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Adrienne's Yaoi Wonderland

So I don't end up like one of the two fellows in the bed up there (someone from a parents group having kick my butt!), I placed this introduction page up letting everyone know what they are getting into before hand.

You see these two dudes here?  Yes, they are about to kiss and you know what that means?  Yuppers Yaoi.  That means 100% guy on guy relationships.

So before you come in just make sure this is where you wanna be!

If you're too young to see such things then go Here, so your gentle, innocent eyes will not become morally corrupt by seeing such terrible things.

Hay, I'm old enough, I just don't want to see this stuff!

Well, you obviously came on here for some reason!  But I won't make too much of a fuss out of it.  If you're old enough but don't want to see Yaoi, then you all can come Here!

Is there anyone left?  I hope so.

The rest of us may now enter

The Wonderland