Con Su Adios, Usted Toma Con Usted Mi Corazon
Chapter 1

Hey ya'll! Songficcer here with another fic. The song is called 'Yesterday's Letter' by 98 Degrees.Other than the characters I've created, I don't own SM or the song.

This fic is an alternate reality fic. Makoto is six years older than the other Senshi and is the last to recieve her senshi powers.


At midnight, a shadowed figure sits alone at a desk, the moon shining through the window is the only light in the entire room. Scattered about the desk are different pens, markers, pencils, and paint brushes, along with peices of blank paper, different colors but mainly white, either in notebooks or loosely hanging about.

But, among the mess of paper lies a single photograph. To any other person, the photogragh would be just that, a picture. But not to the person who was holding the photo now. To this person, the picture meant so much more...

I wrote a letter yesterday
Just trying to explain
Couldn't find the words to say
Cause you are so far away
So far away

###Flash Back, 13 years###

A tall, lean little girl of thirteen sat under a large oak tree of an orphanage center, watching the other children there play. They never had asked her to play with them in the past five years she was there so she had become quiet acostomed to being alone all the time. And, her height and fighting ability were the reasons the other children ignored her. The only one that didn't ignore her was a boy named Ace.

And he was a cat.

Ace was found near the orphange as a kitten and he was half starved. The girl, on her way 'home' after school, heard him mewing near the orphanage's dumpster. Although policy had said no animals were alowed, Mrs. Patterson, the old woman who was in charge of the shelter, allowed her to keep him.

After a few weeks, Ace had grown into a strong, mischiefeous kitten. He was marked much like a tiger with black stripes and white markings. But, instead of his body being orange, it was a navy blue. And his eyes were a rich emerald green, as green as his owner's.

And his owner's name was Kino Makoto. She was only thirteen and had already had a growth spurt that made her taller then a few of the fifteen and sixteen year olds at the orphanage.

Makoto didn't know why she was at an orphage in England. She was from Japan. Shouldn't she be there instead? That was another reason the kids didn't speak to her. They figured she wouldn't understand any English. Not to mention they were a little racist against her because of where she was from origanaly.

Makoto didn't really care though. She liked being on her own and being independet. If no one loved her, then she didn't have to love no one else. And she wouldn't get hurt anymore. But one day, her perspective of life changed...


Makoto continued to find refuge under the oak tree as Ace played near her, trying to pounce on a butterfly as it landed on flowers. Makoto watched the other children play, away from her, in the large front yard. A while later, a black car pulled into the drive way of the orphange, the gravel crackeling under its weight. The other children that had seen the car ran near it, to see who was joining them. Makoto, also curious, stood from her spot and walked towards the car, Ace at her heels.

A man in a business suit emerged from the driver's side of the car and walked to the back of the car and opened the trunk and removed a small suitcase. After getting the suit case, the man then walked to the passenger's side of the car and opend tha back door. Walking back to the front of the the car, the children saw he had the hand of a little girl with honey blonde hair and baby blue eyes. In one of her arms was a small white cat.

Still holding her hand, the man walked up the orphange stairs and into thru the doors. The chirldren talked for a few moments before going back to their games. All except Makoto who stood there with an odd look on her face staring at the doors. Ace looked up at her and purred and rubbed against her leg. Shaking her head, Makoto looked down at Ace then picked him up and he jumped up and sat on her shoulder. She sighed as he continued to purr in her ear and rub his small head against her cheek.

Makoto sighed again and scratched the small kitten's ears. "I don't know why Ace, but I have this feeling I've met her some where before..."


A few days later found Makoto sitting in doors in a small seat that was in the window. Despite her tall body, she was able to cross her legs comfortably into the small space and look out the window. Ace layed between her legs, curled up and sleeping. Nothing else much he could do on a rainy day like today.

The thunder crackeled in the distance as lightning shot across the sky. Makoto leaned her head back and watched the rain drops streak the window. She was lost in deep thought. She had an odd feeling about a dream she had been having lately of a girl with blonde hair done up in circular buns with ponytails streaming down from her head. Her eyes were the darkest shade of blue she could remember and on her forhead was a small cresent moon that pointed upward. The girl sai dnothing, but she seemed so sad for some reason. Tears would stream down her face as she stood in a dark, but still lovely, garden. Although Makoto didn't know where.

