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The Adventures of Makoto and Minako

by Avenge X

A lonely pirate stands on a hilltop where her cabin is located. Gazing at the waves which kept hitting the beach. The soft sound of the wind blowing, cooling down the tall lonely brunette. She can't keep her eyes of a certain spot. The spot where many people heard a soothing voice singing. Some said it's a siren. Others said it was a ghost. Most of them said it is a beautiful blonde mermaid.

Makoto, the pirate couldn't stop thinking about the rumors. She long to see the mermaid but she was not to certain. What happen if it turns out to be a ghost? She never heard the voice before even though she lived near that spot. Just recently she heard the townspeople talking about it. Many of them mostly men wanted to see it. Well want to catch it too. They'll think of all the gold they'll get by displaying it.

However, none had seen the mermaid, siren, ghost or whatever before. They just heard. But how can they hear the voice when they are staying so far away?

"I'm the only one who stays at this part... How come I didn't hear a single voice at all? Too sleepy maybe? Ugh, those merchants sure give me a hard time... I may be a pirate but I don't steal... yeah how different is that? I made myself look like a pirate but in actual fact I'm a merchant," Makoto thought to herself.

The more she think about the rumor the more she wanted to see it even if it turns out to be a ghost. A blonde ghost? Maybe it really isn't a ghost. They are usually white... unless it's Sadako... heh!

The sun soon set. The sky was blue with a blend of orange. "That's it ... I'm gonna see the rumor tonight! I don't have to work for a few days because of the rough sea so I don't have to wake up so early tomorrow. Great! I'll go fix my dinner and then it's rumor hunting time!" Makoto thought while dashing to her cabin. She made a nice dinner and waited by her window.

Makoto could see the full moon shining brightly at the black sky. From where she was staying, she could almost see the whole view of the beach and solitary rock sticking out through the shallow waters.

"Mermaids are known of sitting on a solitary rock, singing while brushing their hair... how I wish could ...caress... wait a minute ... caress? Why would I want to do that? It's getting boring up here... come on mermaid ... why won't you show up? I promise I won't hurt you..." Makoto thoughts wander off until she fell asleep.

Makoto was sleeping soundly on her bed when she was disrupted by a voice she longed to hear. Makoto quickly got up and dashed to the spot where she knew the mermaid will be. When she got there, she saw it, the mermaid. Her hair was long and blonde, just like the rumor said. Her hair was place in front to cover her naked chest. She sang a beautiful song while brushing her hair gently. Makoto was stunned. The mermaid was so beautiful. Makoto wanted to step closer but the mermaid realized she was being watched and quickly dives back into the water.

"C-Chotto matte! I'm not going to hurt you!" Makoto tried not to shout incase there was someone around there.

"How would I know you are not going to hurt me?" a soft voice answered back.

Makoto didn't know what to say. "Well? Guess you were lying... I know you humans want to catch us and display us to earn money. I won't get fool by you," the mermaid said again. "I-I...not all of us are like that... please ... I just want to see you maybe we can be friends? I-I-I am sort of lonely... no friends... well... maybe a few but I hardly see them... they are all busy with either their work or family. I have no intention of hurting you or expose your identity."

It was a moment of silence. Makoto waited, she could hear the sounds of water splashing. The mermaid poked her head out. She briefly looked all over Makoto.

"You're the first girl ... normally they are all men ...I'm Minako," said the mermaid.

Makoto smiled at Minako and said," Hi... I'm Makoto. Nice to meet you, Minako ... finally I get to see you... you're so beau--" Makoto stopped her words. She moved nearer to Minako. "Um... what did you say? Beau?" Minako asked with a confused look. Makoto in total embarrassment, shyly uttered," Uh... nothing... nothing at all..."

A Few days later, Makoto and Minako got really close. Makoto promised to keep their relationship and Minako's identity a secret. However, the rumor soon became the gossip of the town. Makoto knew someone making the rumor a fact but she knows it was not herself. Makoto and Minako were going to meet tonight again. Makoto's heart could feel like it's going to jump out. She never felt so nervous before. It's not like this is their first meeting... " Unless ...I am falling for her?

..NAH! But... [she blushed] Argh!!! She wouldn't feel the way as I do ... Even though she a mermaid ... she still have 'NORMAL' feelings... But .. I won't know if I don't try... what am I gonna tell her? Wow, you're so beautiful and I love you!? No... yet ... I'm the only one she trust."

"Um... Minako? You can come out now ... no one is around..." Makoto whispered. She sat on the smooth sand next to the solitary rock. Minako slowly poked her head out and sat on the rock like all mermaids do with their most popular position. "Hi Mako-chan," Minako said while smiling. "Is there something wrong?" the smile soon fade off to a worried look as she saw the serious look on Makoto. Makoto blushed with the serious look and muttered," Minako... the rumor about you is spreading... but it's not me... I would never do that ... I worry about you ... If something should happen to you... I'll blame myself eternally and I just don't know what I'll do without you..."

