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What Follows Follows

by Hinako Shinjo




These letters flashed before Hino Rei's eyes the moment she picked up the newspaper. She smiled to herself, as she deduced Ami again topped some academic competition for being in the papers. Rei grunted a bit, as other commuters for the subway began pushing behind her.

"I knew I should've walked..." Rei mumbled to herself. She dug her hand into her pocket, pulling out a couple of coins, then tossed it over to the old newspaper vendor.

"Hey, kid! You still have some change!" called out the old man to the young raven-haired girl who was rushing off for her ride, as he counted her payment for the newspaper.

Rei quickly looked behind her, shaking her head abruptly.

"You keep it!" she managed to answer before the train she got on closed.

The old man sighed, shaking his head. He turned to the coins that came from the young woman. A smile slowly formed on his face, as he whispered, "My lucky day."


Pale hands held a piece of cake, which slowly motioned towards a mouth.

"Hey, that looks pretty tasty!", hinted Tsukino Usagi, who suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Kino Makoto closely followed behind her, a cheery smile on her face.

Mizuno Ami, smiled a bit, putting her cake down as she turned to her friends. Greeting them quite casually, Ami gestured to the two to have a seat with her. Usagi giddily sat opposite to Ami, asking her permission to wolf down her friend's dessert. Ami could only chuckle, nodding to her friend.

"Ne, Usagi-chan? Haven't you had too much cake for today?", asked Makoto.

Usagi could only gurgle, because of the food that was deposited into her mouth. Sweatdrops formed both on Ami and Makoto's heads.

"Looks like Usagi-chan already went through Mako-chan's food...", she thought, as she saw the food stains on the blonde's school uniform. Ami's blue eyes went on looking absently at Usagi, having her head flooded with thoughts, as usual.

Makoto coughed, pulling the young genius from her train of thought. Ami looked back at Makoto, an awkward smile on her face. The brunette just shook her head and smiled back.

"Oh, Ami-chan, I almost forgot!", exclaimed Makoto. Ami and Usagi blinked, puzzled as Makoto started rummaging through the contents of her bag, looking for something. The brunette then pulled out a neatly folded newspaper, handing it to Ami.

"Aww, and I thought it was another treat.", Usagi purred, which made the two other girls giggle. The blue-haired girl, absently unfolded the newspaper as Makoto watched her intently. Usagi, who by then finished eating, went behind Ami's shoulder to take a look at the newspaper.

Finishing with the unfolding of the newspaper, Ami's eyes went wide as she read her name on the newspaper. Usagi squinted for a moment, as if taking some time to take in what she was reading. Makoto just smiled as she held out a hand for Ami.

"Congratulations. You won two tickets for a niceeeeee, and most importantly, FREE one-week vacation to the Winter Festival!", Makoto almost squeeled as she excitedly took Ami's hand, shaking it vigorously.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAI! AMI-CHAN!! YOU'RE SO LUCKY!!!", squeeled Usagi, being more successful than Makoto in doing so. The blonde practically threw herself at the blue-haired girl, who was still in shock.

Finally snapping out of her shock, Ami just smiled her usual shy and reserved smile. The difference was that her pale cheeks were streaming with a tint of red.

Stammering, Ami explained, "Uhm...thank you, I really don't know what to say...I just joined that contest because I got the raffle ticket when I bought a couple of books..." The genius was at a loss for words. Makoto then stood up from her seat, going behind Ami, and laid both of her hands on her shoulders. Ami's face became redder, as the brunette's hands began massaging her back. She looked up at her friend, who had an expectant smile on her face.

"Of course, we now would like to know who you WOULD be taking.", Makoto chimed, the hint evident in her voice.

Usagi's ears pricked up, and she went behind Ami. The blue-haired girl's eye widened as Usagi began to pat her back, in gentle massage. Makoto stared gravely at Usagi, who stuck out a tongue in retaliation.

"Yes, Ami-chan, I would also like to know.", Usagi piped in, hinting also very evident in her voice, ignoring the brunette now.