Makoto sighed as her thoughts shattered from a small cry near her. She looked to her left and noticed the new girl trying desperptly to get her book that she had been reading quietly back from three older boys, who decided to play monkey in the middle with the poor girl.

Makoto crossed her arms and watched as the girl tried to jump up and grab the book only to fail and be laughed at. At this point, the little girl's face was streaked with tears and Makoto felt her heart break. But she soon bursted out in laughter as the girl cruelly kicked one of the boy's legs in attempt to get her book back. It worked, though, and he dropped her book to fall down and hold his leg and cry out in pain. But the laughter was short lived as the girl tried to run but was grabbed around the collar of her shirt and spun back around to face the largest of the boys. The girl cringed and closed her eyes tightly as he drew his hand back to hit her small face with his fist.

Makoto's eyes narrowed as she readilly jumped up from her spot in the window seat to jerk the boy around in the same fashion he had the little girl. The boy, despite being at least two times bigger than Makoto and older too, quickly let go of the small child and settled his hands at his side. Makoto's eyes narrowed more as she pushed him aside and stood next to the girl who was trembling slightly and looked at the boys.

"You come near her again, you'll regret the day you were born," Makoto said watching the all three boys turn tail and ran up the stairs to their rooms. Makoto continued to watch the stairs until she felt the little girl move closer to her for protection. Makoto then looked down at the girl and smiled a little bit.

"Are you alright," Makoto asked the girl, kneeling down to look the small girl in the eyes. The little girl blushed and bowed her head.

"Hai," she barely said above a whisper and Makoto's jaw dropped.

"W-what did you say??"

The girl shook her head and apologized. "I'm sory. 'Hai' means 'yes' in Japanese. I guess you didn't know that."

Makoto smiled, and speaking in Japanese, said, "Hai, I did. Whats your name?"

The girl jerked her head up and smiled. And also in Japanese answered, "Aino Minako. Whats your name?"

Makoto smiled and stood and bowed. "Kino Makoto." Switching back to English, Makoto asked, "Where did you learn to speak Japanese, Minako?"

Minako smiled more and answered, "My father was Japanese and he taught me before he..Before he..." Minako's eyes closed as more tears flowed down her face as she began to cry. "Papa died a few weeks ago and Mama brought me here. She..she didn't want..want me any more," the small child said in between sobs. Makoto gently leaned over and enveloped the small girl in her arms and tried to calm her down.

Speaking in Japanese again, Makoto whispered, "Its alright, Mina-chan. Its ok...Don't cry. Ssshh..." Minako dropped her book and wrapped her arms around Makoto's neck and cried more.

"Why doesn't she want me anymore, Makoto? Did I do something wrong," Minako asked through her tears.

Makoto didn't know what to say to the small girl so she hugged her tighter. Dropping one hand to pick up her book, Makoto again held Minako's waist and gently picked her up and sat in a near by chair with Minako in lep, still holding on tightly to her neck. Makoto placed the book on the table near the chair then began to gently rock Minako back and forth and whispered comforts into her ear trying to calm her down. After calming down, Mainko sniffeled a litle bit before closing her eyes and falling asleep in her new friend's lap. Makoto smiled and didn't move. She didn't want to wake the small child up. And during the entire time, Makoto wasn't aware of Mrs. Patterson standing in the door way smiling at them.

I wrote a letter yesterday
It's so hard for me to face
That it had to end this way
But my love will never change
Will never change
When I search my soul to find the
Truth about the love we shared
I wonder why you're no longer here

#####Five Years Later####

The years passed and Makoto and Minako had grown very close since that rainy afternoon. Makoto was now 18 years old, and in few hours would be leaving the orphanage and wouldn't be coming back.

Minako, who had grown from the small seven year old she had been when she came to the orphanage, had blossomed into a young beautiful girl of 13. Although Minako had made many friends at the orphanage since she had been there, Makoto was by far closest to her heart. And the thought of her friend made it break it in half.

