The 'Without Tenshinhan...' Section

Here are most of the things Tenshinhan has done to contribute to the world of DB, and give you an idea of what would have happened if he had never existed.

So What If Tenshinhan Never Existed?

1. The Z senshi would've probably never met Chaozu. Then during the Tenkaichi Budoukai with Piccolo Jr. (Ma Jr.) the Budoukai wouldn't have been phsycically rigged. This would've caused more contestants to die.

2. During the battle with Piccolo Daimao, Tenshinhan was stalling him. If Tenshinhan wasn't there, then Piccolo would've done terrible damage and might had won the battle!

3. During the fight with Nappa, Tenshinhan fights Nappa quite a long time. If Tenshinhan was never there to fight, Nappa would've killed the rest of Z senshi before Gokou could get back to help. Nappa would've killed all of the warriors before Gokou got there, and Vegeta and Nappa, together, would've killed Gokou. That would be the end of DBZ.

4. The Z senshi wouldn't have learned how to fly (bukujutsu) as early as they did. This, again, would've probably changed the storyline a bit.

5. Imperfect Cell would've absorbed Android 18 much quicker, because Tenshinhan had allowed Android 18 to escape for the time being by shooting Cell with his Shin Kikohos. This woul've allowed more innocent people to die, and wouldn't have given Gokou and Gohan enough time to train. It would've been a disaster!

6. In the Cell Saga, if Tenshinhan didn't go help Gohan and Piccolo blast Cell (during the final showdown), than Yamcha and Kuririn would not come and Vegeta would probably not help out, so that would not give Gohan the power to kill Cell.

7. During the Buu Saga Dende and Mr. Satan would've been dead. This means that Buu would've won the battle because the onyl way Gokou won was beacuse Mr. Satan told the people of earth to lend Gokou their Ki. Gokou would not have had enough power in his Genki-Dama to destroy Buu. Thus, the world would be destroyed by Buu. And since Dende would've died, there wouldn't be any DB's left!

8. There would be no Taiyoken! Gokou uses this move against Vegeta during the Saiyan Saga to stall for time. If Gokou didn't know the move he would've been dead. They also use this move against Dodoria in the Freeza saga, and if they didn't know it Gohan and Kuririn would've been killed.

9. If Ten never existed, then Piccolo and Kuririn may have never thought to use a split-form technique like Tenshinhan's shinnoken.

10. If Ten never existed, then Kuririn would be the strongest human!

11. Most importantly, there would be no Tenshinhan Ichidou :(

I know there are many other small things Tenshinhan has done to help out everyone, But if anyone can remember any other main things, please e-mail me and tell me. I pretty sure, though, I have all of the main ones listed.