Fire’s Love in the Light of the Moon

Ohayo minna! I’m back. This is a Usag/Rei story so it is an alternate reality so no flames please. I was inspired by a number of stories most notably those by Chris Davies. I recommend them to all Sailor Moon fans. I don’t own Sailor Moon or any of the characters so please don’t sue me. I don’t have anything anyway. Just so you know the story takes place in the same time-line as my Makoto/Ami story.Also this is rated PG mainly because of the whole girl/girl thing. Hope you enjoy it, please email me and let me know. my email is On with the story. One last thing, the Sailor Senshi do exist in this timeline, its also in the same time line as my previous to Makoto/Ami stories but each can stand on its own. Standard disclaimer: I don’t own Sailor Moon or any of the characters there-in. Those are owned by Miss Naoko and several others. I also don’t own the song She’s Every Woman by Garth Brooks. Its owned by him and some big companies so please don’t sue me. I dedicate this story to my friend Heather. Thanks for the encouragement.


It was a rainy November morning. The dreary weather reflected the moods of the people gathered at the funeral of Mamoru Chiba. The news had reported his death as having been the result of a motorcycle crash but among those gathered at the ceremony there were people who knew the truth. He had died in a youma attack, protecting his love Usagi. Of course no one outside the close knit group of friends could know the truth, that would bring up other questions that they couldn’t answer. Usagi had been devastated by Mamoru’s death and was crying hysterically during the funeral. The others holding her and comforting her as best they could. She was dealing with a tremendous loss. Her soulmate was gone and there was a good possibility that she might never see him again. The other senshi were trying to comfort her but it was having little effect. As the friends watched the rose laden casket lowered into the grave Rei looked over at Usagi and sighed. Mamoru’s loss might be one from which she would never recover. After all the times that Usagi had been there for her she could now be there for her friend. The one person who had helped her feel wanted and not so alone anymore. The one she had come to love in the most profound way imaginable, though she had yet to realize this aspect of her feelings.

After the funeral little was said as the Senshi gathered for a private reception. The air had a depressive, heavy feel to it as they gathered at the Cherry Hill shrine. Rei had been uncomfortable at the funeral as it made her even more aware of being caught between two religions. ‘That’s a topic for another time though’ she thought. ‘Right now Usagi needs me.’ All the Senshi were there, including Hotaru who had inexplicably begun to age at a rapid pace in the months before Mamoru’s death. Now Rini’s age she and Small Lady held each other as they cried next to Haruka and Michiru. They all felt the loss, like a part of them had died with him. Rei walked to Usagi and sat next to her as she looked out over the other senshi. Ami and Makoto, who had been going steady for about three months now, were holding each other tightly. Minako was sitting with Setsuna, consoling the older woman. ‘She must have known what was going to happen’ Rei thought to herself. ‘She knew and couldn’t stop it from happening.’ Tears started to well up in Rei’s eyes as two slender arms enveloped her in a crushing bear hug.

“Don’t cry Rei,” Usagi said, “it’ll be ok.” Rei was dumbfounded. Here Usagi had just lost her soulmate and yet she still found a place in her heart for others. A feeling of warmth and safety flowed through Rei as she broke down and cried. She had tried not to for Usagi’s sake but the girl’s unselfish actions pushed the emotions to the surface. Rei hugged Usagi back as she too began to cry a new. All the Senshi gathered around them at this point in one massive embrace, each lending their strength to the others.

Unbeknownst to all two spirits watched the happenings from a hidden place in the Palace of Time. One was dressed in a long, flowing dress, her silver hair done into two odangoes with the tails flowing to her feet. A pair of faerie like wings grew from her back. The other was a male dressed in regal looking armor, his ebon hair and storm blue eyes looking on lovingly at his love.

“Are you sure about this Endymion?” The woman asked.

“I’m sure Queen Serenity. She is destined for another in this time. If I would have stayed they would never realize this destiny. I only want her happiness, even if I must make her sad for a time before hand. Besides it was my time, the empire my family had a thousand years ago is no more. The way must be paved for a new way. Her way, I do not regret doing this.” Serenity smiled at this and turned back to watch her daughter. She had fallen asleep in Rei’s arms, the raven haried girl slowly and silently motioning the others to leave. Rini went with Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna and Hotaru since they had the most room, and since she and Hotaru were such good friends (AN: they’re only about ten here). Ami and Makoto left together with Minako; most likely going to Ami’s house to talk with her mother about the recent tragedy. The Queen looked on sadly knowing the pain her daughter was in but also knowing that this really was for the best. She had been forced to choose between two loves once, she should not have to do so again. Looking back to Endymion she nodded her approval.