Minako sat in her and Makoto's room, watching her brunette friend pack what little clothing and belongings she had. Ace and, Minako's cat, Artemis sat togther next to Minako and also watched Makoto pack. After she was done and she closed her duffel bag, Makoto sat down next to Minako and placed an arm around her shoulder.

"Well this is it," she said. "You're finally rid of me." Makoto's smile faded when Minako didn't return it. "It was a joke, Mina-chan."

Minako nodded her head slowly. "I know. I just don't want you to leave." Minako leaned over and laid her head against Makoto's shoulder. "Are you going to come and visit me every now and then, Mako-chan?"

Makoto smiled and kissed the top of Minako's head. "Hai. You can't get rid of me that easily. I'll call everynight and come by every weekend and we'll do something. How about that?"

Minako smiled and kissed Makoto's cheek. "Arigatou, Mako-chan."

After Makoto left that night, she was true to her word. She called only Minako everyday and stoped by on the weekends to do something with her. And, if because of her job she couldn't stop by, she would call Minako to let her know. But it was very rare that Makoto didn't find a way to her friend.

Within a year after Makoto left, things changed and the girls' lives changed. Minako had discovered that she was Sailor V and, of course, she told Makoto. Makoto was a little shocked to find this out, but took it fairly well. Turned out, Makoto and Artemis had many things in common and became quick friends as well.

The girls continued to stay good friends. And Makoto even helped Minako, even if it was from the side lines, with her battles. Minako ran to Makoto with every little thing, looking up to the older girl as she would her sister. She told Makoto of her new friend Katrina who was on the police force and also knew of her true identity. And of a young man Minako had fallen in love with who was around Makoto's age named Alan. Makoto only smiled and listened to her friend's wishes and fears just as she did when they were together at the orphange. But one night, all that changed...

I've been talking in my sleep
About the way it used to be
Girl I pray that you'll hear me
And then I'll see you in my dreams
Oh, in my dreams

Makoto sat in her darkend apartment and channel hopped as the storm became worse outside. Ace, now full grown, was curled up asleep next to her on the couch. Makoto sighed with annoyance as she turned the tv off. She stood and streched as she tossed the remote control on to he coffe table and walked to stand next to her sliding glass doors to her balcony and watched the rain pour harder than she had ever seen before.

Makoto continued to stand there until she heard a small knock on her door. Looking at her door as the person knocked again, Makoto looked at her watch. Though it was only eight at night, the storm alone made Makoto think this person must be crazy to be out to come and see her. She walked to her door and without checking to see who it was opened the door. What she saw made tears come to her eyes.

Minako stood before her, wearing her Sailor V costume, drenched form the rain. On her head, Makoto noticed a small cut that had blood trickeling from it. Minako's face was very pale and her lips were begining to turn blue. She was also trembeling from the cold.

Makoto grabbed Minako's arm and jerked her inside the apartment and shut and locked her door. Minako bowed her head, waiting for Makoto to scold her for being out so late in the storm to boot. But Makoto said nothing as she ran to her bathroom and a few minutes later come back with her plush green robe. Quickly bundeling Minako up in it, she pulled the girl into a tight embrace, trying to get her to warm up a little bit. Minako laid her head on Makoto's shoulder and welcomed the warmth and soon her eyes began to drift close. Makoto could feel Minako's breath even out and she shook Minako.

"Don't go to sleep, Mina-chan. You have to stay awake," Makoto said, waking the small girl up again. Makoto leaned back a little and kissed Minako's forhead. This was how her mother, before she died, found out how cold or hot she was. And Minako was still freezing.

Picking Minako up and walking towards her bathroom with her, Makoto placed her on the toilet and turned her faucets on in her tub to fill it with luke warm water. Makoto then turned her attention back to Minako and removed the robe. Then stopped. Minako was still in her uniform and Makoto didn't know how to get her out of it.

