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By Assasain Zero

"Why is it so dark in here?" Rei said as she tried to distinguish her surroundings. It was all in vain, she couldn't even see her own hands. "This is hopeless"

After the Chaos Knight took her soul, all she had seen is darkness. She could hardly remember who she was. It seemed like years have already passed; in reality, this had just happened 5 minutes ago.


Usagi was on the floor, she was helpless, her left arm was broken and totally useless. Chibi-Usa laid dead at her feet. She kept on screaming "it's not fair". It wasn't. After all, Tuxedo Mask died to ensure that their daughter will live, and yet, she died anyway; his sacrifice was in vain. Unknown to Usagi however, was the fact that the Chaos Knight had no pity, no mercy, and that he was walking toward her at that very moment, sword in hand, Death his companion. Usagi noticed him too late. When she did, he was already standing in front of her, fully powered up, ready to kill the cause of all the suffering he had experienced for the past 2,000 years, the last member of the Moon family, the Princess herself. He could still remember her laughter as he was thrown into the capsule that would send him to Uranus, beautiful planet guarded by the senshi of Destruction, the land of no-return. She would pay. He placed his sword on her throat and looked at her. She didn't look scared, as a matter of fact, she seemed happy, a shade of a smile could be seen in her lips. This made the Chaos Knight even angrier.

"Damn you!!!!" he yelled as he kicked her, sending her flying toward a concrete wall. She hit it hard and in full forced, spiting some blood as her body limply fell to the floor.

But Chaos wasn't done. He teleported in front of Usagi's body and forced her to stand up. Looking into her eyes, he felt his anger rising. She no longer cared, she wanted to die.

"Stupid bitch, I will give you a fate worst than death!!!" Chaos yelled as he rip her sailor suit off, leaving the future queen of the Moon Kingdom completely naked.

Even with one broken arm and cuts all over her body, Usagi was no less beautiful. Her 17 year old body was well formed and she had the looks of a supermodel; blue eyes, blonde hair, round pretty breast, not too big, not too small, just perfect, her skin was delicate and smooth, she was a pleasure to look at.

"I think I will enjoy this" the Chaos Knight said with a satisfied smile as he noticed the look of fear in Usagi's eyes.

"Now she's scared" he thought as he pulled down his baggy leather pants, revealing his manhood to the princess.

Usagi's face revealed all the fear she felt. Looking down, she saw Chaos's erect manhood. To her, it was gross, she was a virgin, so she had never seen a men's penis before, but even if she had, she was sure as hell it wasn't suppose to look like that. It was purple, little bumps all over, some places were even rotten, it sure was gross, Usagi's "eeeewwwww" expression just confirmed this.

"You wondering how will it feel but, don't worry, you'll find out" With this words, Chaos proceeded to introduce his manhood into Usagi's still virgin sex. Usagi screamed, kicked, yelled, but she couldn't do anything. Chaos had pinned her arms against the concrete wall, and without her suit, she was pretty much a normal scared naked teenage girl with a broken arm. Chaos seemed delighted by her resistance. With a smile, he took off the motorcycle helmet-like object that protected his face, revealing his true hideous face. Usagi almost passed out; if she thought his penis was gross, she sure wasn't prepared for this. It was horrible. His face, it was full of scars and wrinkles, his hair, or whatever was left, it was completely white, his teeth, whatever he had left were all rotten, his ears, one of them was even falling off and his nose, it was nothing but bones, it sure wasn't a pleasant sight, he was a living corpse, alive only because of his own desire for vengeance against the Moon family. Usagi couldn't take it anymore, she screamed, loudly and clearly, it was a scream of pure fear.

In the ruins of what was once Tokyo, a figure rose from among the debris at the sound of Usagi's screams; it was Sailor Mars, a broken arm, a nasty scar over her face, one of her fingers, her favorite one, her middle finger, it wasn't there anymore, one of Chaos minions cut it off during the battle as she used it to mock him. But still, she was alive, alive and ready to kick some butt. Looking around, she heard Usagi's screams. In the years she'd known Usagi, she had never hear her scream like that. It sure broke her heart.

"She is in pain" Sailor Mars thought as she rushed toward the screams.

