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The reason why I even did this page!

Sexy Trunks

Sexy Trunks with his sword

A poster of Sexy Trunks sitting with his sword

Sexy Trunks sitting with SSJ Trunks in the background

Sexy Trunks with his shirt slightly pulled off

Same pic as before, only without the background

Mirai Trunks

Thanx to ToT

Trunks first appearance
Oooh! Shiny!

Another shiny Trunks

Classic pic of Trunks sitting

Closeup of Trunks

Happy Trunks wearing Saiyan armor

Manga cover with Trunks and Imperfect Cell

Mad Trunks

Mirai Trunks looking up

Solo Trunks from the manga cover

Mirai Trunks giving a thumbs up

Another shiny Trunks, smiling of course

Manga Mirai Trunks giving a thumbs up

Mirai Trunks after SSJ mode - manga

Trunks attacking with his sword

Trunks blushing and looking fairly shocked

Cute picture of Trunks on Capsule Corp's logo
(I think it's from a shirt)

Speaking of shirts!


Trunks taking a look at his chipped sword

Cool pic of Trunks with long hair and ripped sleeves
(my favorite version)

Pretty basic collage of Trunks past timeline

SSJ Trunks

Like father like son
Thanx to ToT!

SSJ Trunks blasting down

A pissed SSJ Trunks card
Thanx to ToT again!

SSJ Trunks blocking Original Cell

SSJ Trunks

SSJ2Trunks looking mad

SSJ Trunks pointing

His arms aren't the only things that are crossed

SSJ Trunks surrounded by fire

SSJ Trunks is having a hard time I think

SSJ Trunks jumping with sword ready to go

A SSJ Trunks poster

Same pic as before, but without the background and words

SSJ Trunks running ready to fight

SSJ Trunks pressing down on his sword

SSJ Trunks holding up his very shiny sword

Holographic card of a Father/Son team

Chibi Trunks

Chibi Trunks and Goten playing with Tapion's musicbox

Chibi Trunks and Goten after getting slapped

SSJ Chibi Trunks jumping in the air

Chibi Trunks and Goten preparing Mighty Mask

Chibi Trunks in an arguing mood

Fullbody pic of Chibi Trunks smiling

Chibi Trunks leaning on Goten

Chibi Trunks looking a little worried and Goten making it worse

Chibi Trunks wearing his sword for the first time

Only picture that I've seen of Trunks with a tail

Chibi Trunks and Goten sweating slightly

One big happy family... sort of

Trunks Special

Trunks turning SSJ after Gohan's death

Trunks watching Gohan

Trunks with Gohan behind him

Trunks actually gets a punch through!


SSJ Gotenks

SSJ Gotenks and his Ghost

A Gotenks card

A SSJ Gotenks collage

Baby Trunks

Baby Trunks reaching for a butterfly

Baby Trunks standing

Baby Trunks and Bulma

Baby Trunks playing with the phone as Mommy's driving

Bulma holding Baby Trunks and waving

GT Trunks

Trunks and Goten in GT

Trunks in GT sweating without a shirt on

Trunks Anime Haven