“Give them time to mourn Endymion then you may proceed. You are far stronger than I ever gave you credit for.”

“Thank you Queen Serenity, I’ll be watching over her until they find one another again.” With that Endymion’s spirit disappeared leaving the spirit of Queen Serenity to watch the Senshi of Mars quietly and gently lay Usagi down on a futon and cover her with a blanket. Rolling out another futon Rei placed it close to Usagi and slept beside her so she wouldn’t be alone. Late into the night Usagi awoke to see Rei sleeping close to her. Tears started to form again as suddenly thoughts of Mamoru invaded her thoughts. She began to sob softly as she cried herself back to sleep. Unknown to her however, was the fact that Rei had heard her sobbing and was in fact fighting back tears of her own. She couldn’t stand to see Usagi like this, but she knew it would take time. She only wanted her angel back to her normal happy self. Never thinking of where the word angel had come from Rei slowly allowed sleep overtake her exhausted body.

As she slept she dreamt of the Silver Millennium. In her minds eye she saw herself and Princess Serenity in tears, Endymion near crying himself. She couldn’t hear what was being said but she knew it was bad. She saw her former self run from the scene crying hysterically. Endymion and Serenity then embraced as he tried to comfort the sobbing Princess. It was at this point she awoke. Rubbing her eyes she went into the kitchen to fix something for herself and her impromptu guest. She wasn’t much of a cook but she knew a few things. She knew she would have to go to school today though she wished that she didn’t have to. Soon the smell of rice and bacon filled the kitchen and worked its way to a still sleeping Usagi. She woke and walked into the kitchen, her eyes still red from crying late into the night. Rei looked over to Usagi as she finished the food and motioned for her to sit and eat.

“Morning Usagi,” she said, “I’ve got breakfast ready if you’re hungry.”

“I guess I’ll eat something, thanks Rei.” Usagi said sadly as she sat. She noticed Rei fidgeting with her food and spoke up.

“Uhm Rei, are you ok? If I kept you up I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to.” Rei looked back still amazed at Usagi’s completely selfless nature. She smiled for the first time since before Mamoru’s death.

“I think I’ll be ok Usagi. Its just that I have school today and I don’t think I can handle it.”

“So why go?”

“Because Usagi, Grandpa pulled alot of strings to get me into private school. I couldn’t ditch and disappoint him like that. I just don’t want to deal with the stares and comments today. I can’t handle it today.” Rei was on the verge of tears when Usagi spoke quietly.

“What if I went with you? Would that help? Just say I’m visiting.” Rei sighed knowing that if Usagi wanted to help there was little she could do to stop her. Even if she was still in mourning.

“That would help me alot Usagi, but what about your school?”

“Miss H gave me the week off for the funeral and mourning.” Usagi’s eyes began to well up with tears again. She threw herself into Rei’s arms as she began to sob uncontrollably again. “Oh Rei! Why did he die? We were supposed to be together forever this time.” Gently rocking her friend back and forth Rei tried to console her friend.

“I don’t know Usagi. I’m sure he’s been reborn already. If not he will be soon.”

“I don’t think so Rei. This is different. I’d still feel our connection, but its just gone. He’s not coming back this time I just know it.” After several minutes of crying Usagi and Rei went into the Miko’s room to get ready for the day.

“Usagi,” Rei said, “Why don’t you have a shower and get cleaned up. I’ll loan you some clothes for the day.”

“Thanks Rei. I know I get on your nerves, and I’m sorry if I’m being a burden.” Rei was shocked at this comment. From somewhere deep in her mind, however she heard a voice. ‘Are you really that surprised? When have you done anything but insult her the way Mamoru used to?’ Shaking her head she handed Usagi a pair of pink overalls, socks, undergarments and a white turtleneck.

“Usagi you’re never a burden. You’re one of my best friends. Please don’t think otherwise.” Nodding sadly Usagi undid her odangoes and let her golden hair cascade around her as she walked slowly into the bathroom. Rei, was amazed at just how lovely Usagi was. She’d never really noticed it before, and wasn’t really sure why she did now. All she knew was that her friend was in terrible pain and she was going to help her. At least she would try. She knew Usagi was going to go with her to the private school she attended and only hoped that the other students wouldn’t say anything to her.