Ami felt like she was about to die.


Ami still felt like she was about to die. She, Makoto, Usagi, and Aino Minako, who magically appeared besides the fact she was absent from school, nursing the flu; were heading for Rei's place. She walked mechanically along the street, as three of her friends now argued over who will be the distinguished companion of hers.

"Don't you have a lot of school work to catch up to, Usagi-chan?", commented Minako, that was immediately followed by a sneeze.

"At least I am not the one sneaking away from home when the doctor told me to stay in bed.", teased Usagi, who then received a death glare from Minako.

" I should come with Ami.", proclaimed Makoto. "Afterall, I would be less of a burden compared if she was going to bring anyone else among you." Her green-eyes sparkled as she thought that of her waltzing across the snow-covered streets filled with festivities, and of course, cute men.

Which was interrupted when the brunette had a pair of maddened blondes practicing their judo on her.

Ami was lost in her own thoughts. Her head was down, barely hearing the noise her friends were making in the background. Then she stopped dead on her tracks, the other three bumping behind her.

"Oww!", Makoto, Minako, and Usagi all said in unison. They all stared at Ami, who looked like someone drained of all blood. The young girl was staring at the Hikawa shrine. Like a statue, she stood there, seemingly not breathing nor blinking. The other three looked at each other, and then at Ami.

Makoto went in front of Ami, waving a hand in front of her face. No response.

Usagi joined Makoto, and she poked the blue-haired girl on the chest. Still no response.

Minako coughed into her fist, calling the attention of the other two. An evil smile formed on her face.

Ami blinked, finally showing indications of life, as she felt a sudden breeze flowing beneath her skirt. She looked behind her, and saw Minako, whose smile was far too suspicious for her own comfort. The blonde also was holding a familiar blue fabric.

"Minako, isn't that...???"

Minako was raising the back of Ami's skirt high up in the air, with her underwear exposed for everyone to see.

"MINAKOOOOOOOO!!", Ami shrieked as she snatched her skirt back from the mischievous blonde. The other two almost fell to ground in sheer laughter.

"Geez, Ami-chan! Rei's place is a temple, not a haunted house! So chill out!", Minako said to Ami, giving her a pat on the back. Usagi was holding back her laughter, only to be replaced with loud snorting. A hiccup came from Makoto, who was laughing too much for her own good. All Ami could do at the moment was to gather back her poise as she puffed and wheezed from embarrassment.

The blonde with odangos went ahead of the others, still snorting, and yelled back, "C'mon, we don't want to keep Rei-chan waiting!"

Makoto and Minako shrugged, and followed their sugar-overdosed friend. Ami, however, took another glance at the Hikawa shrine. She felt blood pulsing behind her ears.

Sighing to herself, Ami went on to run after her friends who were almost halfway through the shrine's steps.


The four girls sat along beside the low table, waiting for their hostess. Rei had just finished her chores in the shrine, and was away preparing their snacks. Usagi began complaining on how hungry she was, with her head on the table, groaning too loudly for everyone's comfort. Minako had stuck a rolled ball of tissues into her nose to keep it from running. Makoto was consulting Ami on an assignment she has.

"What's taking Rei-chan so long?", Usagi asked, as she rubbed her stomach that was staging another revolution. Makoto and Minako looked at each other, and bursted into giggles almost at the same time.

"Whatcha two laughin' at?", Usagi sneered. The girl picked up a pillow and threw it over at the two. The two ducked at the right time and was able to avoid the pillow of death. Ami leaned to the right absently, having the pillow just whiz to her side.

"Hey, I'm sorry to kee..."

Rei came in.


Rei got hit by the pillow on her face.


Rei dropped the cookies, glasses, tray, and ice cold pitcher of lemoned tea.


Rei gets the tray and pitcher slam on her foot, and ice cold lemoned spilled on her shirt.


And Rei went fuming mad, reaching out for Usagi's throat.


