" Makoto asked as they headed towards her bedroom.

"Because ever since I met you I've dreamt of waking up in your arms." Minako sighed contently as the two crawled into bed. "Your the one who's making all my dreams come true Mako-chan. I never thought my life could get so perfect."

"And I never thought I'd find someone who loved me. Especially not you, the one person that I'm in love with. I always thought it was impossible for me to be happy but you've proven me wrong." Makoto wrapped her arms around Minako and held her close. "I feel like tonight's the first night my life's really started since my parents died. Thank you Minako."

Minako yawned happily and kissed Makoto. "Anything to make you happy my love." And with that all conversation ceased and the two let themselves fall asleep in the comfort of each others arms.

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