When she reached the place, the sight was horrible. There was Usagi, her back was on the dirty ground, completely naked, crying and screaming. On top of her was Chaos, his pants down, raping the beautiful blonde girl violently, all the time calling her names, insulting her. Bitch, slut, scream, louder, do you like it, so tight, nice tits. In the minute Rei stood there, not able to move, all this words and then some more were heard. She couldn't take it anymore. Powering up, she made her presence known.

"Let her go, Chaos!!!!!" she screamed as she rushed toward the monster. Before he could react, Mars kicked him off Usagi and in one swift move, send a fireball his way, sending him crashing into a wall, completely shattering it on impact.

"You ok, Usagi?" Rei said as she kneeled next to Usagi. The blonde haired girl just nodded and stood up with Mars's help.

"That guy is so dead!!!!" Usagi yelled as she made her Moon Scepter appear out of thin air. A few seconds later, Sailor Moon stood in front of Rei, a look of determination and anger in her beautiful face.

"Sailor Moon?" Rei asked a little scared by what she saw. Sailor Moon looked so different. Her eyes, they were completely blue. The only time she'd seen her like that was after she helped Hotaru defeat Pharaoh 90. She'll never forget those haunting eyes.

"That isn't my Usagi" Rei thought "It's Serenity!!!"

"Mars, come with me" Sailor Moon commanded as she ran toward the Chaos Knight, who was already on his feet and ready for battle.

"Hai!" Sailor Mars answered as she rushed toward Chaos too.

"I want you to give him all you got, Mars, I know I will, Chaos dies now!"

Mars looked at Sailor Moon. She looked so determined, so high and mighty. It almost scared her. This wasn't the clumsy, giggling blonde that she loved so much, this was a vision of the future, a vision of the queen that will rule the Earth and the Moon Kingdom and that would bring peace and happiness to humanity in the so called Silver Millennium. Would she lose Usagi forever after this battle was over? The thought alone really scared her, but she knew there were more important things to worry about, like surviving this battle to be able to worry about the things to come. This was no time to have doubts, it was a time to fight, to win, and that was exactly what she plan to do, she will fight to protect the one she loved; to protect Usagi.

"Hai" was Mars simple answer as she fully powered up, her body appearing to be engulfed in red flames.

Usagi rushed toward the Chaos Knight. The deformed warrior did not loss any time and quickly ran toward Usagi. They engaged in a fist fight; a fury of punches, kicks and blocks, a distraction to let Sailor Mars do her job and that's exactly what the fire senshi did as she suddenly appeared behind the Chaos Knight, too distracted with Usagi to actually notice.

"Mars Fire Ignite!!!!!!!!" Rei yelled as red flames seemed to come out of her extended hands and hit the Chaos Knight in full force. Usagi was aware of her friend's presence the whole time and as soon as the flames touched the Chaos Knight, she fully powered up, and in a faster-than-the-speed-of-light-kick, send the warrior toward the flames, that engulfed his deformed old body, while she got out of the way, and reappeared next to Mars. Chaos was sent flying toward the concrete wall that just minutes ago had been the place where Usagi had lost her well-kept virginity in the hands of the monster. Chaos hit the wall hard, shattering it on impact, the sheer force creating a crater at least 3 meters deep and 7 meters wide, chunks of concrete falling on top of the "Avenger of the Old Moon Soldiers" as Chaos addressed himself.

"Is it over, Sailor Moon?"Mars asked, a little scared to talk to her friend. Those blue eyes, they weren't hers.

"No" was Sailor Moon's simple yet powerful answer. She didn't bother to look at Mars, she kept her gaze on the pile of concrete that covered the Chaos Knight's body.

Indeed it wasn't over, as was proved by a sudden movement of rocks, and beams of light that started to shot from under the pile of concrete. A second later, a scream was heard, it was scary. The light beams became intense and Mars had to shield her eyes. When she opened them, there he was, the Chaos Knight, in all his glory, energy surging throught his body in blinding electric bolts. Powering up even further, the ground below him quickly gave away, the crater becoming bigger than it was before, the rocks being lifted from the ground that was slowly coming apart by the massive amount of energy that the warrior produced.