The tissue balls popped out from Minako's nose as she choked on laughter. Makoto rolled like a large doughnut along the floor, howling in laughter like there was no tomorrow. Usagi was trying to crawl under the low table to hide. Ami froze, staring at Rei, who was as red on the face as her fuku when she's in the form of Sailor Mars.

Rei lunged at Usagi, who managed to squeeze herself beneath the low table. Like a cat clawing for a mouse hiding in its hole, the fuming girl reached for the panicking blonde. Good thing for her other three have recovered from the initial shock of the accident and was trying to hold Rei from eating her alive.

As soon as things calmed down, the five girls settled onto their seats. Rei and Usagi sat on the opposite sides of the table. Ami said it was to keep their princess safe. The priestess' purple eyes still showed a glint of annoyance, while the blonde's glinted apologetically. The other blonde, Minako, was lying flat on her back on the floor, feeling woozy from her flu. Makoto had just finished cleaning up the mess and Ami was setting aside Rei's soiled clothes.

Seeing that nobody else would speak up, Makoto sighed. "Okay...", she started. "Rei-chan, are you aware that Ami has..."

The other girl nodded. She then turned to Ami, who was just seated right beside her.

"Congratulations, Ami-chan.", Rei remarked, finally smiling for the first time after the ruckus. The blue-haired girl smiled back, nodding her head in thanks.

"Well I see someone is not interested in coming with Ami.", Minako said impishly, as she dragged herself up from lying. Nobody seemed to notice Ami bite her lower lip.

Rei blinked, rather dumbly. "Coming? Where is she going?", she asked.

"So you don't know?", asked Usagi, as her eyes widened in disbelief.

All eyes were on Rei. The girl just shook her head. "Didn't she win an academic contest of some sort?", she asked.

"She did win a contest, but it doesn't involve school this time.", explained the burly brunette, as she put her arms to the back of her neck.

"I won two tickets for the Winter Festival, Rei-chan.", Ami replied, trying to sound cheery. Rei's jaw dropped.

"Well don't I feel stupid..", Rei thought.

"And she'd be taking...", Usagi followed. Everyone's eyes turned to Ami now.

Ami tilted her head down, staring at the table. A hush filled the room, as everyone waited for the girl's answer.

"I'd be taking..."

Everyone's heart was at their throats. Rei's jaw was still hanging from her face.


The three other jaws joined Rei's. Purple eyes bulged out of the priestess' sockets.

Before anyone else could ask why, Ami explained, "I just thought that, Rei-chan took me along the cruise years back, so...I decided to show her my gratitude."

Everyone turned to Rei now.

"Are you even interested to come?", Minako asked the motionless, shocked to the bone Rei. Usagi was on the verge of tears, while Makoto was just staring blankly at Ami. The blue-haired girl avoided the brunette's eyes by turning to look at the still dumbfounded priestess.

"Well I...", Rei managed to regain her poise. She turned to Ami, who answered with an expectant smile on her face.

"I guess, I'll be coming then!"

Ami nodded at Rei, and everyone else groaned.

"It's settled then. Thank you, Rei-chan.", said Ami, as she gave her raven-haired friend a tight hug. Makoto looked away, with an unusual smile on her face.


"G'nite, Usa-chan!", Makoto waved on over to the blonde. She and Ami had already dropped Minako off at her place, and was seeing Usagi off to her home. Ami was waving gently over to their friend as she called out, "Goodnight, Usagi-chan. Rest well!"

"Yes, you too! Nite!", yelled Usagi as she waved out, before she kicked off her shoes and rushed inside her home, and closed the door behind her.

The two headed off wordlessly away from their friend's house. Makoto stared straight ahead of the road, humming a familiar tune. Ami looked down as she walked, hands clasped together in front of her, holding her school bag.

"Come on, say it.", Ami said calmly.

"Say what?", answered Makoto, trying her best to sound innocent. Ami stopped walking, and looked at her friend, challenging blue eyes met green eyes. Makoto shook her head, sighing.

