Warnings: There is some bad language in this so be warned. Also, even more of a warning, this story does, and will in the next chapter as well involve Togepi from Pokemon so if your one of the people who hate that show sooo much like I used to, you might not wanna read it, even though it's not a major part of the story. I just know some people who like to puke at the mention of the show. But its cute and I couldn't help but put it in. ^_^ Gomen nasai!

Will You Be There?

By Chibi Nuriko

Minako yawned as she sleepily opened her eyes. She could barley see anything in the dark room but her eyes quickly found the clock. "Only three am?" she thought to herself. When she heard someone grumbling next to her she rolled over and faced her best friend who looked as if she were having a bad dream. Smiling to herself she placed her hand on Makoto's forehead and gently brushed her bangs from her eyes. She leaned forward and kissed the girl softly on the cheek.

Minako layed back down on her side facing Makoto and watched her sleep. She had practically moved in with Makoto since it was summer time and they were always together. She didn't know why Makoto wanted her around so much but she knew she never wanted to be away from the girl she loved.

Waking up in the middle of the night became almost natural to Minako now. It annoyed her at first to lose sleep but she learned to enjoy it. She found that almost every night Makoto would have bad dreams, and she would always wake up and soothe the tough senshi without waking her. These were the moments Minako came to cherish. Watching Makoto sleep, hearing her breathe softly. She looked much like an angel.

Minako slid one arm around Makoto's waist and moved her body closer to the taller girls. "I love you Mako-chan. One day I'll find the courage to tell you, but until then I'll keep this to myself and show you my love only while your sleeping." Minako yawned and allowed herself to fall asleep still holding onto Makoto after she decided she could always play dumb and act like she just rolled over in her sleep and that's why she was holding her if Makoto woke up first in the morning.

When morning came around Makoto was the first to wake, and was happy to find the blonde so close to her. She knew Minako wasn't a morning person and didn't want to wake her. As gently as she could she moved one arm around Minako and without even waking up Minako moved her body into a more comfortable position, which just happened to be even closer to Makoto.

Makoto leaned her head forward and softly kissed the top of Minako's head. "I wish I could wake up like this every morning," she quietly confessed to the sleeping senshi. "I'd always be in a good mood at least if I woke up with the love of my life in my arms every morning. But why torture myself? You'll probably wake up and jump out of my arms thinking something bad. I guess I'll never have enough guts to tell you how much you mean to me Minako, but telling you now, it's enough for me, even if you can't hear me in your sleep. Maybe it's better this way. What am I saying? I need to know how you feel..soon..I'll ask you soon.."

Makoto heard her stomach begin to grumble and knew it was time for breakfast. She looked down at her angel sleeping in her arms and reluctantly slid out of bed to make them both something to eat. When Minako smelled the feast that Makoto had cooked them for breakfast she woke up. The first thing she noticed however was that Makoto was no longer in bed with her, then she noticed the smell of pancakes, toast and tons of other great food.

"You seem like your in a good mood this morning Mako-chan," Minako commented as she stepped into the kitchen startling Makoto. "What's with all the food?"

"I just woke up in a good mood I suppose," Makoto smiled at Minako. Minako felt her heart skip a beat or two and smiled back. "Oh, your mom called. She seemed kinda peeved that you stayed here again and she wants you to come home tonight."

"I don't wanna go home. What's the point? All I do is sleep there and wake up, come back here. So why do that?"

"I don't know. I guess that's how parents are. But think of Artemis, he's probably going insane by himself there."

"I know. I'll go home tonight, but today you promised you'd come shopping with me." Minako sat down at the table and began munching on the food Makoto gave to her. The two ate in silence enjoying their food. After they finished Minako decided to take a shower while Makoto went to straighten up her bedroom. Just as Makoto finished making her bed Minako came in her room wearing only a towel that barely covered her body. "I forgot I'm out of clean clothes. Do you have anything I can wear?"

Makoto found that she could only nod as she looked at Minako's body. She tried her best not to gawk but found she was paralized and couldn't take her eyes off of the beauty.

"Well are you gonna give me some clothes or just stare all day?' Minako asked sarcasticaly.

Makoto quickly turned red and rushed to find her friend some clothes. "These might fit you," Makoto said as she handed a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt to her friend without looking at her. She knew if she looked at her she wouldn't be able to stop and might give herself away, which she wasn't ready to do just yet. After handing Minako the clothes she quickly left the room trying to collect her thoughts. She was half scared that Minako had just figured out her feelings, and feeling half turned on.

When Minako entered the room Makoto jumped and looked as if she were paniced. "What's with you?" Minako asked as she walked towards Makoto. Makoto tried to back away but found herself against the wall. Minako could only look at her amused with a slight grin on her face. When she reached Makoto she lifted her hand to the taller girls forehead and felt for a fever. "No fever, so that means somethings up. What's wrong Makoto? Your acting silly."

