Tien; Earth's Last Hope
Written by Justin Sims
E-mail: dbzwebmaster@yahoo.com
Dedicated to Brandon Ditto, a true Tenshinhan fanatic.


Tien sighed in frustration. "Man! It's all over; Cell's won! It... ...Cant... ...Be!" Tien clenched his fist in anger. Goku had recommended that Tien stay with Mr. Popo and Dende while the other's fought at the Cell Game. Tien knew that he didn't stand a chance against Cell so he agreed. Before the others left, Goku had managed to gather all of the Dragonballs together and entrusted Tien with them. Now all the others were gone. Goku put up a good fight, but Cell absorbed him making him even more stronger. Gohan did his best but was killed by a huge KameHameHa. Krillin, Yamcha, and Chautzo were all absorbed. Now Earth's only hope lies in will of the World's strongest pure human: Tenshinhan. Tien knew that he didn't stand a chance in the shape he was in so he had given up all hope. Tien pointed two fingers at his head and began to charge energy into them. Right before Tien discharged the energy, Mr. Popo tackled him to the ground and smacked him in the face. "Tien, how could you even think of killing yourself? You're Earth's only hope. What would Goku think? Remember, we still have the Dragonballs. There is still hope. If you won't do it for yourself then do it for Chautzo!" Tien exhaled a deep gust of air. "You're right Mr. Popo, there still is a chance!" Tien stood up and walked over to Dende. "Dende , I have an idea but you have to trust me. I need you to summon the dragon. Can you do that for me?" "Sure Tien. " Dende stood before the 7 glistening orbs and raised his hands to the sky. "Oomba lokius do neiro say lok Shenron dais soto pour stantard moshtar arise!" Suddenly the sky turned black and lightning shot out of the clouds like rain. The balls hovered above Kami's lookout and began to glow. Abruptly, yellow light shot out of the Dragonballs and a sillouhette of Shenron appeared. Soon the lightning ended and Shenron stood in full form. "Dende, I need you to ask the dragon to restore the Hyperbolic Time Chamber." "Ok, listor hyperbostic tome chamey restore!" The entire lookout shook violently and then there was a flash of light and Shenron was gone, along with the seven Dragonballs. Tien stopped shielding his eyes and looked in awe as the Hyperbolic Time Chamber stood in the middle of Kami's lookout. Tien finally explained his plans to Mr. Popo and Dende. "I'm going to train in the Chamber for 3 days Earth time. During that time I will become incredibly strong and I should be able to put up a fight with Cell. However, there is no telling whether or not I will be able to beat him. You have to remember that Cell did absorb a Super Saiyan Jin. I just know that I can reach a Super Human level and that is what I am striving for. In the mean time, I want you and Mr. Popo to find the Dragonballs again. I need you to wish for Gohan to come back to life. He was just about to reach a level greater than that of a Super Saiyan Jin. He could be very useful. Once you wish him back make sure that he comes into the Chamber to train. We both will need to be as strong as possible." Tien began to walk towards the door of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber when Dende called out," Tien, how are we supposed to find the Dragonballs?" Without looking back Tien tossed the Dragon Radar over his shoulder into Dende's hand. "Good luck guys." said Tien as the heavy steel door of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber slammed shut behind him. The next Earth day, Gohan entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The next Earth day, Gohan exited the Hyperbolic Time Chamber glowing. Mr. Popo and Dende almost fell over when they felt the enormous power that Gohan was putting out. "Gohan, you're ..... amazingly strong!" Dende said in awe. "Yeah, well right now I'm trying to hide my true power. You only sense about one forth of my strength!" This time Mr. Popo really did fall over with a loud bang. Gohan began to laugh tremendously. His hair seemed to be fuller and was spiked at every end. The blonde glow matched the bright aura that surrounded him. He stood there in tattered and ripped clothes. Dende examined Gohan a little closer and he noticed that his muscles at least tripled in size. The laughter was soon cut short by Tien's voice. "Hi guys, remember me?" Tien stepped out and Dende's mouth dropped to the ground. His power level was at least 15 times that of Gohan's. "Wo Tien. What kind of training did you do in there?" asked Mr. Popo. "The usual, KameHameHa's, dodonpa's, kikoho's, and lot's of pushups. No time to talk, we've got a score to settle." Gohan had truly reached a level greater then that of a Super Saiyan. And Tien well, let's just say he accomplished his goal. Tien and Gohan blasted off of the lookout leaving a bright yellow trail disappearing as time progressed. "Good luck" waived Mr. Popo. Gohan and Tien soon reached the arena where Cell held his brutal blood sport. Cell sat in the center of the arena Indian style with bolts of lightning surrounding him. He had sensed their power from the moment they stepped out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. "So, the hero's son and a poor pathetic human. Haven't you people learned yet that Cell cannot be defeated. I am invincible. Why don't the two of you run of and cower in your homes and wait for the day that I knock on your door and blow your families to pieces?" Cell snickered. Tien clenched his fist and gritted his teeth. "We've come to challenge you Cell. We've come to defeat you!" Cell looked up from the ground and grinned at Tien. "So be it, but from here on out there's no turning back. Which one of you is to face me first?" "I am!" Tien cried out. "Listen to me Gohan. I'm sure I can beat him. It is better for me to defeat him now then after he has beaten you." Gohan nodded in agreement. Tien ran into the arena and instantly from the four corners sprang forth bolts of lightning caging the two fighter in. "This is but a percaussion." muttered Cell "It keeps you in..." Cell pointed at Gohan..."and him out!" "Let's do this!" screamed Tien. Tien held both of his hands to his side and charged a giant ball of energy. "KaaaaaaMeeeeeeHaaaaaaMeeeeeHaaaaaaa!" screams Tien as he lets loose a huge beam of light straight towards Cell. A huge flash of energy occurred, and then a gigantic uprise of dust. Once the dust cleared, Tien peered ahead. He saw a long divot digging into the ground and then Cell lying on his back in sheer agony. Cell began to moan and twitch as if he had been hit by an invisible freight train. Soon Cell stood up and brushed all of the dust off of himself. Cell tried to speak but his jaw was in great pain and when he reached up to massage it he felt a warm liquid oozing out of him mouth. Cell was bleeding. This made Cell madder than ever. A greenish yellow aura covered Cell's body and Cell's power level quadrupled. Cell began to scream in rage and he held his arms forward palms facing toward Tien."Tonka dasupa!" A bight blue flame emitted from Cell's hands raced towards Tien with fury. Tien had no time to react. Instantly he was covered in the blue flame. It blew off both of Tien's legs and blew up his third eye. Tien lay in shambles on the ground bleeding vigorously. Suddenly Gohan became enraged and flew through the electrical currents towards Cell. Cell was caught off guard and Gohan flew right through Cell's stomach ripping out all of his organs. Cell began to tremble. Gohan stood before him in victory. However, Gohan's happiness soon turned to despair as Cell regenerated his stomach and the rest of his organs. Cell cracked his knuckles and held his arm out towards Gohan. "Tonka dasupa!" This time the flame engulfed Gohan and swallowed him whole. "Noooooooooooo!" Screamed Tien as Cell laughed hideously. Tien formed a triangle with his fingers and fired a beam of energy that sliced cell in half and caused him to explode. The explosion wiped out Tien and a 7 mile radius (which had already been abandoned). From space, a giant yellow flash of light could be seen. And then, it was over. Cell was gone, along with all of the Z fighters. What would become of the Earth if another Super Villain would threaten the it? No one would be there to protect it.

The End.