‘Truth is you worried about her because you care more than you let on’ said the voice again. Shaking her head she gathered her school uniform and called Usagi’s parents to let them know that she would be spending the day with her, to help her through her mourning. “Thank you for calling Rei,” Mrs. Tsukino said. “Usagi must have loved him very much.”

“Its ok Mrs. Tsukino. Usagi loved him more than you know. I’ll keep an eye on her and make sure she’s ok. I’ll have her home tonight. Bye now.”

“Bye Rei. Thank you again for letting us know.” As Rei hung the phone up, she heard the water in the bathroom cut off. Usagi stepped out of the bathroom shortly there after dressed in the clothes Rei had loaned her. Her hair was still down, so Rei handed her a brush.

“Would you like some help with your hair Usagi? I have some time before I have to leave.”

“No thanks Rei, I can manage. Could I borrow a brush and some barrettes please?”

“Of course Usagi.” Rei handed her friend a brush and the items she needed to put her hair into her traditional “meatballs”. ‘I can’t call her that now.’ Rei thought as she entered her bathroom to clean up before she had to leave. ‘All it would do is remind her of Mamoru.’ ‘Are you sure that’s all there is to it?’ came that annoying voice again. Rei tried to clear her head but secretly she knew what the voice was saying. Though her conscious mind still ignored it. After she was done she dressed in her school uniform and walked out. Usagi was waiting for her by the door and the two of them walked quietly to Rei’s school. As they got closer Usagi looked up to see the large cross rising up from the central building.

“Uhm..Rei, is this the right school?” she asked innocently. Rei cringed but knew her friend deserved to know if she would be there for most of the day.

“Yeah this is the right place Usagi. This is a Catholic school. I’m not exactly thrilled about going here but I don’t have much choice. I just hope the others lay off for once.”

“What do you mean Rei?” As if to answer her question a trio of older girls leaning against the wall started taunting Rei.

“Hey look its the heathen. Hi heathen send any souls to hell lately?” Rei cringed again but tried to ignore the taunts. She had heard them all before, but it never hurt quite as bad as it did now. What would Usagi say? She then noticed that Usagi wasn’t with her but had walked up to the largest of the trio a hand raised. ‘She wouldn’t’ Rei thought. ‘Usagi wouldn’t do what I think she’s go’ SLAP!! Usagi’s hand left a definite imprint on the larger girls face. She was noticeably surprised.

“How dare you talk to Rei like that!’ Usagi yelled. “You have no right to treat her in such a shameful manner. Who do you think you are anyway?!” Few things got Usagi mad, but even Rei had never seen her this hot. ‘See’ the voice said. ‘She really cares about you.’ Rei smiled to herself as she walked over to Usagi, who still verbally berating the trio. Tapping Usagi on the shoulder distracted her long enough for the trio to leave rather quickly.

“Thank you Usagi.” Rei said as she hugged her friend. A feeling of familiarity washed over her as she held her friend close.

“Sure Rei! I mean I’m still sad but no one messes with my friends like that!” She said proudly. Rei chuckled lightly.

“Well we need to get to my class. Come on Usagi we need to stop by the office to get you a pass.” After this the day went on rather slowly. For the first time in a long time Rei didn’t feel quite so alone at school. It was like Usagi’s very presence made the darkness retreat in terror. More than once she caught herself staring at Usagi marveling at her innocence and sheer capacity for love. Here she was in mourning for her soulmate and yet she still had the room in her heart to come with her to her private school and make sure that she was ok. ‘You’re almost there Rei. Just dig a little deeper. You’ve been fooling yourself for far too long.’ The voice in the back of her head said again. She couldn’t help but think it sounded familiar, she just couldn’t place it yet. As the day ended Rei walked Usagi back to her own place.

“Are you gonna be ok Usagi?”

“Someday Rei, I hope. This is gonna take me a long time to get over. Mamoru was my soulmate and he died. I’m alone now.” Tears were forming again as Rei went to embrace her friend in a comforting hug.

“Usagi. Never say that. You are not alone, you have all the other Senshi to look out for you and be your friends. I have to head back to the shrine now. If you need me just call ok?”