"Minako, you're gonna have to de-transform. I can't get you out of your wet clothes if you don't." Minako looked at Makoto for a few minutes before her brain regestired what her friend had said and doing what she was told. Minako concentrated and her uniform disappeared to be replaced by her street clothes, that were also drenched. Minako's eyes once again began to drift close as Makoto's fingers quickly began to undress her friend.

"Minako...WAKE UP!!" Minako jolted awake and looked at Makoto once again. "You need to stay awake, Mina-chan. Tell me, why were you out in the storm?"

Minako took a deep breath and said, "There was a youma and I had to go fight it. I beat it, but barely. I was nearly killed tonight, Mako-chan. I've never been so scared in my life."

Makoto nodded and reached over to shut the water off and then finished undressing her friend. "Why did you come here?"

"I told Mrs. Patterson that I was coming over here to spend the night since it was saturday. I left before the storm started."

Makoto nodded again and helped Minako stand. "You need to warm up, Mina-chan. Please get into the tub."

Minako nodded and as she was about to step into the tub, her legs gave way and she fell. Luckily Makoto caught her. Gently lifting Minako up, Makoto gently and slowly lowered Minako's body into the water and Minako screamed out in pain.

"Mako-chan! Its too hot!!"

"Iie, you're to cold. The water is only luke warm." Makoto stood from the tub and got a wash cloth from the closet in the hall and came back and wet it. She then began to gently wash Minako's back, trying to stimulate her circular system. Minako smiled as Makoto rubbed her shoulders.

"This feels good, Mako-chan," Minako said, smiling more.

Makoto grinned and handed the wash cloth to Minako. "I'm not washing your front half. I'm gonna go get you something to wear, alright?" Minako nodded as Makoto stood and walked to her bedroom. She searched through her drawers and finally found something for Minako to wear. Pulling out a pair of sweatpants, a tee shirt and a pair of panties, she headed back to the bathroom and laid them on the toilet along with a couple of towels. "Here ya go, Mina-chan. I'm gonna go wash your wet clothes, alright?"

Minako looked up at Makoto and nodded. "Mako-chan, can you look at my head first? I don't know if its stopped bleeding yet or not."

Makoto placed Minako's wet clothes next to her as she knealed down next to the tub and took the wash cloth from her friend. With one, Makoto moved Minako's bangs away from the cut and with the other gently ran the washcloth over the gash. Minako groaned at the sudden pain and closed her eyes, but said nothing.

Makoto gently washed the cut and smiled. "Its not as bad as we thought, Mina-chan. But it still may leave scar though." Minako groaned a little bit and Makoto laughed a little. "But don't worry. Your bangs should cover it no problem should you get a scar from it."

Minako smiled. "Arigatou, Mako-chan."

Makoto smiled and kissed Minako's head then stood up. "No prob. Why don't you catch a shower and I'll go wash your clothes, alright?" Minako nodded and Makoto gathered her friend's wet clothes and left the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

But I can't forget, the words you said
To move on with my life
And no matter what
I'll carry you inside

Makoto went back to sitting on her couch and channel hopping again after placing Minako's clothes in the washer and starting them. It had been at least thirty minutes, and the water coming from the shower had yet to shut off.

After few more minutes, Makoto finally heard the water shut off. Minako emerged about ten minutes later, her hair still wet from the shower, and dressed in the tee shirt and panties Makoto had given her. But she had the sweat pants in her arms as she headed towards Makoto's bedroom. Makoto watched her go into her room and shut off the tv to join her friend.

Makoto walked to her room and leaned on the door frame and crossed her arms over her chest and watched as Minako sat on her bed and combed out her hair. Or tried to anyway. Minako's hair was so tangled from the wind and rain from her being outside so when she washed it, it only made it worse. Catching Makoto looking at her, Minako smiled. "Will you help me, Mako-chan. Please?"

Makoto smiled more and went over to sit next to Minako. Taking the comb from Minako, Makoto began to gently comb the tangles from the blonde's hair. Minako smiled and sighed contently as she felt the comb pas through her hair with out hitting a knot of hair.

Makoto's smile grew as she finished Minako's hair and Minako leaned into her. Makoto laughed a little and gently kissed Minako's head.