"I'm fine, really Minako. I just.." Makoto trailed off realizing she was acting dumb. Obviously from the way Minako was acting she hadn't suspected anything and Makoto just ended up making herself look more foolish. Minako only raised an eyebrow at Makoto and when Makoto started laughing she knew her friend was okay. "I'm fine really. I don't know what go into me. Now lets get to the mall before you have to go home," Makoto said as she headed for her door.

"Ah, now I know your okay." Minako said laughing. The two put their shoes on quickly and headed to the mall. They spent several hours shopping, or at least Minako did while Makoto was the one to tell Minako what she did and didn't look good in. Makoto also saw the birth of a very scary obsession of Minako's.

"Come on, it's adorable Mako-chan," Minako shoved her new toy in Makoto's face. "Just hold it once," she pleaded.

"No, that things dumb..It's Pokemon for pete's sake! Aren't you a little old for that Minako?"

"But listen to it!!" Minako squeezed the hand of her new Togepi doll and listened to it cheerfully say it's name. Minako giggled like a five year old and Makoto could only roll her eyes. Minako suddenly became very serious and took Makoto's hand into her own. "Don't you dare tell the others about this! I'm trusting you as my best friend to keep this between us."

"But why?" Makoto began to tease her and took the Togepi doll into her arms. "He's just so cute and loveable! How can you not want to share this with everyone?" Makoto asked sarcastically.

"Don't tell them," Minako said almost pleading as the two began to walk home. "Ne, Mako-chan, is it okay if I just leave this stuff at your house since I'll just be back tommorow night? I don't want to have to keep wearing your clothes."

"Is there something wrong with my clothes?" Makoto asked getting defensive.

"No, it's just I look dumb since your so much bigger than I am. They're way too baggy on me. They'd be good to sleep in though."

Makoto just smiled and the two walked back to her appartment. Before Minako left to go home for the night the Makoto decided to make room in one of her dresser drawers for Minako's belongings. "You know, it's going to be kind of weird sleeping alone tonight," Minako commented as she put her new clothes away.

"Why's that?" Makoto asked wondering if Minakos reason was the same as hers. After waking up with Minako in her arms this morning Makoto never wanted to go back to sleeping alone.

"Well," Minako paused and sat down next to Makoto. "Did you know every night you have bad dreams?"

"Of course I know, they're my dreams after all." Makoto answered her.

"Did you know that every night I wake up while your having those bad dreams? I don't know what they're about or anything, but I can feel you tossing in bed. It annoyed me at first, since you know how I am about getting my sleep, but I found that I can always calm you down while your having these dreams."

Makoto looked at her confused not fully understanding what she was talking about.

"You see, when I wake up I watch you sleep. I think it's cute. Your not so tough when your sleeping you know. And all I have to do to get you to stop tossing around is brush your bangs out of your face like so," Minako reached her hand to Makoto's head and brushed Makoto's bangs from her face. "Then I simply kiss you on the cheeck like this," Minako kissed Makoto on the cheek. "And you don't seem as restless, but look as if your having much more peaceful dreams," Minako finished with a proud look on her face. Maybe she was going to far with Makoto and was risking the other girl finding out about her true feelings but she didn't seem to care.

Makoto on the other hand could only blush, and after a while asked Minako if she actually did that. Minako smiled and shook her head. "Every night just about."

"I'm sorry I wake you up every night," Makoto said.

"Don't be," Minako said as she took Makoto's hand into her own. "Like I said, I think your cute when your sleeping."

Makoto took a deep breath and decided it was now or never. Before the night was through, she would find out how her friend truely felt about her. "And what about when I'm not sleeping?"

Minako held onto Makoto's hand more firmly. She reached her free hand up to Makoto's cheek and made Makoto look at her. "Your always beautiful to me Makoto."

"Minako?" Makoto asked not quite sure what to do next.

Minako just shook her head and smiled. "Is this what you want? Do you want the same thing as me?"

"I don't know.." Makoto said feeling very unsure of herself, and of how all this happened so suddenly. She felt as if she lost control of the situation and didn't know what to do next. Finally she decided to say everything to Minako she'd always longed to say and hope things worked out okay. "I want us to be together, every day, for the rest of my life. I want you to be mine, me to be yours. To wake up every morning with you in my arms like I did this morning. I want to love you with every beat of my heart until the day I die. I'm in love with you Minako, now and forever."

Minako couldn't believe what she heard. She didn't know if she was speechless due to the fact that her dreams just came true, or if it was because she never knew Makoto was capable of saying something that sweet. "I love you too Makoto."

Makoto finally took her eyes off Minako and looked over at her clock. "Dammit," she cursed breaking the romantic mood.

"What's wrong?" Minako asked still waiting for Makoto to kiss her.

