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Chaos Evee's Anime and Harry Potter Page

Konnichi-wa, I am Chaos Evee webmistress of this site and your hostess! Feel free to look around and check out my profile page. You might also want to look at my pics page. Several more pics have been added to this page. Come see My Aisha's page Enjoy! Sorry for not updating in such a long time,I was locked out of my account but I fixed it so now I can start updating again. (^_^)

Update 6-30-01: Yeah!!! I am now I proud member of the Mazoku Unizersity! Update 7-11-01: New name for me (again),Chaos Evee. Please visit my guestbook! The current mood of Chaos Evee is The current mood of at

My Favorite Things About Fushigi Yuugi.

Lord Malachite and Lady Zoisite - A Negaverse Romance
The Sailor Moon Hideaway
Anime Turnpike
KatC's Sailor Moon Goodies
Waters of Mercury
Sailor Neptune the Soldier of Water
Below are some links to my other fave anime:Tenchi Muyo! Tenchi Muyo!links
Little Washu's "Cute" Homepage
Little Washu's Head Quarters
Tenchi Muyo, No Need For A Homepage
The Demon
Below are some Harry Potter links, cause I like Harry Potter too! A Harry Potter Fandom Site
A Page With Tons Of Fanfiction
The Offical Harry Potter Homepage
The Illistrated World Of Harry Potter
A Snape Shrine
Another Snape Shrine
And Yet Another Snape Shrine
Below are some Fushigi Yuugi links,most of them are either about Tasuki,my favourite character,or Nuriko. Anime TurnPike links for FY
A kakoi Tasuki site
Another kakoi Tasuki site
A site for Tasuki AND Nuriko
A niffty lil' Tasuki site