"Let me up so I can go put the comb back in the bath room, Mina-chan, " Makoto said, pushing Minako up slightly. Minako pouted, but gave up her back rest and Makoto got up from her place on the bed and she walked back into the hall to the bathroom. She placed the comb in one of the drawers in the cabinent. She then walked back to her room and saw Minako looking at a photo she had sitting on her nightstand.

Minako looked up at Makoto who was again leaning against the door frame with her arms over her chest. Minako turned the picture frame so Makoto could see it. "These are your parents I take it," Minako asked.

Makoto nodded and walked back to Minako and sat down next to her again. "Hai. They died when I was eight years old."

Minako looked at her friend then back to the picture. "You never told me...I never knew..." Minako swallowed the lump in her throat and tried not to let her tears fall for her friend's loss. "How...How did they die, Mako-chan?"

Makoto looked dead at her wall, almost burning a hole through it from staring so long. "They died in a plane crash. There were only four survivors. My father, I was told, died instantly. My mother died on the way to the hospital." A tear fell from her eye and down her cheek but Makoto never noticed.

Minako did, however, when she looked back up towards her friend's face. She slowly raised her hand to her friend's face and wiped the tear away with her thumb. Makoto closed her eyes and leaned her head slightly into Minako's hand. Minako removed her hand and sat the picture frame back n the nightstand before turning her attentions back to Makoto.

She sat closer to Makoto and shyly wrapped her arms around Makoto's neck and hugged her tightly. She figured Makoto would push her away but instead she felt her friend turn in her arms and hug her back around the waist.

After a few moments, Mianko dropped her arms from Makoto's neck and criss-crossed them betweem them and allowed Makoto to hold her. Minako always felt safer in Makoto's arms. Being held by her friend as she was now was very rare since Makoto usually kept thinhg bottled up inside. So, if Minako was ever able to get some kind of endearment out of Makoto, such as the hug she was getting now, she cherished in deep in her heart.

After a while of sitting and being held by Makoto, Minako could feel her pull away slightly and sighed inwardly. She didn't know why, but her heart told her she should do something with Makoto. She just didn't know what.

Minako slowly opened her eyes and looked up into Makoto's emerald green ones and her heart skipped a beat...several times. A slight pink hue covered her cheeks as Makoto had yet to break the gaze. Makoto's hands gently traveled upwards from Minako's waist to her sides, then to her arms and cupping her face at her jaw bone, never breaking the gaze.

The blush on Mianko's face deepend in color as her breath quickend. Mianko didn't know what was happening to her. Certain parts of her body were reacting to Makoto's gentle touch.

Makoto gently pulled Minako's face upwards and Minako closed her eyes, breaking the intense gaze with Makoto. Taking a few deep breaths, Minako re opened her eyes to look at Makoto. Thats when she noticed Makoto's eyes seemed to reflect what she was feeling at the moment.

Her breath quickened even more when she realized Makoto was gently and slowly leaning forward towards her face. Minako's heart beat sped up yet again as the color in her face continued to become a deeper red.

Makoto gently tugged on Minako's face again as she continued to lean in closer the blonde. Arching her neck slightly, Makoto slowly closed her eyes and gently captured Minako's lips in a kiss. Makoto felt the blonde jerk back slightly and then relax, kissing her back, unsure of what to do.

Makoto slowly pulled away from Minako, and the blonde's face was a very deep scarlet. Minako slowly opened her eyes and looked at Makoto again. Licking her now very dry lips, Minako shyly placed her hands on Makoto's shoulders. Minako then raised her head slightly and shyly kissed Makoto's lips again, unsure of what to really do.

Makoto smiled slightly and slipped one hand behind Minako's head and pulled her closer, deepening the kiss slightly. Makoto gently pushed Minako down onto the bed and settled on top of her, never breaking the kiss. Makoto's hands left Minako's face and settle above her head as if acting like a pillow should Mianko need it. Minako's hands left Makoto's shoulders. One settled around her back, the other on Makoto's face.

