Part Four

As Tien plummeted through Earth's gravity, he got an idea, he powered up and turned Super Human. His muscles grew and his eyes went gold. His eyebrows turned purple.

He hit the atmosphere and flames surrounded him. Even though he was Super Human, it was too much for him.

Tien landed on Earth, unconcious, his clothes burned. Goku, sensing his energy drop, Instant Transmissioned to him. He held his wrist and took him to Capsule Corp.

There, Tien was put into a rejuvination chamber.

An hour later, he was removed. "What are we going to do about Icee and the Dragon Crystals?" Bulma asked.

"I don't know" Goku said. "Hey, can you create a Dragon Crystal Radar?"

"Probably, but I'd have to have a crystal to set the readings." "I have one!" Tien said. "I grabbed it on the ship." "That's great!" Bulma said. "Give it here."

Half an hour later, the Z-Warriors set off with the radar to search for the last crystal.

Part Five

The Z Warriors landed in the desert, where the radar said that the crystal was. There was a small temple, which had steps leading into it. Goku went in first, then the others. There, they found a hole, once again, Goku went first. He jumped down and landed on a hard surface. Soon, all of the Z Warriors were down there too.

Ahead of them, there were two statues of warriors with dragon-like, scaly skin. They held spears and had a mean look on their faces. They had huge teeth and tails that had a spike at the end.

Goku approached them, staring at their eyes. Then, they started to move! The gray, stone color disappeared, and their skin turned green. The battle began as one of them hit Goku in the face with his tail, sending Goku across the room, nearly unconscious. Blood trickled down from a cut on his face.

Trunks and Goten fused to become Gotenks, and all of the saiyans and half-saiyans transformed. Tien also transformed. Their muscles grew, and their hair changed color. Tien's turned purple and the others turned gold. Tien's eyes turned gold and the super saiyans' turned green.

Goku joined the battle by kicking one of the monsters in the head. It didn't affect it, but it hurt Goku's foot.

Piccolo, Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, and 18 took on one, while Vegeta, Gohan, Gotenks, and Goku took on the other.

Piccolo attacked with a punch, but it the creature's scaly skin seemed to be covered with some sort of acid. It burned the namekian's green hand off, but he quickly regenerated it. 18 attacked with a kick in the neck of it, but it grabbed her foot, and threw her into the wall. Part of her boot was had melted away...

Part Six

Tien and Yamcha distracted it, while Krillin powered up. An orange disk formed over his head, then he threw the Distructo Disk. It hit the vile creature, cutting it in half. The two parts fell to the floor, turning to dust.

Meanwhile, Vegeta and Gotenks tried their luck against the other creature, only to be pummeled into the wall. Gohan and Goku tried also, but they couldn't hurt it either. They all once again attacked, all firing their attacks. The energy waves combined sent the dragon creature flying into the wall. Krillin powered up once again, and fired the disk. It hit the creature, turning it to dust.

An opening began forming in the wall and Goku looked inside. The last Dragon Crystal was lieing on an ancient looking cushion!

The warriors stared at the crystal, wondering what to do with it. Goku went over to pick it up. Before his Saiyan hands could touch, it disappeared.

"Thank you for finding the last crystal for me."? a voice said.

"Icee!?" Goku said.

"We didn't know the location, for your three-eyed friend damaged our locator. It would have taken us a year to find the crystal." Icee told them. "We also heard of protection guarding it, thank you for taking care of them." Icee said as she eyed the greenish-grey dust on the floor and wall.

"Now, give the one that he took from my ship."

"Well, if you're going to be that way," Icee said. "Then I'll make you give me it."

Two big Ginyu Force members grabbed Gotenks and brought to Icee. She placed her index finger an inch from Gotenk's head and formed an energy wave.

Goku said, I'll give it to you, just don't do it!"

"Hand it over, and I'll let him go."

Nearly all of the gang agreed and Goku placed the crystal in Icee's hand. She let Gotenks go and he ran to the Z Warriors side.

Icee floated off the ground and flew outside. The Z Warriors followed Goku as he followed Icee. Icee took the two crystals and put them with the other five. All seven of them floated in the air and formed something looking kind of like a captain's wheel on a boat.

"Yes! My ticket to immortality!" Icee said. "Now, to take care of you."

Icee lifted her index finger once again, and formed another energy wave, looking similar to the Frieza Beam, straight at Goku. But before it hit him, Tien pushed Goku out of the way, taking the wave himself. He was dead before he hit the ground.

"Tien! No!" Goku cried.

"Oh well," Icee said. "Now to take care of all of you."

She fired another beam, which split into eight beams aimed at the Z Fighters.