"I know it won't be you who spread it ... and don't worry baka, nothing will happen to me ...!" Minako's words were halt when Makoto embraced Minako.

"M-Mako-chan...? Are you all right? Why are you crying?"

"M-Minako... please ... don't get yourself in danger... I heard they'll be hunting for you."

"But you'll protect me won't you?" [Still in the embrace of Makoto]

"Of course ... I'll protect you with my life... Minako I-I-I..."

"Shhh... you don't have to say it ... I already know... "

Slowly their lips met in the most passionate way. Minako dragged Makoto into the sea. The brunette found herself breathing underwater without any equipment. "That's because I gave you a special kiss...," Minako said smiling.

They were underwater staring into each other's eyes, smiling sweetly together, kissing and embracing. They were enjoying themselves, however Minako felt Makoto's body getting numb and cold. She's still a human and humans can't stand the water for a very long time. Sooner or later, she has to get out now. Makoto hesitated. She didn't want to leave so soon.

"No, Mako-chan ... you're getting cold ...you'll get sick,"

Makoto who curled up like a ball hugged Minako who was sitting down supporting the weight of her lover. The brunette's head was supported by the blonde's chest. As gently as she could, Minako brushed Makoto's cheek

"You're shivering, Mako-chan..."

"I don't care... as long as I have you by my side ...I won't feel cold..."

"You're so sweet... all right then...I won't leave you...alone"

"Really? Do you really mean it ?!!!"



"Get away from her! Don't you dare lay a finger on her!" exclaimed Makoto with rage.

The other pirates have found out the rumor was true. Minako was in the sea looking sadly at her lover. Makoto was injured seriously by all the slashing of the intruders.

"Minako... dive back and don't emerge again!!! Forget about me! Just go!!!" Makoto shouted as she stabbed the enemy with her sword.

"No! I said I'll never leave you!"

"Aww... she talks too ehehe... it'll be worth argh!!!" the pirate stopped his words as he gets a stabbed from the blade.

"Minako... go now ... before the others come..."

"Mako-chan, you're injured because of me ... how can I leave you now?"

"It doesn't matter, as long as you are save, I'll be happy..."

"NO! I'm not going to leave you!"

"... fine... then leave with me..."

"Mako-chan? What do you mean?"

" You'll see..." Makoto took off her long pirate coat and covered Minako's body.

"Let's go my love... let's leave this place...I know it'll be hard for you... "

"I don't care, let's go...quick they are coming!"

Makoto carried Minako in her arms. Minako who was looking a bit scared put both hands around Makoto's neck. She was holding on tightly as Makoto run as fast as she could. Suddenly, Makoto felt her right arm touched something different. She couldn't see what is going on because of her coat covering Minako's chest and mostly part of her mermaid's tail. Makoto knew Minako would felt weird in someone's arms naked so she had to use her coat to cover. On the other hand, Minako have to adapt a new life.

Minako whispered with a terrified tone," Mako-chan... I feel weird. What's going on?"

Makoto saw Minako's mermaid form changed into a human's. "Minako! You're a human!" Makoto said excitedly as she saw Minako's feet.

"R-really?" Minako almost whispered. She was getting cold because she was not comfortable with her surroundings.

"Don't worry we're almost there. Are they still chasing us?" Makoto asked anxiously.

"I can't quite see. Your chest is blocking the view... hee hee..." Minako tried not to laugh. Makoto blushed heavily and tried to keep a cool tone," W-What's so funny?"

"Caught you... you are brave but with me around ...hee hee ..." Minako giggled.

"Uh... well...having you in my arms feel like heaven that's all..."Makoto's blush became even redder.

They soon arrived to Makoto's ship. It sailed off to where no one will know.

"Hold on ... I'll get you something to wear." Makoto searched for a nice outfit that will fit Minako. Minako shivered. Her sat on a bed curled up with her knees close to her body and arms wrapping around them. A thick blanket was still covering her whole body yet she felt so cold.

"Could you... please ...hurry..." The little blonde managed to catch her breath and said almost whispering.

"Aye! Aye! There ... this is the only dress I got...don't know why I'll have them here but ... anyway ... when we find a place to stay...I'll buy you lot's of nice dress to wear."

The tall brunette rushed to her friend and dresses her up. "Why do I have to wear all this?" questioned a puzzled Minako.

Makoto was struck dumbfounded, "It's to protect um...our...uh...body so that ...well... just wear them ok? I'm sorry...."

"Why with a sudden sorry? You didn't do anything wrong..." said Minako unsure of what Makoto meant.

"I... brought this up...I asked you to leave behind your marine life and join me in this world. I feel..." her lover cut of her words.

"It doesn't matter..." she moved herself nearer to Makoto who was sitting next to her. She placed her hand the brunette's cheek and gently gestured her to kiss.