"I have to admit you took me by surprise, Sailor Moon" Chaos said in a calmed voice that send chills down Rei's spine "But I can assure you that the pain you caused me, I will returned it to you 20 times, that's a promise". A second later, the Chaos Knight disappeared.

"Damn!" Sailor Moon cursed as she assumed a battle stance. "Be ready Mars, he will attack"

"Hai!" Sailor Mars said as she too assumed a battle stance and looked around, trying to sense the Chaos Knight's evil energy.

Both senshi stood there, in the middle of the chaos that was Tokyo, looking around, trying to sense the evil energy of the monster, wondering where will he attack, how will he attack and most importantly, who will be his first victim. They didn't had to wonder much as Chaos quickly made his first move. Appearing next to Sailor Moon, he fired one of his infamous plasma blasts, killers of so many brave senshi, at an unsuspecting Sailor Mars. The fire senshi took the blast full force, and was send flying toward a nearby mailbox, that in turn exploded upon impact, it's shattered remains serving as a bed for an unconscious Sailor Mars.

"Dammit!" Sailor Moon cursed as she made her Moon Scepter appear out of thin air and swung at the Chaos Knight. She missed.

Chaos quickly teleported behind her, and threw a punch, but Sailor Moon, aware of his presence, dodged it and countered with a kick that was easily blocked by Chaos. Exactly what she wanted; not losing any time, she pointed the tip of the pink scepter at Chaos's deformed face and smiled.

"MOON WAVE!!!!!!!" Sailor Moon yelled in anger, as the energy that build up on the tip of the scepter was released in a massive blast of energy that took Chaos completely by surprise and send his body flying toward the old arcade, the one in which Usagi and her friends used to hang out on the afternoons after school and that was destroyed during the so called "Chaos Period". The building exploded upon impact, falling to the ground, gigantic chunks of concrete covering the Chaos Knight's body.

Sailor Moon quickly ran to Mars's side and took the unconscious senshi's body in her arms. Moving it to a safer place, Sailor Moon used the Healing magic of her scepter to heal some of Sailor Mars wounds. She knew her magic was little and she would not be able to heal her completely, but at least she'll remain alive until she could figure something out. In her mind, Mars just couldn't die and Usagi was determined to do anything in order to keep her friend alive. Her determination finally paid off; after 3 long minutes of using her magic at full power to heal Sailor Mars, the fire senshi opened her eyes and looked at Usagi.

"Usagi?" Mars asked weakly as she attempted to stand up. Sailor Moon did not let her.

"Yes, it's me Rei, please, don't move, I just partially healed your wounds, we'll need to go to the hospital to heal them completely" Usagi said, her voice barely audible. She sure looked tired.

Mars noticed this; she also noticed that her eyes, they were back to normal. This was her Usagi, the caring girl that she loved so much, her meatball head. Rei smiled, and completely forgetting about her wounds, stood up and held Usagi in her arms.

"God, meatball head, you sure overdid it" Rei said with a smile as she caressed Usagi's face. Usagi just smiled.

"I couldn't bear the thought of losing you, Rei, just the thought alone makes me sad"

"Usagi?" Rei said with a confused look on her face.

"It's still not over, you know"


"Chaos isn't dead, Rei" Usagi said as she tried to pull away from Rei; she didn't let her.

"You need to rest, Usagi, I'll take care of that bastard, I'll make him pay for what he did to you, I will make him wish he'd never been born, he'll fucking pay!"

Usagi looked at Rei. Although her hair hid most of her face, Usagi could see the anger that Rei's jet black hair hid and the tears that were coming out of her beautiful red eyes and streaming down her face. That alone broke her heart. Rei was suffering, not because of her wounds, not because most of the people she held dear, her grandfather, her boyfriend, her friends, were killed by Chaos and his minions. No, Rei was crying because Chaos hurt her.

"God, Rei, do you love me that much" Usagi thought as she looked at her friend. She knew well enough that Rei didn't hate her, she knew well enough that behind all the constant teasing, behind that "meatball head" that she hated so much, there was love and friendship, she knew well enough that in Rei she had a good friend, probably her best friend; but she never realized just how much Rei loved her until now, until she saw how much Rei was suffering because of her.