"Ami-chan, if you're really think you can go through with it, it's fine with me. Just remember, we're talking about Rei here." Ami's eyes softened, then looked away.

"I know...", Ami said, almost inaudible from her friend's ears. Makoto put an arm around her shoulder, and continued to walk off with Ami. She leaned down to the smaller girl's ear then whispered, "Don't worry, Ami, I'll help you with what to do."

"Thanks, Mako-chan.", Ami said as she put on a weak smile on her face.

"She'll never know what hit 'er.", thought Makoto to herself.


Rei sat up from bed, rubbing her eyes groggily. She groped out for her clock, sending a few of her things tumbling off from her desk. "Shit...I'd better remind myself to get a wall clock...", she scowled. The raven-haired girl's eyes squinted, as pale light from the full moon streamed from her open window.

"Guess it's still too early.", Rei mumbled. She crawled out from her futon, hauling herself up from bed. Nights like this were not unusual for Rei. Waking up in the middle of night and spending the rest of it without sleep. It irritated her at times, but at some events it helped her relieve her mind, her soul. Sliding the door of her room to the side, Rei slipped into her slippers as she got out. She looked up in awe at the pale white brightness of the moon. The whole shrine grounds seemed illuminated under the moonlight, with the soft breeze gently whipping the tree branches. Everything seemed peaceful at that moment, and so did Rei's mind. She stood like a statue for a while, revelling in the beauty that was before her. This was one of her life's simple pleasures.

Rei sat on the edge of the wooden flooring, then she looked up at the beautiful night sky. It was a clear night, the moon and all the stars were out, no clouds to get in their way. She shivered slightly, her loose white shirt not being much of help in the cold night. Long dark hair played with the wind, bringing with it coldness, much to the Fire Senshi's discomfort. Hugging herself tightly, she just sighed and said, "Gotta get used to it, I guess." Rei let her eyes close, and she drifted on to her thoughts.

Such a beautiful night, huh, Rei?
It'd be more beautiful if you had someone to share it with.
Anyone in particular?
You know why it is a "No".
Yeah, because you're such a tight-ass.
Hmph...yeah. You're right, I am a tight-ass.
Well it'd be nice to get away for a few days.
Uh-huh. Ami.
She's nice, isn't she?
Yep, really. I'm glad she chose to take me along.
Because...I don't have to deal with thoughts like you while I'm on vacation.

Rei kept her eyes closed, a smile tugging on her face. She could see Ami's blue eyes looking at her shyly, also somewhat, sadly. Ami with her reserved smile on, that sometimes looked like a facade over something that is not known to anyone. Rei thought even Ami didn't know about it.



"Is there anything bothering you?"

"...no, of course not. Why do you ask?"

Deep blue eyes sparkled at Rei, and for once she thought the sadness in Ami passed.


Gut instinct of a priestess, Rei always thought. She can sense things even the other senshi cannot feel. Gives her something special. Annoying at times though, because she felt she's the only one who can tell that something is not right, moreover with Ami. Makoto seemed to know, but she wouldn't tell Rei the truth about it.


"What, need help with those pastries?"

"No...well, have you noticed something about Ami?"


"I dunno, she's like...hiding something. At first I thought I was imagining it but...it's, weird."

"Wow, Rei, you have some hope afterall!"


"Hee, nothing. Come on, I'll help you carry those pastries before Usagi eats the others."

Rei jerked her head back, then sneezed. Her pale hands reached over her frostbitten nose and rubbed it. It was getting too cold for her comfort. As she stood up from the edge of the wooden platform, she looked behind her, up at the full moon. Without even thinking, she told herself, "I'd better do my best to cheer Ami-chan up while we're in vacation then."


"Makoto, what are THOSE?", Ami asked in disbelief. She stared at a pair of dark blue thongs, sheer enough that they cannot live up anymore to their original purpose. It wouldn't have been half so bad if Makoto wasn't so tall and noticeable while she held up the thong high in the air, with everyone in the lingerie store taking stares at them both.

