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Features for now: (I'm sorry but for now-- I'm going to just post the links that you can visit immediately up here-- the actually cardinal points are under slow...sad, tomodachi... I love you-- Visit my "Online Nami" if you want to keep up with things!)
-UpDatEs (*new, improved-- strange?)
-Sailor Moon Image gallery
(*slow progress of one of my anime gallery pages--see? I do do something)
-Awards won...(*haha...right.*)
-Takara's Art
(*can also be accessed through the -Nishi (west)area)
-Higashi (east)(*has some message boards up to keep things alive)
I hope this helps with navigation for now-- this page has been in a very sad state for a long time and it is this webmistresses duty to sincerely appologize to her visitors-- who may never return after they witness the wrath of Hurricane Takara (that's me) and her lazy self! ^.~ Luv you all! (below is the layout that will be used once things get going-- Lemme know what you think and what you'd like to see!)

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*Yukio speaking*......HURRY UP!*pats Takara on head* It's ok, your site is good just need to put up your other sections :)
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