"It's late, your mom's gonna bitch if you don't get home soon."

Minako just rolled her eyes and layed down on the bed pulling Makoto down with her. "I don't care. I wanna stay with you tonight."

"Yeah, but you'll have to go eventually, and it'll just be worse for us if you get in trouble." Makoto said seriously.

"Well I'm not going anywhere until you kiss me, then I'll consider going home." Minako said as she moved closer to Makoto. Finally ever so slowly their lips met in the softest kiss possible. Makoto pulled away after a few seconds still worried that Minako was going to get in trouble. "Come on, you call that a kiss?" Minako teased as she pulled Makoto down for a more passionate kiss. After a few minutes of this Minako finally got up to go home.

"What about your Togepi?" Makoto said holding up the stuffed doll.

"He'll stay here with you tonight so you don't get too lonely all by yourself." The two girls left Makoto's bedroom and headed towards the door. "I'll come back as soon as I wake up, at least if you want me too."

"You know I do." Makoto said kissing her new girlfriend once more. "But get outta here before your mom bans you from seeing me."

"Fine.." Minako said reluctantly. She kissed Makoto once more and headed home. She bounced cheerfully down the street taking the back alleys home thinking it would save her time. Little did she know she was about to run into a group of men who happened to have the worst reputation in the town.

"What's a pretty girl like yourself doing out all alone so late at night?" One of the men called out to her. Minako ignored him and without making eye contact walked right past the group of men.

"Hey, my friends talking to you." Another man quickly caught up with Minako and grabbed her by the arm. "I believe he asked you a question, and if you know what's good for you you'll answer him."

"I'm going home alright?" she answered rudely as she tried to jerk her arm from the mans grip.

"We've got a difficult one here tonight," a third man laughed.

"Where are you coming from?"

"What's it to you?" she asked peeved as she looked at the first man who spoke to her. He was still sitting on a crate about ten feet from her while the other two men were holding onto her.

"Don't talk to me like that bitch," the second man said as he smacked her. Fear finally hit Minako and she reached in her poket to grab her communicator. She pushed a button on it without removing it from her pocket knowing that it would contact Makoto.

"Don't you lay another finger on me asshole." Minako said punching the man that hit her. She faintly heard Makoto talking to her on the communicatior and pulled it out of her pocket finally.

"What's this little toy of yours?"

Makoto could hear men talking to Minako but couldn't really make out what they were saying. She quickly grabbed her shoes and ran out of her appartment looking for Minako. She knew whoever they were, it wasn't her parents and she wasn't at home so something must be up. "Minako?" she asked into her communicator wanting to find out where her love was. She kept running towards Minako's house hoping to catch up to her friend soon.

She heard Minako scream as one man held her arms and the other punched her in the stomcah showing no mercy. "Mako-chan....help" was all she could say as the men continued to beat her up. Makoto ran as fast as her feet would take her through all the back alley's she knew Minako took to get home. She felt as if her world were shattering, knowing she wasn't there protecting Minako from whoever was hurting her.

After what seemed like an eternity Makoto found Minako laying on the ground with three men standing around her. "What the hell are you doing to her?" she called out to them enraged.

"Nothing much, just having fun. But we were just about to move on. Have a good evening." One called out as he kicked Minako in the stomach once more. "Thats for not showing us any respect."

Makoto wanted to follow them and kill them, but she saw Minako and knew that she was badly hurt. She dropped to her knee's and took Minako into her arms. "Minako, come on I've got to get you to a hospital."

"I'm okay really," Minako said knowing she was lying. When there's blood coming from your head and mouth your usually not okay.

"No, we're going to the hospital right now. Then when you get better I'm going to find those men and kill them. Do you think you can stand up?" Makoto asked.

"I don't know. I think they broke some of my ribs. My head, is it bleeding bad?"

"I can't tell it's too dark. Come on, I'll carry you. Just promise me one thing, don't close your eyes."

"Why not?" Minako asked as she felt herself being picked up in Makoto's arms.

"You probably have a concussion and if you go to sleep, or pass out you might go into a coma or something.. So just keep talking to me..Please.."

"I can't...It's too hard.."

"Dammit Minako, I'm serious, don't you dare close your eyes." A few seconds of silence passed and Makoto knew that things just got worse. "Minako, say something. Wake up dammit" she yelled. She began to cry and prayed she could just get to the hospital fast enough.. "I'm sorry Minako, I should have walked you home. I should have let you stay with me. Just don't leave me. I can't loose another person I love. You have to wake up, please.."

Authors Notes: I know this is a lame way of starting off a story, but something was definatly needed before I get to the main plot. I think this story is probably going to be my first attempt at writing something so dramatic (you'll see what I'm talking about in the next chapter) so bear with me. The story will get interesting. I promise. ^_^
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