"Rei" Usagi said as she extended her hand to touch Rei's face. She never reached it. Rei was suddenly taken away from her. "What the fuck?!?!"

"Sorry for interrupting this touching moment, princess, but am afraid your friend has to die"

Usagi quickly rolled backwards and standing up, took out her Moon Scepter and looked forward. There he was, helmet in his head covering his hideous face, sword in hand, pressed against Rei's throat, his other hand, although badly damaged and bleeding, was holding Rei by the back of her neck, lifting her from the ground. To her surprise however, Rei didn't looked scared; from her lips, silent words were directed to Usagi. "I love you"

"What?!?! No Rei?!?!" Usagi yelled understanding, but too late.

Chaos found out of Rei's intentions too late also as Rei kicked herself away from his grasp and although the sword cut her neck badly, she realized her plans as she made the Sword of Mars materialize out of thin air in her left hand and before he could react, cut off the Chaos Knight's good arm; the look of shock in his face showing his surprise and astonishment. However, Chaos was far from dead, and Rei was badly injured, the blood streaming from her neck completely staining her sailor suit, being a fatal prove of this. Turning to Usagi, who was watching all this in horror, Rei tried to talk, but found it impossible. Usagi was in tears.

"Rei, why the fuck did you have to go and do that?" Usagi screamed. Rei just smiled and waved.

"Good bye" were her silent words as she turned around and faced the Chaos Knight, who was trying to put himself together, the pain in what use to be his right arm being too much, even for someone who was no more than a living corpse to bear.

"Oh God, no Rei, what are you going to do?" Usagi said in a voice of disbelieve as she ran toward Rei, her arms extended trying to reach her.

Rei had a look of determination in her face. She knew she was dying. She knew that soon, all the strength she had would fade away as her life blood continued to leave her body through that horrible wound in her neck. The pain was intense, and she was soaked in her own blood, but Rei knew that panic would not solve anything. She knew very well why she took the risk of letting the sword slice open her throat in order to cut off Chaos arm.

"He's all yours Usagi, I will see you again pretty soon, I know you will defeat him" Rei thought as a smile drew itself on her lips.

Running toward the Chaos Knight at top speed, Rei easily cut open his black leather jacket with her sword, revealing the infinite darkness that was his chest, where she had seen the souls of her friends enter after Chaos delivered what he called a "fate worst than death". Rei smiled.

"You thought you had me, didn't you!" Rei could hear herself yelling as she pierced Chaos other arm with her sword and let her body be swallowed by the darkness. The last thing she remember seeing was Usagi crying, running after her, Moon Scepter in hand, beautiful as always, at least to Rei, even when tears clouded her blue eyes.


"Wonder what's happening out there" Rei said outloud, although she knew nobody was listening; after all, Chaos's "worst than death fate" was indeed a living hell. Staying alive in infinite darkness, alone for eternity. No hunger, no pain, no thirst, no nothing, just being there, in infinite darkness, alone with your thoughts for all eternity.

"Usagi" Rei thought as she felt a smile came to her face "As long as I remember you, I will not feel alone, you were like a sun that illuminated my dark days, you and that stupid smile of yours, damn, I miss it already......meatball head, heh, you sure hated me when I called you that, if only you knew I called you that because I loved you.....that was your pet name....oh God, what would I give to hear ya say "Oh Rei you are so mean" all over again."

As this thoughts assaulted her mind, Rei could feel tears coming to her eyes. She didn't bother to wipe them away, what was the use, in this darkness, no one would see her cry, cry for the girl she loved so much, for the girl whose life she made miserable because of that love, because in order for her to grow up, she needed to stop being a cry-baby and act the way she was suppose to, like the future queen of the Moon Kingdom, she cried for the girl that will never know how she really felt about her, and how Chad, more than being a boyfriend, was Rei's way of saying to Usagi; "Be with your Mamo-chan, see, I have a boyfriend too, don't worry about me". She sure would have done anything to make that cute blonde happy, even staying with a man she didn't loved for her sake. A sound in the darkness suddenly interrupted Rei's chain of thought.

"Usagi?" Rei said outloud, as she looked around. Nothing but darkness meet her gaze.

"Rei!!" There was the sound again, more distinct than before.