“Ok Rei. Thank you for being there for me.”


As this was going on Minako was studying for an upcoming test when a strange feeling came over her. It was almost like the beginnings of a bond forming. Shuddering she wished she knew what was going on. There were times she hated being an empath. The ability to sense emotions was useful since she was the Senshi of love and beauty, but there were times when it was a curse. Like when Mamoru had died, she had felt his bond with Usagi shatter. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling. It must have been exceedingly worse for Usagi. This new bond she felt, though, was different. It was almost like it wasn’t a new bond but a very old one. Almost as old as Usagi’s and Mamoru’s. No it was different. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but there was definitely something different about it. Rubbing her eyes she decided to go out for a walk to stretch and clear her thoughts. Hopefully not think about this new feeling for a while. ‘After all,’ she thought, ‘Curiosity shaved the cat.’

As she walked through they city Minako couldn’t help but think of the bond she felt forming, or rather re-forming. Who could it be? Normally her empathic abilities would have let her figure this kind of thing out relatively quickly but it was almost like something was blocking her this time. Whatever was going on she knew it was important, she didn’t know why she thought so but she knew she shouldn’t interfere. She knew from her days as Sailor V to trust her instincts. She would just have to trust them this time and hope for the best. Sighing loudly she decided to go to Ami’s and see if she could get some help studying. She also knew she’d be able to grill Ami and Makoto on their latest date. Grinning happily she headed off to see her friends.


Several weeks later, Rei sat at the desk in her room, her open diary before her, an pen between her teeth. During this time Usagi had been like a ghost, Rei had been the only one she would talk to about her feelings toward Mamoru. The other Senshi had been growing worried until Rei told them that she was looking out for Usagi and would make sure to call them if anything needed to be done. Usagi had visited Rei one afternoon when she’d had half a day at Juuban. Rei was, of course surprised. Ever since that day when Usagi had come with her to her school the trio hadn’t bugged her quite as much, but that was because they had started spreading rumors about her. Things were worse and she didn’t want Usagi exposed to that kind of malicious rumor mongering. Still her heart had soared when she saw Usagi waiting for her near the front gates of her school. The two had gone shopping that evening and for the first time since Mamoru’s death she looked like she was coming alive again. Of course this still didn’t explain why her heart sped up so much whenever her odangoed friend came near her. Thus why she had her diary out. She knew she wanted to write something but she didn’t know quite what. Over the course of the last few weeks she had been confused by her feelings toward Usagi. Where were they coming from? ‘Why not ask if they were already there?’ I must be losing my mind she thought. Why else would I keep hearing this voice in my head? ‘Maybe because you won’t listen to your heart until your subconscious makes you.’ Growling in frustration Rei turned on her radio only to find it stuck on the local country station. Finding the knob stuck she tried turning it off to no avail. What she heard next shocked her into silence. It was a song by an artist named Garth Brooks; a song that forced her to listen to her heart on how she felt about Usagi.

She’s sun and rain, she’d fire and ice
A little crazy but it’s nice
And when she gets mad, you best leave her alone
‘Cause she’ll rage just like a river
Then she’ll beg you to forgive her
She’s every woman that I’ve ever known.

She’s so New York and then LA
And every town along the way
She’s every place that I’ve never been
She’s making love on rainy nights
She’s a stroll through Christmas lights
And she’s everything I want to do again

It needs no explanation
‘Cause it all makes perfect sense
For when it comes down to temptation
She’s on both sides of the fence

No it needs no explanation
‘Cause it all makes perfect sense
When it comes down to temptation
She’s on both sides of the fence

She’s anything but typical
She’s so unpredictable
Oh but even at her worst she ain’t that bad
She’s as real as real can be
And she’s every fantasy
Lord she’s every lover that I’ve ever had
And she’s every lover that I’ve never had

As the song faded out Rei found that she was able to turn off the radio. After she did so she returned to her desk and thought for a moment. She thought back on everything that she and the others had been through. All the pain, the enemies, the heartaches, the endless battles, the loneliness. The terrible, terrible loneliness; that had all but disappeared when she met Usagi. Looking back she thought about how they had met and how much brighter things had seemed when she was around. The temple was lonelier now that Chad had left. He had told her that he knew she was in love with someone else and that it was ok with him, so long as she stopped denying it and just let herself feel it. ‘Just a little bit more Rei you’re almost there.’ Ugh, that voice again. She thought, who are you? ‘You’ll find out soon enough Rei now you’ve got some more thinking to do so I’ll leave you to your thoughts. Just remember love is love, no matter who you fall for.’ With that the voice stopped and the air was still again. Alone with her thoughts she thought back on her memories of Usagi, her golden angel that had accepted her without question and saved her from a life of loneliness. She knew then that she was in love with Usagi. How had it happened? She began to write in her diary

