Chapter 4

Makoto kept true to her word and not five minutes after she woke up in the morning she was on her way to the hospital. She wanted to eat breakfast but realized she was much to nervous to eat anything. Getting Mrs. Aino to let Minako stay with her wasn't going to be an easy task but she knew she had to do it somehow. Not only for Minako, but for herself as well. She needed to be with Minako.

As she walked to the hospital she noticed a small flower shop and stopped in to buy some for Minako. She continued to the hospital, and once there she took a deep breath before going inside. Once she got to Minako's room she could hear muffled voices from inside the room and figured that Minako and her mom were already fighting about things.

Knowing she was breaking the hospital rules she went into Minako's room anyways and was greeted by a very mean look from Mrs. Aino. Ignoring her for the moment Makoto walked over to Minako and handed her the flowers and kissed her on the cheek. "How are you feeling?" she asked still ignoring Mrs. Aino.

"I'd be better if I could talk her into letting me stay with you," Minako said glaring at her mother.

"Well your not going anywhere with her," Mrs. Aino said to Minako and then turned her attention to Makoto. "And you better get out of this room before I get you kicked out of the hospital for breaking the rules. Minako's about to get released and I don't need you here to complicate things."

"Your the only one complicating anything. You think you know whats best for her when obviously you don't have a clue." Makoto was getting annoyed already.

Dr. Mizuno picked a fine time to walk into the room too. She wasn't so much angry that Makoto was in the room but that the two were fighting. "Makoto, you know your not supposed to be in here."

"Then kick me out, you know I'm not going anywhere unless Minako's coming with me."

Dr Mizuno only sighed knowing that this wasn't going to be easy. She wanted Makoto and Minako to be together, but since Minako was still a minor she had to go by what Mrs. Aino wanted.

"I'm sorry, but I won't leave without her." Makoto said softly taking Minako's hand into her own.

"Look what you've done to my daughter already. Not only did you steal her from me, you let her end up here, and corrupted her. Your no good for Minako to be around and your not allowed to see her." Mrs Aino said loudly.

"Makoto isn't the reason you lost me mom. You lost me because your selfish and don't really care about me as much as you pretend to. If you did you'd know that Makoto is right for me, and that if I didn't have her I'd be a million times worse off than I am now. I love her and your not keeping me from her. So either you can let me leave with her or I'm just gonna walk out of her with Makoto regardless." Minako said unsure of how she got so brave. She looked up at Makoto who was smiling down at her, comforting her.

"I know you don't want my opinion on this Mrs. Aino, " Dr Mizuno started as she sat down in a chair. "But Minako's right you know. I've noticed in this short time that there's something between them already that most people don't ever even find in their lifetime. You can't keep them appart even if you try, so you might as well learn to accept them as they are."

"I never...I will never accept this. You will not be with her Minako."

"Have it your way then," Minako said firmly as she stood up. "Lets go Makoto, there's nothing more that can be done here...Lets go home." Minako smiled as she felt Makoto's arms encircle her.

"Lead the way my love," Makoto whispered into her ear. The two walked out the door hand in hand without even looking back at Mrs. Aino.

Mrs. Aino started after them but stopped when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to see the one stopping her was Dr. Mizuno.

"If this was your daughter would you let her go?" Mrs Aino asked.

"Yes, I would. I trust my daughter, just as you need to trust yours. If you go after her, if you keep trying to stop her...Not only will you fail, you'll push her away forever. Let them be together, they make each other happy."

"I know, I'm just not ready to lose my daughter yet. She's only seventeen and now someones come and taken her from me already."

"Makoto didn't take her away from you. Yes, Minako loves Makoto but she still loves you too. Just give them some time and things will end up better for the two of you." Dr Mizuno smiled at Mrs. Aino.

"Thank you, for stopping me from making another mistake." Mrs. Aino said as she was led to Dr. Mizuno's office to sign Minako's release papers.


Once the two girls got back to the appartment Minako instantly walked to Makoto's bed and layed down. "You really need a car Mako-chan, all that walking killed me." Minako said out of breath.

"The exercise will be good for your muscles. You haven't moved much in a few days. But now I'm sure you must be starving for some real food. I'd hate to be fed nasty hospital food for days." Makoto said and made a little gagging noise.

Minako laughed as she watched her girlfriend and took Makoto's hand into her own. "Your right, I am starving, but there's one thing I want more than food," she whispered.

"What's that?" Makoto asked innocently. Minako didn't even answer her with words but instead pulled Makoto down and kissed her softly. When the two broke apart all Minako could say was, "That."

Makoto laughed and looked down at Minako. "Well you can have 'that' anytime you want my love. Now you stay here and rest and I'll go make you something to eat."

"Well don't take to long, I'm so hungry," Minako said as her stomach gumbled as if to back up her words. Makoto laughed once more and left her room to make Minako something for breakfast.

By the time she had finished making her feast of pancakes, toast, bacon and eggs she went back into her room to get Minako. She noticed the blond was asleep and didn't have the heart to wake her up. She decided the food could always wait till later and she slipped into bed with Minako.

The very moment Makoto was in the bed Minako automatically cuddled up next to her. Makoto gladly wrapped her arms around the sleeping blonde and kissed her forehead happy to know that this time when Minako woke up in her arms it wasn't by accident that she was there. This time she didn't have to hide her feelings from Minako or anyone else. She ran her fingers idly tracing patterns along Minako's skin as she watched her love sleep.

"I love you," she softly whispered. Taking a deep breath she smiled and let herself fall into the first peaceful sleep that she had since the morning that everything started.


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