"What the fuck, now am hearing things....USAGI!!!!!" Rei looked around. Nothing, only darkness. She was about to resume her yelling, when she felt a pair of arms wrap themselves around her waist. For some reason, she didn't felt like turning around. She knew to who they belonged to. She could feel her warm breath tickling her neck. Her head, resting comfortably on her back. Even in the darkness, she could almost distinguish the locks of long blonde hair that flowed around freely because of the lack of gravity.

"Usagi-chan" Rei said calmly as she moved her hand and touched the other girl's cheek, a smile on her face. "I sure missed you"

"Rei-chan" Usagi said with a smile as she turned the fire priestess around and faced her, the light given away by her Moon Scepter allowing her to see Rei's face, the same way it allowed Rei to see Usagi's. Both girls smiled.

"Is he dead?"

"Almost, c'mon, we are going back home"

Rei was about to ask how, but she didn't bother. The confidence in Usagi's voice told her it will be all right, they will be back home in no time. She just smiled.

"Let's go Rei" Usagi said as she took hold of the fire priestess hand and turned around. She was about to move when she suddenly felt herself being pulled. She opened her eyes, and found herself in Rei's arms.

"Rei?" Usagi asked confused as she looked at her best friend, who was smiling at her. She sure loved that smile. It made her feel so warm and safe.

"Not yet, Usagi-chan" Rei said as she moved forward. She sure would have loved to see the panic in Usagi's face as her lips meet the princesses, but this was her moment, whether Usagi liked it or not, she did not care, she just wanted to kiss her, to feel her lips on Usagi's, to taste her, she had waited too much, she did not wanted to wait any longer.

Closing her eyes, Rei continued to move her head forward until her lips meet Usagi's in a passionate kiss. At first, she could feel Usagi's lips trembling, almost rejecting the kiss. Almost. Rei was about to pull away from the kiss when she felt Usagi's arms wrap themselves around her neck.

"No you won't" Usagi said almost giggling as she looked at Rei. She looked confuse. Usagi just smiled and kissed her back, with the same passion Rei showed her a few seconds earlier.

Rei was in heaven. After so many years, she just couldn't believe she had waited this much. She didn't bother to think why Usagi returned her kiss; if it was out of love, pity, friendship, she didn't cared about that right now. All she cared about was the fact that she and her meatball head were together, sharing a passionate kiss; and to Rei, it just felt so right.

"I love you, Usagi-chan" Rei said shyly, after pulling away from the kiss, not daring to meet Usagi's gaze. She expected to see an angry face, or probably, a face full of pity for her, because she felt in love with her princess, with the giggling blonde that she pretended to hate so much, but whose smile was enough to make her dark days seem bright once again. To her surprise, she felt Usagi place another kiss on her lips before pulling her chin up to make Rei look at her. The fire priestess however did not dare to meet her gaze. Putting her arms around Rei's neck once again, Usagi moved her face closer to Rei's, forcing her to look at her. To her surprise however, Rei did not find an angry face or a look of pity, she found her beloved meatball head, smiling at her with that beautiful smile, it was more than enough to made her smile too.

"I love you too, Rei-chan" Usagi said as she moved closer and her lips meet Rei's in a kiss full of passion and emotion.

When they pulled away, they just stared at each other for what seemed like hours, both girls smiling, happy to be with each other, happy because after all this years, things were the way they were suppose to be, they were together, and after the death of Chaos, they would be able to enjoy all the things they were denied in the past, together. As Usagi kissed Rei once again, a bright light surrounded their bodies. The darkness all around them seemed to fade away. All the souls that were stolen by the Chaos Knight were there. People from all over the world, Usagi's mom and her brother Shingo, Chad, Chibi-Usa, Mina, Lita, Ami, Michiru, Haruka, Hotaru, Mamoru, they were all there, staring at the two friends as they shared a passionate kiss, too happy to actually notice the crowd that gathered around them. As the light that surrounded both Rei and Usagi's bodies became brighter, the souls of the people around them began to disappear, one by one, until only the two of them were left.

"Lets go" Usagi said with a smile as she kissed Rei, and their bodies disappeared from the dark place that was just a few hours ago, their eternal prison from where there seemed to be no escape, in a shower of light.

-The End

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