“Dear Diary,” she said as she wrote. “Today I think I finally realized what I’ve been denying for so long. I’ve been denying it because I think I didn’t want to admit to myself that I was that way. So I was mean to her, I said some pretty bad things in the years we’ve known each other. Lately, though, with Mamoru’s death she’s come to depend on me more than the other Senshi. Why I don’t know. I just know that there’s something between us, and I love her. That’s right, I love her. I can even remember now when I first fell for her. It was during our war with Beryl and her Nega-sleaze generals. Our final meeting with Nephlyte actually. We came upon the scene where Zoicite had Naru and Nephlyte trapped. He had been hurt badly trying to save Naru. We were too late to save him. if we’d had the Silver Crystal at the time I’m sure that she would have tried to save his life. I’m not sure I would have done the same.

“Any way we got there just as Zoicite was leaving. Nephlyte actually asked our forgiveness and apologized to Naru for lying to her again. He slowly faded away, Naru screaming into the night with a heartbreak that I’d not ever seen. I turned to look at Usagi and she was in tears. Crying not just for Naru but for Nephlyte. She was crying for one of the enemy. Crying because in the short time he had known Naru she had shown him what it meant to love. He learned and then he died. I think that was when I fell for her. Her compassion and love for all things is near legendary within the Senshi. I could tell you a million similar stories and even now I find my self getting misty over the memories. I only fear that Usagi will never love me as I do her. You see, when Mamoru died Usagi broke. She’s been like a ghost lately. I hope she can overcome her grief and see that there are others who love her. People like me who need her laughter and light to bring us out of the darkness of our everyday lives. Its too soon to tell her how I feel, she’s still in mourning. When the time is right I’ll tell her, but right now she needs me as her anchor. I will be there, just as she has always been there for me.” Closing the diary Rei went to her Shrine duties, thinking about the voice and how it had made her come to terms with how she felt about Usagi. She didn’t know what was going on but she knew that at that moment, though she didn’t know if Usagi would ever feel the same way, she was happy again.

That night at the Tsukino home, Usagi trudged slowly up to her room. Her parents were growing concerned. She had eaten, but not like she usually did. After eating she had decided to go to bed, since it was only eight o’clock her parents grew more concerned. Luna was especially worried. Usagi was still in mourning, as she should have been, but there was something else troubling her. Something she wasn’t talking about, and knowing Usagi as she did she knew that her charge wouldn’t talk about it until she was good and ready to. Though some how her recent attitude and the way she would act around Rei seemed very familiar. Like something from the past, but for the life of her she couldn’t remember. Not all of their memories had returned and this annoyed her, she didn’t like not knowing something. Of course she could always ask Pluto. She always had this way of knowing what was going on though she didn’t often share that knowledge. She took her duties as the Guardian of Time seriously and would do nothing to threaten the time stream. Sighing she curled up next to Usagi and slept beside her charge, determined to stay close to her just in case she was needed.

In her dreams Usagi saw a thin, red string tied to her left wrist. It traveled off and ended where another wrist should have been. Yet another reminder that Mamoru was gone. Then she saw a pair of ghostly hands gently pick up the empty end of the string and tie it to another wrist. She couldn’t make out who was on the other end, but she felt an old connection. One as old as the one she felt with Mamoru. A voice came to her as she finally slipped into a peaceful slumber, the first she’d had since Mamoru’s death so nearly a month ago.