"Slut underwear, Ami-chan.", Makoto said with a snicker. "Rei will throw herself at you if she sees you in these." The beet red Ami snatched the thongs away from her friend, and stuffed it back from where it was hanging. The poor girl wished she had a paper bag along to hide her face with.

"I am NOT going to seduce Rei-chan...", Ami's voice was all raspy as she whispered to Makoto, as her extreme shyness taking the better of her.

The taller woman just shrugged her shoulders. "How else would you open up Rei's noggin, huh? Confession? I doubt it that you can tell that you are totally head over heels for her face to face, Ami. Aha! These are perfect!"And so Makoto brandished the crotchless black underwear matched with silk teddies, high up in the air. Ami was sure that right now everyone was looking at them.

"And you can imagine me presenting myself to Rei-chan half-naked with a prostitute's attitude?!", Ami hissed as she tried to reach for the scandalous articles that were being held up by Makoto, well out of reach.

"No, but I can imagine you using that genius brain of yours to be so subtle in seducing Rei that you'll just find her asking you to be hers!

Ami blinked, and stopped reaching for the underwear. She looked at Makoto, who had a suggestive smile on her face.

"You mean..."


"But I..." "Look, this is the best chance you have got. Everything is perfect!" The brunette sighed. "Are you gonna take it or not?"

The blue-haired girl paused for a while. She thought deeply to herself as on what to do. Be a slut, be a coward, or be herself.

"Oh gods..."

Ami finally nodded. Her tall friend also nodded, but was caught off guard as Ami snatched away the crotchless panties and teddies.

"I think I'll do the picking now."


Rei waved goodbye to her grandfather as the cab sped off. Along with them is Ami's mother, who also had a flight for an upcoming medical convention. Makoto have agreed to take Rei's place in the shrine for the time being, as Usagi got grounded for sneaking out with Mamoru the other night. Minako, on the other hand, was too busy catching up on the schoolwork she had missed out because of her flu.

"Oh, Rei, it's been a while since I've seen you. My, what a beatiful young woman you have become!", greeted Mrs. Mizuno as she bowed down slightly. Rei bowed back then nodded her head. "Yes, Mizuno-sama. And I've heard you're attending a convention in Germany?" The older woman nodded, then looked over at her daughter.

"I hope my daughter would not be causing you much trouble in your vacation.", said Mrs. Mizuno in a sweet manner.

"Mother...", Ami said quietly.

"Oh, no! I've been with her before and she wasn't a trouble at all...", Rei said as she scratched her head. "..I mean I was the one who caused trouble, really."

Mrs. Mizuno looked up for a moment, thinking. "Oh, yes, I remember that time...it was three years ago, right? You took Ami along with you in that love cruise." She giggled. "And I used to tease my daughter about her having a crush on you."


Rei laughed, failing to take notice of Ami clenching her fists and blushing to a deep crimson. Suddenly, cutting her laughter short, Rei said in her normal tone, "Well, I wouldn't mind asking you for permission to date your daughter." Mrs. Mizuno blinked, and stared at the serious-looking Rei. Ami also stared at the other girl, her mouth open in shock. Mrs. Mizuno and Rei began to laugh out like schoolgirls, while Ami just continued staring at Rei skeptically.

"Oh...oh...you almost got me there, Rei...oh...", Mrs. Mizuno rasped, as she tried regain her breath. The raven-haired girl smiled and said, "Yeah, well, she's cute, but not really my type, ne, Ami-chan?"

The pale girl could only nod, with a fakish smile on her face.

"Gods, why did I have to fall in love with such a complete IDIOT...!!", screamed Ami in her mind.

Can Ami's genius get through the barrier of Rei's insensitivity and bitchness? Will Rei finally get her priestess instincts working at Ami's advantage? And will a Youma ruin Ami's plan? Find out, in the next chapter 2!

Till then, this is Hinako saying...
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