Minako gently wrapped her legs over one of Makoto's, holding her in place and deeping the kiss herself. A little surprised, Makoto kissed back, but not forcefully. She didn't want to scare Minako away.

She knew what would happen that night...

Sooner or later you're going to realize
That this type of love happens once in your life
So open your eyes, girl, and see what we could be
Come back to me

Minako slowly opened her eyes as she heard her beeper going off. Looking at the clock, it read three in the morning. She rubbed her eyes as she sat up. And thats when she realized she was nakid with someone's arm around her. Fear coursed through her veins until she remembered where she was and who she was with. Looking behind her, she saw Makoto's face illuminated by the moon shining through the window.

Minako gently removed Makoto's arm and got up from her place on the bed and walked over to Makoto's desk where her beeper was. Makoto must have emptied her pockets before washing my clothes, Minako thought.

Minako picked the beeper up and hit the high light button on it to see the number. It was Katrina. The message on the beeper told her that there was a thief held up in warehouse 52 at the docks. Minako, still nude, went to Makoto's dryer and took her clothes out and put them on and put the beeper in her pocket. She walked back to the bedroom to find Makoto still sleeping. Minako couldn't help but smile at her. She quickly walked over to Makoto and kissed her forhead before walking back out the room to the living room and opening the glass balcony door. Closing it behind her, Minako quickly transformed into Sailor V and made her way to the docks.


Katrina, in her police uniform, stood at one side of the warehouse doors, with her back against the wall, her pistol on the ready. Lights flickered nearby from the police cars that had came for back up. Sailor V stood on the other side of the doors, her posture the same as Katrina's, waiting for her chance to duck inside the warehouse.

After a few moments of yelling arguments with the thief, Katrina nodded to Sailor V, and she quietly ducked into the warehouse doors, denying any help from any of the other officers. She closed the door behind her, her eyes quickly adjusting to the dark...


Makoto awoke with a start when she heard someone banging on her front door. She rubbed her eyes and looked beside her for Mianko to find she was gone. Makoto grew concerned but quickly got dressed to open the door. All the while thinking Minako must have left to fight and it was her at the door. Who else would be here at four-thirty in the morning?

After grabbing a pair of sweat pants and a tanktop, Makoto headed for the front door and opened.

"Geez, Minako. Think you cou-...Alan?? What are you doing here!?" Makoto asked, now concerned for her friend. She stepped aside to let Alan in then closed the door.

"Katrina asked me to stop by," he said. "She had to go back to the station."

Makoto looked at him, panic coursing through her veins. "Why are you here...?"

Alan bowed his head. "Katrina called Minako tonight. They needed help to catch a theif tonight who had ran and hidden in a warhouse. Minako,as Sailor V showed up...She-...she went in alone and about ten minutes later the warehouse blew up." A tear made its way down his face as he spoke. "Minako never came back out."

"NO!!" Makoto screamed, falling to her knees and covering her face with her hands, sobbing unconrollably. Alan quickly feel down to her side and hugged her tightly, knowing how much Minako meant to her. He gently kissed her brown hair and gently rocked her back and forth.

Outside, the storm had returned, the rain falling as hard as it had been earlier. In the shadows of the balcony stood a lone figure of a girl, tears coursing down her face. She had witnessed what Alan and Makoto were doing and it broke her heart.

It was him, she thought to her self. Makoto once told me she had a crush on someone but wouldn't tell me who it was. All she told me was that I knew them. Very well.

Sailor V bowed her head in defeat. "Mako-chan," she whispered, her tears coming quicker down her face. She turned and jupmed from the balcony, her landings very weak since being in the explosian nearly killed her.

If they think I'm dead, Minako thought to herself. It would be best if I stayed that way...

####Present Day####

Makoto wiped her eyes as she continued to stare down at the photo that held her beloved angel in it. Four years...Four years and she still looked the same.

Tracing her finger over the young blonde's face, Makoto decided then and there to go visit her friend and confront her over that night.

You can just walk away
But I don't feel the same
My heart still beats for you, breaths for you, sings for you
And those feelings will never fade
I can hide my pain
But I can never hide the way I feel for you


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