“You are not alone Princess.” the voice said, a ring of familiarity to it. “There is another that loves you as he did. “

“Where is this new love?” she asked

“I never said it was a new love, in fact its an old love, one that’s as old as your previous one. That love is closer than you know. When the time is right it will be revealed. When it is I shall reveal myself to you. Now sleep Princess, sleep and know that you are loved.” ----Usagi’s dream (the Silver Millennium)


Usagi saw herself as Princess Serenity in the palace of the Moon Kingdom. At her side was Mars, the two of them appeared to be having an intense discussion. Standing not too far way was Mamoru when he was Endymion. Mars and Serenity were crying by now and Endymion was on the verge of tears as well. She didn’t know what was going on but it seemed so familiar. Like it was a memory only now coming back to her. She felt the heartbreak of the two women, like something sacred between them had been broken. Mars was leaning forward, tears flowing down her face, she was about to say something when Usagi was woken up by the smell of food being cooked. The heavenly sent of freshly cooked bacon and French toast wafted to her room. She shot out of bed and down the stairs, feeling strangely at ease. Like the loss she had endured didn’t hurt quite as bad. It still hurt, and most likely would for a long time, but for some reason she felt more like her old self today.

After eating a large breakfast with her family in near shock Usagi headed for the day’s Senshi meeting. As it was Saturday and school was out, it had been discussed that they would have meetings each Saturday morning since all the Senshi could be there. She skipped along the street, Rini at her side giving her future mother odd looks. ‘I thought she was in mourning. Maybe she’s finally feeling better.’ Rini thought. ‘I hope so.. I missed this Usagi.’ Smiling the small girl reached up and took Usagi’s hand. Usagi stopped for a moment and looked down at the pink-haired child and smiled. The others needed her, and she needed them. ‘Especially Rei,’ She thought. ‘I never knew Rei had it so rough at her school. Maybe we can do something together tonight, maybe I can even get the other Senshi to come too. A girls night out. What a great idea!’ Usagi looked down at Rini again and kneeled down to talk to the girl.

“Hey Rini, since we’re almost to the Shrine wanna ride piggy back?” Looking surprised Rini smiled from ear to ear.

“Yeah Usagi! Would you please?” Nodding to the girl Usagi turned around and let Rini climb on her back. Taking a deep breath Usagi stood and began to run to the shrine, Rini giggling with delight the whole way there. The others heard them coming as they ran up the stairs and stared at each other shocked.

“She’s actually early!” Ami exclaimed as Makoto held her close.

“I know, hey maybe she’s feeling better.” Makoto said. Haruka and Michiru just looked on, waiting to see what was going on. Hotaru ran to the door to greet her best friend. Setsuna sat back looking for all the world like none of this surprised her. Minako sat on Setsuna’s right, trying to figure out why she was sensing a more intense bonding than she had previously. Rei smiled as she saw Usagi walk in carrying Rini on her back. The two were surely mother and daughter. ‘Wait an minute.’ She thought. ‘If Rini was Mamoru’s daughter how is she still here? Oh well I guess I can ask the great fire later.’ The meeting went as all expected, with no new enemies the discussion quickly became catching up with each other and just spending time together as friends. Ami and Makoto had become closer during the months they had been seeing each other and were good friends with Haruka and Michiru. As the day moved on Rini was invited to stay with the Outer Senshi and Hotaru that night, and of course she accepted. Ami and Makoto mentioned their plans to go rent the Matrix and Heart and Souls that night. Minako had planned on getting some much needed studying done, which shocked many, since she had an upcoming English test. This left Usagi’s plan with some serious holes, but she was determined to pull it off.

“Uhm...hey guys,” she said, “I have an idea for anyone who wants to join in.”

“What’s up Usagi,” Rei said as she sat next to her secret love.

“Well I was thinking that maybe we could go do some karaoke. If anyone wants to go that is.” Haruka and Michiru gladly volunteered as they wanted to get closer to Usagi since the aftermath of the Deathbuster scenario. The others declined for the reasons mentioned earlier. Usagi was disappointed to a point but knew that she probably should have thought about this earlier and made the plans in advance with everyone instead of being so impulsive. Rei noticed the look on Usagi’s face and quickly spoke up.

“I’ll go Usagi, you know much I like to sing.”

“Really Rei?” Usagi said, the excitement in her voice obvious to all. She embraced Rei in a crushing bear hug. “Oh thank you Rei, thank you Haruka, you too Michiru. I just know this’ll be a blast.” The three women smiled. Haruka and Michiru because they were beginning to understand what made Usagi so strong, and what would make her the true sovereign that she would grow to become. Rei because she was doing something to make her love happy. Though Usagi didn’t know it yet. The meeting broke up at this point and the Senshi went their separate ways.

