The Tenshinhan vs. Kuririn Section

Who is stronger... Kuririn or Tenshinhan? This is a very disputed question. In my opinion it is Tenshinhan by far. I really don't understand how anyone can think Kuririn is stronger.

Before I get started I just want all of you to know that (one of the best DB sites out there) believes Tenshinhan is the strongest human, and the DB Daizenshyu Guide (the top ranked DB source in Japan) says the Tenshinhan is the strongest. There are many other sources that believe he is the strongest also. With that said, let's get started...

Here is why I think Tenshinhan is stronger, and a better fighter than Kuririn. First of all, Tenshinhan has always had a higher Power Level than Kuririn. During the days of Dragonball he was a lot stronger than Kuririn. In fact, he was as strong as Gokou. You can't argue this. There are power levels written by Akira himself. Every PL that is written shows Tenshinhan to be stronger! I'm positive Toriyama intended Tenshinhan to be stronger. Then some of you say that Kuririn gets stronger than Tenshinhan later in Dragonball Z, when there are no records of power levels. Now how can this be when Kuririn hardly ever trains, and Tenshinhan is constantly training? Tenshinhan is also a better martial artist, because he has developed the "chakra" part of the body which every human has. It is his 3rd eye. Kuririn hasn't developed his chakra at all.

During the Saiyan Saga Kuririn admits Tenshinhan is stronger by saying "I guess they'll go for the strongest first. Either Piccolo or Tenshinhan." During the Freeza Saga Kuririn, Gohan, and Vegeta fight Rikuum and they get the crap pounded out of them. But when Tenshinhan fights Jisu and Baata on Kaiosama's planet he defeats them! Jisu and Baata, each, are both stronger than Rikuum, and Tenshinhan beats them! So you know Tenshinhan is stronger than Kuririn during the Freeza Saga. He is extremely strong during the Freeza Saga. And after Yamcha is wished back, Tenshinhan and Chaozu stay at Kaiosama's planet and train for even longer (I believe it is 130 days)! And besides, Kuririn's character is supposed to be more of a comical relief, whereas Tenshinhan is supposed to be a serious martial artist. Tenshinhan IS more powerful!

Everyone here probably agrees Piccolo fused with Kami is stronger than Kuririn (you'd have to be stupid not to). Remember during the Android Saga when Cell's in his second form, Piccolo can't even beat him. Well, shortly afterwords, Tenshinhan whoops cell with a Kikoho single-handedly. Cell can't even get close to Tenshinhan! That means Tenshinhan is definitely stronger than Kuririn. I mean, do you seriously think Kuririn could take on Cell? And when Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Kuririn, and Piccolo shoot energy blasts at Cell (while Gohan is firing his huge Kamehameha) and Cell blows all of the them away. Kuririn is blown away 1st, then Yamcha, then Tenshinhan, then Piccolo. I think this goes in order of PL's becuase the strongest hold out longer, against Cell trying to blast them back. Even before they decide to help out Gohan, Tenshinhan goes to help before Kuririn and Yamcha. Kuririn doesn't want to, but eventually gets up enough courage, but Tenshinhan is ready to help because he is a beast and is really powerful. And in movie 9 Tenshinhan fights SUPER SAIYAN Trunks, who is definitely stronger than Piccolo, and Tenshinhan holds his ground a bit. But when Kuririn fights Piccolo, he makes a complete fool of himself.

How about during the Buu Saga. Kuririn doesn't even attempt to fight Buu. He knows he is too weak. They even state that for 7 years, Kuririn has given up fighting and settled down, while Tenshinhan trained for years! Tenshinhan goes to fight Buu, and ends up saving Dende's life and Mr. Satan's. If Mr. Satan died then Gokou couldn't have collected enough energy to make the Genki Dama that kills Buu! Tenshinhan's Kikoho, that saved Dende, Satan, and possibly Gohan had to be very powerful to stop Buu's blast. I can guarantee Kuririn was not stronger than Tenshinhan during the Buu Saga. Buu even comments that "not EVEN Tenshinhan could beat him" when he talks to Gokou. This hints that Buu is trying to point out to Gokou that Tenshinhan is really strong but he [Tenshinhan], as one of their last hopes, couldn't defeat the powerful Buu.

Now, some of you use the evidence when Yamcha says Kuririn is the strongets to support Kuririn being stronger than Ten. But you also say the Jisu and Baata fight was just a "filler". If people use that line as evidence Kuririn is stronger then they have to recognize that Tenshinhan beat Jisu and Baata, because it too, is just in the series. The line wasn't in the manga. So when they say that Ten beating Jisu and Baata was just a "filler" but use the "Kuririn is the strongest human" line then they are just plain stupid and stuborn. You shouldn't contridict your facts. Since I use the Jisu and Baata fight as evidence of Tenshinhan being really strong, I have to acknowledge the line where Yamcha says Kuririn is the strongest human. But I think Yamcha was just saying that to make Marron feel better about her father and what does Yamcha know anyway? Tenshinhan is not really around much during the Buu saga and he's not really "part of the gang" anymore, and Yamcha hasn't seen or thought about Tenshinhan in like 7 years. Trust me, there is more evidence of Tenshinhan being stronger!

That's it! you have to believe Tenshinhan is stronger now! I think the main evidence that gives away that Ten is stronger is that Tenshinhan was always stronger during DB and the beginning of DBZ. And when there wasn't anymore records of Power Levels, how could Kuririn, all of the sudden, get stronger than Tenshinhan when Kuririn is not even training, and while Ten is training vigorously. I have nothing against Kuririn, in fact he is on of my favorite characters, but when people say he is stronger than Tenshinhan, it just makes me sick! If you still think Kuririn is stronger then that's your opinion, but I think you're stupid and crazy!