"But I!" Makoto said. "No buts... tell me... would you leave with me into the sea if I asked you to?" asked Minako.

"OF COURSE!" Makoto shouted swiftly. "That means we truly love each other...no matter where you go I'll always be there by your side. Mako-chan... please don't say you are sorry again. I know you won't do anything to hurt me...speaking of which ... how are your wounds?"

" They are ... all right...nothing to worry about" Makoto lied. "I'm sorry but ... I don't want you to feel worried or guilty. I had a sharp cuts at the side of my waist ... but I guess it'll recover soon."

She thought to herself. "No... it's getting worse..." Minako said as she pulled away from their embrace and saw her hand covered with Makoto's blood. "Let me heal you..."

"Thank you, Minako...I ... don't want you to be worried of me. I don't want you to feel sad, guilty or any other negative feelings." Makoto whispered softly to Minako's ear.

"But if you don't tell me what's wrong... I'll feel even sad. So ... please tell me the truth. We'll share all our hardships together. And Mako-chan... this is for you because you carried me..."

Minako said and tackled Makoto down to the bed. She was lying on top of Makoto who could only stared at the beautiful blonde. She smiled as she looks at Makoto's drooling face.

"Aww... lighten up Mako-chan! You're so stiff!" she giggle and lean even closer to Makoto leaving their faces only a few millimeters away. She could kiss the taller girl anytime but she wanted to have some fun. She felt the heavy breathing of the other girl. Makoto's eyes grew even larger. Her heart beating so fast that it could almost jump out from its position. Softly but clearly she hear the blonde girl's sweet voice murmured, "I love you..."

Makoto woke up in the middle of the night. She looked over her side and saw Minako sleeping soundly whose hands were placed on top of Makoto's chest. She smiled at Minako and reluctantly get up. She wanted to gently place Minako's hands away from her so she can get up without waking her lover up. As she touched her lover's hands, she startled. Minako's hands were very cold despite the thick blanket covering her. Makoto didn't know what to do. All she can think of is to comfort her lover by either kissing or hugging her. She felt Minako's hands clutched even tighter to her chest. She glanced over to Minako's pale face. Those blue crystal eyes were closed.

"How I wish I could see you open your eyes... but you're still pretty when you sleep. But why are you shivering?" Makoto whispered softly and leaned closer to Minako and kissed her. Minako made a little groan, still clutching tightly, at least now she's not so cold anymore. A warm feeling gave her a sudden shock. Makoto moved closer, so close that she could feel the soft breathing of Minako.

"Minako... I love you too... please be with me till the end... I want to share all my happiness with you... I hope I'm not asking to much but I hope you understand too."

"Un-n... uh? Oh... it's so bright!" the blonde girl exclaim. She didn't mind though, as long as Makoto loved her, she'll be happy. She tried to get up but her legs were still weak and she still doesn't know how to walk. She spent her past years swimming in the sea, it's no surprise she can't walk. She looked around the small cabin she's in. The world seems to be shaking and she felt sick...seasick. She desperately searches for Makoto. In her heart, the words 'where are you' was crying out drastically.

"Why does this place moving? Why is this light so bright? Why am I complaining so much? I'm the one that wanted to follow her. Even if she didn't ask me, I'd still follow her...those words I heard from her last night...made me want to stay with her forever. But I do feel she's afraid of expressing her feelings towards me openly. Well, she always stares at me when we're together. Oh dear, she's really lovesick. I wonder have she ever been in love before..."Minako thought to herself trying not to get up but she felt scared and wanted someone to be with her namely Makoto.


Captain's log, 3rd December, year xxxx
It's almost a year since we sail around the seven seas. We even had a lovely honeymoon in one of those beautiful islands. Yes, a honeymoon...that means we're married, not officially but to us it is. I proposed to her birthday. Speaking of birthdays, mine is due 2 days more, I don't expect anything from her, all I want is her love...that's all I ask of her. I admit that I'm still shy around her. When I see her face, my heart feels like it's jumping out. I might die of happiness! Every time she touch my hands...face...body ... I feel out of this world. My mine floats away from earth to Jupiter when she kissed me! She's like that Goddess of Venus when she say 'I love you'. How can I control my feelings when they are controlling me? She is just to damn beautiful! So lovely ... so fair ... prettier than a lovely spring flower.

We decided to settle down for a month or when the seas are finally calm in a small village. Then, we'll be off again, exploring the world. The villagers welcomed us very well, well... of course they will, they are ... one of us too. You don't seem to find any men hanging around here. They are all ... women. I'm surprise that I found this island. Maybe I'll consider settling my life with Minako here. She seems to be excited and happy here, I noticed that she gets seasick all the time. I have to be with her all the time to comfort her but all I do is stare at her like an idiot. We'll it's time I go attend to her before she starts screaming for help...again. -Kino Makoto

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