Recent News & Updates

- 5/15/20 - 16 Years Later...
- I'm coming back. I'm also going back to the original name, The Ultimate Shrine to Tenshinhan. The website is currently being worked on at I plan to get the domain: if I'm proud of the new site.

- 12/13/04 - NEW SITE PROGRESS!!!
- OK! I have the new site up at None of the sections are up yet though. You can still check out the new layout and how the site has newly organized navigation. This is by far the layout that best represents Tenshinhan. I'll work hard to get all of the sections up so you can browse through a nice ad-free site. I'm not getting rid of this Angelfire site, though. You'll still be able to check this place out if you want. Alright, later.

- 10/05/04 - Moving Site Soon
- Man, Angelfire is getting ridiculous with the ads. I decided to remake the site on Even though I never update the Ichidou, I want to at least have a nice archived version of the site for great Tenshinhan info. I'll make the new layout soon and work towards transfering every section over to the new host. Hopefully this works out ok.

- 4/30/04 - New Fanfic
- Justin Kelley, author of the amazing Betrayal of Friendship, recently sent me a new Tenshinhan fanfic called Twilight and Dawn. Head to the Fanfics section to read it. I also updated the Dragonball HR fanfic with a MS Word version of each of the 5 installments.

- 4/29/04 - FINALLY! A Scans Update
- Wow, it has been a huge amount of time between the last update. Hardly any people come to this site anymore. I did decide to add 11 new images to the Scans section. They're all from the 22nd Budokai in the Manga. They're very cool pics. I also have a new fanfic to upload tomorrow from the author of Betrayal of Friendship. Come back to read it. I may be making a Flash version of this site within the next 2 months. Let's hope that goes as planned.

- 1/02/04 - Version 12 Layout
- I couldn't upgrade my Angelfire service, so to help make the site look better, I created a layout that was designed for the Angelfire ads. Now, the Ichidou still looks decent. And expect the new Tenshinhan scans to be up soon. I just bought DBZ: Budokai 2 for PS2 and that got me back into Dragonball. So now there will probably be more updates on this site. Stick around for the next Ichidou update.

- 11/11/03 - New Fanart
- I just added some new drawings to the Fanart section that had been sitting in my mail for a very long time. You may notice all of the Angelfire ads on the pages of the site. They're really making the site look terrible, so I'm going to upgrade my Angelfire account soon, to get rid of the annoying ads. And those scans I've been mentioning often in the previous updates will probably be up tommorow. Hahaha, I remeber saying in July, I was definitely putting them up before August. I guess I was wrong.

- 11/09/03 - It's Been a Long Time
- Wow. I haven't updated this site in a very long time. I had forgotten that I said I was going to post some new Tenshinhan scans too. Sorry about that. I'll put them up as soon as possible. I have 2 new affiliates, which are both great sites. That's all I have to say for now. Later.

- 07/25/03 - New Poll
- The new Shrine Poll is: "Have you been visiting this site long enough to remember this site banner?" Check the image out then answer the poll. The results of the last poll were very interesting. The question was: "How do you spell Tenshinhan's name?" The choices Tenshinhan and Tien almost tied. But most of you spell his name: Tenshinhan. Here are the results.

Tenshinhan - 156 (43%)
Tien - 153 (42%)
Ten - 0 (0%)
Tein - 2 (0%)
Teinshinhan - 3 (0%)
Ten Shin Han - 8 (2%)
Tienshinhan - 31 (8%)
Other - 5 (1%)
358 Total votes

- 07/24/03 - Fanstuff
- Nice new Tenshinhan drawings were uploaded and placed in the Fanart section. A new story with 6 chapters was added to the Fanfics section. Looks like I need to change the poll. It's been the same Shrine Poll for a long time. I'll change it tomorrow. A few days ago I purchased some Dragonball graphic novels of the 22nd Budokai. So expect some new scans before August. Man, it's almost August! The summer is going to end to soon. I hate school.

- 07/22/03 - Fanfic & Tien Figure News!
- I added a new chapter to The Stone of Crystalline Batavia in the Fanfics section. Just look for the chapter labeled NEW in red. Also, I you haven't already got the Tien figures, go get them now! I'll be posting some pictures of the Tien figures ASAP. The 2 figures are Tenshinhan from the Buu Saga. They're outfits differ a bit, and one of the figures is a "Striking DBZ" figure (I had no idea this one was coming out until I saw it in the store). The other is just a regular Tien figure that I had reported about earlier and was expecting. I have some more fanfics to post and fanart to add as soon as I can get around to it. Bye.

- 06/17/03 - New Fanfic Added
- Two chapters of a new story (part of the Tien Trilogy) where added to the Fanfics section. Scroll down the Fanfics section to where the you see the word NEW next to the story's chapters to read the new Fanfiction. I'm loving all of the free time of summer vacation. I get play as much Dreamcast as I want all day long! I should probably get a job, but for now I can rest and take it easy.

- 05/29/03 - New Affiliate
- I finally have a new affiliate. The site is called The Passion of One. It's a nice original DB site that isn't 'just another DBZ site'. It also has 2 built in character shrines which are nice. Original DB sites are rare nowadays so check the site out.

- 05/18/03 - New Layout... ver.11
- I have now given you guys a choice about which layout you want to view this site in. The two choices are versions 10 and 11. Ver.11 is the new layout which has a "Tenshinhan" theme to it. I liked both of the layouts equally so I decided to let people choose which layout they'd like to view the site in. Enjoy.

- 05/05/03 - Multimedia is Back!
- I'm terribly sorry for the wait. Some of you have been e-mailing me about the problem with my media for quite some time. Well, now all of the multimedia is now viewable. So enjoy all of the great pics and audio from everyone's favorite DBZ character... Tenshinhan (at least he's my favorite). The only images that are not viewable are some of the AIM icons. I will take care of that problem soon. And you can look foward to some more scans soon. I know that I have neglected this site in the past year or so, but I think things are going to change. I'm starting to get back into websites.

- 05/04/03 - Media Back Online Soon
- Just wanted to let everyone know that I haven't abandoned this site. I'll have the multimedia of this site accessible very soon (Most likely within the next few days). So stick around!

- 04/05/03 - It's Been a While
- Well, after nearly 3 months of no updates, I finally decided to add 1 new fanfic. You can check the new story (If Only Part 4) out in the Fanfics section. Since this site is pretty much complete the only updates in the future will probably only be Fanfic, Fanart, Poll, and Layout updates. Also: Netfirms, who host most of the image files on this site, won't allow direct file linking. If you go to view an image, there will be a page that states this. However in the Address bar on your browser the web url will be on the image file. Just select the url and hit enter. It will go to the image file. So it's extremely simple to get around the netfrims direct file linking blocker. That's all for now.

- 01/09/03 - New Fanfics
- I just added 3 new stories to the Fanfics section. Go and check the new ones out. Also: Apparently the host ( of most of the image files and audio files on this site, is down. Hopefully this is only temporary. I'll tell you when they are back online.

UPDATE: Apparently the images and audio are back online. E-mail me if you have any problems viewing them.