Note: I am borrowing the character Rycor from I thought i would take it upon myself to start the new dragonball series.

One hundred years now have passed since the last of the great Z warriors passed on. They all died peacefully, not in battle. And for the past 100 years, they've been training on the Grand Kai's planet. But little do the Z warriors know that soon, they will once again need to heed earth's call. For while their descendants may be strong, there are none stronger than Rycor…

Note: Tyshan is the descendant of Tenshinhan.

Power Levels (before hyperbolic time chamber)
Tyshan - 100,000,000
Tyshan powered up - 500,000,000
Tyshan Kikoho - 750,000,000
Vegeta Jr. - 95,000,000
Super Sayian Vegeta Jr. - 450,000,000
Goku Jr. - 97,000,000
Super Sayian Goku Jr. - 455,000,000
Vegetto - 450,000,000
Super Sayian Vegetto - 750,000,000
Rycor vs. Tyshan - 500,000,000
Rycor - 600,000,000
Rycor powered up - 3,975,000,000

Tyshan, Goku Jr., and Vegeta Jr. are the most powerful people on the earth. And on this particular day, they are training. "Kamehameha!" Goku Jr. fired the massive energy blast at Tyshan. "Crud!" Tyshan yelled and quickly moved out of the way. While he was still catching his breath, Vegeta Jr. came up behind him. "Hiya!" yelled Vegeta Jr. as he threw a punch. Tien ducked and swiftly kicked back at Vegeta Jr. Goku Jr. Powered up to super sayian and began an all out assault on Tyshan. Tyshan powered up tremendously and began to fight back. "Gallet gun!!" Yelled Vegeta Jr. as his gigantic blast hit Goku Jr. "Kikoho!" Vegeta Jr. was on the ground powered down before he knew what hit him. "And I win again." Said Tyshan as he helped the two demi-sayians up. Then, a massive energy ball streaked over. "What the…?" asked Goku Jr. The three friends looked on in horror as nearby New West City was blown to smithereens. More energy balls flew over and more cities were destroyed. The young men watched on in disgust. "No! They were innocent people!" said Goku Jr. "It's awful!" cried Tyshan. Vegeta Jr. stood frozen. "Enjoying the fireworks, boys?" said a voice. "What the…?" said Vegeta Jr. As they turned around, Vegeta and Goku Jr. and Tyshan were met with a power the likes of which they had never seen. This man, red in skin color, with small curled horns on his head and an evil grin on his grisly face. This man, not much larger than Goku Jr. but with power double that of Tyshan's. This man with the evil eyes. This man who had just destroyed most of earth's population. Before anyone knew what had happened, Goku Jr. had powered up. As he charged forward, an energy blast connected with his face and knocked him to the ground. "Ah, ah… I, how?" said Vegeat Jr. He let out a cry as he powered up to his fullest. "Vegeta, don't!" yelled Tyshan. "He's going to kill you! We have to get Goku out of here and leave!" But Vegeta Jr didn't listen. He was attacking the man for all he was worth. But every blow was being effortlessly blocked. Then, with a flick of his disfigured wrist, the man sent Vegeta Jr. flying, and let out a laugh as he collided with a mountain. "Gr…" said Tyshan as this new foe started him down. He grabed Goku Jr. and flew off towards where he had seen Vegeta Jr. land. He found him buried under tons of rock. "Are you ok?" asked Tyshan. "I'm fine…" said Vegeta Jr. as he dusted himself off. "Goku… is he dead?" asked Vegeta Jr. "No, just unconscious." Replied Tyshan. "Good." Said Vegeta Jr. Tyshan stared at the man, who had flow over by now. "Who are you?" asked Tyshan. "I am Rycor, the most powerful being in the universe." Said the creature. "Rycor, huh? Well, I have to admit, you're very strong. Stronger than any one of us." Said Tyshan. "Vegeta, come here." Said Tyshan. Vegeta Jr. flew pver. "I've heard that there is a Lookout somewhere far above the clouds. I want you to find it and stay there with Goku. There's supposed to be training tools there that can make anyone much much stronger." Whispered Tyshan. "Ok, I'll find it." Said Vegeta Jr. Then he was off. "Well now, it look like it's just you and me now." Said Rycor. "I guess so…" said Tyshan. Tyshan was very nervous. He knew that he would probably die. But he knew it was a chance he had to take. "Here goes nothing…" said Tyshan as he powered up. "Impressive." Said Rycor as Tyshan finished powering up. "I shall not raise my power above that level as I fight you." Said Rycor. Tyshan felt a drop in Rycor's power level and became very unsettled. "Well now, let's begin." Rycor flew forward and Tyshan disappeared. He kicked Rycor from behind. The two battled on for a long time. But while Tyshan's power level was constantly dropping, Rycor's was not. He had plenty of energy in reserve. Meanwhile, Vegeta Jr. had located the Lookout. Goku Jr. had been healed back to health by the earth's kindly old guardian, Dende. As Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr. waited, Dende told them stories of their ancestors. "Many years ago, your ancestors, Goku and Vegeta were brave defenders of this earth. Along with their friends Tien, Tyshan's ancestor, Krillin, Chaotzu, Yamcha, Piccolo, Gotenks, Trunks, and Gohan, they faced any challenge. Wherever danger was, they wer ethere to help. Many foes who could destroy the earth felled at their hands. Cell, Majin Buu, Bebi, and the evil dragons among others. But 100 years ago, the last of them died. And today, you are the only ones left." "Wow." Said Goku Jr. "That's incredible." "Tyshan mentioned that there were many ways to increase your power on this Lookout." Said Vegeta Jr. "Indeed there are. In fact, I shall teach you a technique called fusion. This kind is temporary, it lasts only thirty minutes." Said Dende. So, Vegeta and Goku Jr. watched as Dende taught them the fusion. Before the final time, they powered up to super sayians. And Vegetto emerged from the light. "Ahh…" said Dende, as he had flashbacks of when Vegeta and Goku had fused to fight Majin Buu. "You are just like the first Vegetto. Now go, relieve Tyshan of his tireless battle." Commanded Dende. And the warrior was off.