Haruka drove the four of them to the Karaoke Palace, a relatively new place that was geared toward more of a younger crowd. It had no alcohol, which they all knew was a good thing considering Usagi’s extremely low tolerance for the stuff. They got their booth and they women took their turns, making each other laugh with the odd songs they chose to sing. As the night wore on Haruka and Michiru sang together, a song from a popular anime about a young man constantly hounded by attractive alien women. After they finished it was Rei’s turn. They had noticed how Rei would look at Usagi in a way they hadn’t seen before. Unlike many of the Senshi they remembered the Silver Millenium quite well and they knew how much the Princess and Mars had loved each other at the time. Rei stood and walked toward the machine and looked through the song list before she chose the one she would sing. ‘It’s time.’ she thought to herself. ‘I have to let her know now before I lose my nerve.’

“Come on Rei!” Usagi yelled.”You can do it, I believe in you.” Rei blushed at this and Haruka and Michiru exchaged another look. Perhaps old feelings were starting to resurface they thought. Their introspection was cut short when Rei began to sing a ballad, staring into Usagi’s eyes as she sang.

I can’t shower you with pearls
And diamond rings
All I can give are dances in the rain
I can’t cover you in satin sheets
But you’ll be just as warm
Wrapped up each night
In my loving arms

Usagi began to blush at this, suddenly feeling a very old connection to the Senshi of Fire and Soul.

I can never lay the world down at your feet
The moon and stars
Will always be beyond my reach
All I have is one true heart thay beats
For you and you alone
You can have everything I own

Rei moved closer to Usagi as she continued to sing, Haruka and Michiru becoming misty eyed as they felt the renewed love passing between the two girls.

I can’t promise you the life that money buys
But I can promise you a richer life
There’s places you may never see
But one thing you can know
I’ll be there with you
Wherever we don’t go

I can never lay the world down at your feet
The moon and stars
Will always be beyond my reach
All I have is one true heart that beats
For you and you alone
You can have everything I own

Usagi was openly crying now as Rei finished the song.

All I have is one true heart that beats
For you and you alone
You can have everything I own
Oh you can have everything I own.

As Rei came down off the stage Usagi ran up an embraced her, tears streaming down her face. Seeing this Haruka and Michiru excused themselves to give the two girls a few minutes to talk things out. As they left Usagi was the first to talk.

“Why didn’t you tell me Rei?”

“You were in mourning Bunny.” Rei said, gently stroking Usagi’s golden hair. “I didn’t even realize how I felt until recently. It feels right though, but if you can’t handle it yet I’ll understand and I’ll wait for you.” Usagi pulled back enough to look Rei in the eyes.

“I don’t remember saying I couldn’t hadle it Rei.” she said softly. “You’re right though. It does feel right, and very old too. Like the bond I had with Mamoru.” Usagi started to cry again as Rei embraced her tightly slowly rocking her love back and forth. Usagi moved slightly and brought her lips to Rei’s. As they shared a sweet, but passionate kiss they were surrounded by light and when they broke the kiss they found themselves at the Gates of Time. Usagi had transformed into Serenity and Rei into Sailor Mars.

“What’s going on?” they said together, causing them to laugh slightly, through their concern.

“I brought you here to tell you what you’re now ready to know.” The two women turned to see Endymion’s spirit and that of Queen Serenity.

“Endymion!” Usagi said excitedly “I..I thought you were dead.”

“I am Usagi,” he said, stopping her from getting up. “I wanted to tell the two of you that my time was up when I died. I knew for months in advance that my time was coming so I made preparations to ensure your happiness Usagi. I got my full memories back and remembered how you had been forced to choose between myself and Mars so many years ago. Don’t worry about Rini, I’ve seen that she’ll still be born in the future. How I can’t say, only that when the time comes you’ll find out.” He kissed each the two women on their foreheads. “The bond the two of you share is strong, as strong as the the I once shared with you Usagi. I only want the two of you to be happy. I caused you pain so often you deserve some happiness. Pursue your love to the fullest. I must go now Usagi, I will be watching over both of you.” With that Endymion faded with the Gates of Time, leaving to Senshi, back in their normal forms, holding each other lovingly each vowing to the other that no force would ever separate them again.

The End


Just in case I didn’t mention it I don’t own the song Everythin I Own. Its owned by Reese Wilson and Tony Martin and record companies. Also I would like to dedicate this story to my good friend Heather whose constant encouragement is appreciated.
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