The Wrath of Garlic: Part 1
Garlic's Return

The Dead zone has opened and exiting the vast portal is the Killer of all the evil Garlic!

After excaping the dead zone Garlic calls forth many fiends to help his conquest all with the exact same power level Freiza,Cell, Buu,and Bebi. Garlic also called his son Garlic jr. to be his sucsessor.

It was a suny day out side Capsule corp. Trunks was working on a new pod for sound breaking speed, suddenly something else caught his attention a shower, of crimsion.

In Siberia a warrior trained for new hardships with his emperor companion "Tien! I'm tierd I cant go on" Choutzu complained.

"Ok, you stop and I'll go alone, I'm tierd of being weak, next time I'm needed I will rise to the ocasion" Tien replied angryly "Tien?"

A blinding white light surrounded Tien's body as he powerd up "aaaaaahhhhhhhh" Tien's muscles doubled in size, "My gosh Tien!" Choutzu said in fear looking in the sky.Tien gazed also, it was raining, raining blood All the Z warriors saw it but what was most terrifing was what happend when the sorm setteld in a mist of red clouds sat a black castle in the sky "Heh heh heh father it has begun!" said the siniacle Garlic jr. "Yes and here they come" replied Garlic who was pointing toward a figure in the sky.

He landed and walked casualy toward Garlic when he saw Freiza and Cell, "What is this!"demanded Vegeta"how did you?"

With no hessitation Buu came out of nowere and kicked the saiyin prince across tha castle. Buu ran towareds Vegeta when he landed, and jumped in the air, planting both knees in his back, Vegeta screamed out in agony as his spine cracked and he became paraliezed from the neck "No, father!" sreamed Trunks as he arrived at Garlic's keep Bebi quickly went after him as the two fighter began to exchange blows, one after another the Z fighters arived Krillen, Goku, Yamcha, Gohan, Piccollo and Goten. Choutzu and Tien were nowere to be found.

Well into the fight Goku was fighting Freiza, Trunks was trying to get Vegeta away from Buu, Piccollo and Gohan was Fighting Cell and Yamcha and Goten was fighting Bebi, all of this humoured Garlic jr. as he laughted out loud. Freiza had beaten Goku very badly and was about to finish him off when in a flash a figure tackled Freiza into a column, it was Tien "Thanks Tien," said the crippled Goku "He almost got me" "Don't mension it Tien replied as he began to assault Freiza his fist clashed the lizard's face and then kneed Freiza in the stomach. Freiza fell down in pain or so it seemed he backflipped and kikced Tien across the castle right in to Trunks who Carried Vegeta on his shoulders. Trunks fell and Dropped Vegeta, were Buu shot a thin beam peircing the saiyin prince's heart "Noooooooo!" screamed Trunks as he went Super Saiyin 2 he charged Buu and they went clear of the castle and landed outside capsulecorp were Buu and Trunks were thowing punch after punch and kick after kick, Buu shot Trunks into Capsule corp's garage were he kneeled over the down saiyin, picked up his head with one hand, and began to punch it with the the other several times till Trunks was unconscios his forehead flowin with blood Buu opened the pod that Trunks was working on earlier and put him in it, afterwards he launched it from outside in to space then began to gather energy to blow up the pod all of a sudden Tien came and kikced Buu clear away and flew speedily after him, leaving Trunks to drift in space Finaly after hours of fighting Tien killed Buu and went back to the castle to find all of his freinds dead "What! he killed Buu! that's inpossible" screamed Garlic as he powered up surpassing anything anyone had seen before blowing Tien clear off the castle and leaving him unconsionce in the north pole hidden from Garlic Tien hid for 2 years training secretly and getting stronger. While Trunks was also was on an adventure to find a freind.